Enchiladas, Pecan Pie & Pepperoni Pizza

Posted by on January 18, 2017

My latest post for Heartland RVs is all about Gate Guarding and you can read it by clicking HERE.

Friday 1/13

One of the many pieces to the rig

We had no traffic from midnight to 6:30 am.  Thank goodness…we were able to get some decent sleep!

There are restrictions for oil field traffic (guagers, oil trucks, water trucks etc for the existing wells).  They’re not allowed to come in before 8:30 am and have to be out before 4:00 pm due to hunting restrictions.  Come March 1st those hours change to ‘daylight hours’.  Meaning that traffic can be on the ranch road from daylight to sundown.  However, there is an exception for our drilling traffic…they don’t have to abide by that curfew.

Whatever the case, it makes it nice for us as we know that the majority of our traffic will be gone by 4:00 pm and since the drill pad is a 30 minute drive from our gate we won’t have to many unnecessary trips in or out…people will really need to make the trip or they won’t hassle with it.


We were treated to a Mexican dinner (enchiladas, tacos, rice & beans) by one of our sales people.  It sure was a shock when she told us she’d brought us lunch!  So very appreciated and very very tasty too!

Double yum!

We were just finishing up our delivered Mexican meal when the ranch manager and one of the landowners came in and gave us a box filled with a HUGE pecan pie.  Being from Wisconsin they had to ask me how to pronounce the ‘things’ on the top.  Ha!  I immediately said,”Pa Cons….not Pee Cans.  A Pee Can is something you put under the bed and use in the middle of the night!” Boy, did they get a kick out of that!

Saturday 1/14

All rig move traffic finally pulled out – yeehaw!  The rig went up on Friday night.  Although we’re 6 miles away as the crow flies so we can’t see it…but we can see the tiny specks of light when it’s lit up at night.  We’re hearing that they’re supposed to start drilling early Sunday.

I went and got pampered.  I got my toes & fingers done while I was out to pick up groceries.  It was very welcomed.  It is just 15 miles into town and I made the trip in less than 20 minutes…that’s compared to the last location where it took about 50 minutes!  Life is Good!

Sunday 1/15

We have a hard-wired Electrical Management System (EMS) and it will turn off the power if the voltage is too high or too low.  This evening the power kept going off and coming back on.  Michael checked the readout on the EMS and it was showing that we were receiving 132 volts rather than the normal 120 volts.  He decided to unhook from the power pole and hook up to the generator until we figured out what the problem was.

It was a quiet but windy day.

I’m not much of a football fan but we watched the Packers/Cowboys game.  Our sons are big Packer fans and since Michael was born and raised in Dallas there’s always a bit of a rivalry but since Michael has lived in Wisconsin more than any place else he has become a bit of a Packer backer as well.  He said he was a winner either way…go Packers!

Monday 1/16

Ready to start the day!

The morning started off at 6:30 am with 11 caliche trucks lining up on the shoulder of highway 85 to wait until daylight so that they could enter the gate.  The rule here is no oil field traffic in before 8:30 am and they have to be out before 4:00 pm.  Except for Drill Rig traffic…they can run 24 hours.  However…there is a frac pond construction project going on and they can work sun up to sun down…and that’s what these caliche trucks were here for.  Confused yet?  Believe me…we get that way too!  LOL

I started working on making some reservations for the start of our ‘summer adventure’.  We’ll be leaving the oilfield March 19 to begin our trek to Utah, where we’ll be camphosting again.  However, our route is kinda crazy.  We’ll make our first stop in San Antonio (as usual) and then move on to Hot Springs, AR where we’ll visit Michael’s mom.  Then we’ll head north where we’ll visit our son, Dan, and his family for a few weeks.  From there we head even further north to North Dakota (gotta fill in our map!) and then west toward Utah, stopping at Yellowstone on the way.

Troubleshooting the electrical issue

The ranch manager sent an electrician out to check out the issue with the power.  He checked everything and found the voltage coming from the pole to be fine.  He and Michael deduced that the plug on the coach was a bit loose (Michael will be replacing) and that the EMS might be faulty.  Michael made a call to the company (Progressive) and they’re sending a new unit out.

Tuesday 1/17

Bah Humbug!  Rain in the morning.  Windy and cool (high 50s, low 60s).   Rain still sucks for a gate guard but this location makes it much more manageable since we have grass and concrete to walk on.  No tracking mud into the house.

The only way I get to see animals on this ranch. 🙁

Michael drove into Dilley and picked up a package from Amazon that we had delivered to the Dilley Drugstore.  The business is good enough to allow us to have mail/packages delivered there and were even good enough to give me a call when it arrived.

One of our rig crew, Josh, went to town last night and was sweet enough to take our garbage back to the rig with him and threw it in the trash trailer.  Michael was not looking forward to making the hour drive down just to ‘take out the trash’.   Then on top of that…he brought us an entire pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s.




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