Total Depth & Time to Move

Posted by on January 12, 2017

Monday 1/9

Happy 95th Heavenly Birthday to my dad, Robert Evans!

Michael was back at the Ironwood gate again today.  They didn’t work Sunday because they needed Slick line to come in and they couldn’t make it until today.  He ended up being released about 5:45 pm getting him home before 7:00 pm with was nice.

While I was sitting outside waiting for the pipeline crew to leave about 5:00 pm 1 white truck went flying down the road past our gate.  Very shortly after a Border Patrol vehicle flew by….then just a few seconds later came another but this one turned into my gate, rolled down his window and asked which was the white truck had gone.  I told him past our gate and down the road…which is a dead end.  He turned around and sped off down the road.

I walked to the end of the drive to see what I could see and all I could see was the two Border Patrol vehicles at the end of the road.  They were down there for half an hour or so before one of went flying past my gate again.  So, once again I walked to the end of the drive to see what I could see.  The second vehicle was slowing coming my way but then stopped in the middle of the road and walked around a bit.

When he finally got back in his vehicle he drove my way and then pulled over to talk with me.  He told me that the white truck had blown through the fence at the end of the road and driven off and they thought he might have come out somewhere on the ‘other’ side but weren’t sure as they won’t drive through where they’ve broken through a fence…they’ll only use gates and roads.

Since the property we’re on is next door he came in and drove around to be sure that they didn’t end up on this lease but he didn’t find any evidence of them making their way onto this property.  Wow!  That was exciting!

The rig crew TD’d (reached total depth) around 9:00 pm which means that should start moving various parts & pieces to the new location (about 32 miles one way to the gate and then 8 miles back in on the property, with a very strictly enforced 20 mph speed limit for the last 8 miles) sometime Wednesday, I would think.

Tuesday 1/10

We still aren’t sure when we’ll be moving…at this point it’s either Wednesday or Thursday and we’re both thinking more along the lines of Thursday but who knows?

Delicious tacos

Delicious tacos

Something a little different today.  We ended up having 26 students from Texas A&M come in to tour the rig.  I guess there wasn’t a whole lot of notice but it turned out to be a good day for it since they’re done drilling and starting to rig things down.

Since we didn’t move today Michael was back at the Ironwood gate.  He was done just before noon and they weren’t sure if they’d need him tomorrow or not but would give our sales person, Kelly, a call if they need someone.

Since Michael was done early he stopped and picked up our mail from Ace Hardware (they’re good enough to allow gate guards to use their address to have mail sent to) and stopped at Taco Palenque to pick up lunch.  We’d had several guys tell us the food was good and they were RIGHT!  Yummo!  I had the matamoros tacos and crispy tacos and while they were cold (the cooler in the truck was full of ice and we normally put hot food in there to bring it home) they still had excellent flavor.  Can’t wait to try them when they’re hot!  Michael had enchiladas and a chicken taco

Traffic here at our gate was quite steady…barely getting time to sit down between opening and closing the gate, coming in the house and logging the vehicles….and they’re not even really moving any equipment yet!  I expect the next few days will be just as busy if not busier.

Wednesday 1/11

Go me...I was actually very comfortable driving this time.

Go me…I was actually very comfortable driving this time.

Move day!  We left the gate we’d been at for 5 weeks (and 1 day!) about 8:00 am and I drove (yes…I said I!!) the 42 miles to our new location which is right on highway 85 east of Dilley. It may not have been far but it wasn’t a straight shot on an interstate like the last time I pulled the coach.  I wasn’t nervous at all and did darned good if I do say so myself!

The new location will make for a much quicker grocery run as were are now just 15 miles from shopping rather than the 48 miles from the old gate AND it’s all on paved roads where it wasn’t before!

After some confusion we finally got the coach parked in its new home for the next 9.5 weeks and began to set ourselves up amid logging in the various trucks coming and going.

Nicest spot we've had to date, I think.

Nicest spot we’ve had to date, I think.

Our spot here is quite nice.  We are on a level grassy area with a huge concrete pad right in front of us for the vehicles to drive over which mean a little less dust perhaps…and no broken windows?  We also have a power pull that we’re able to plug into rather than having to use the generator…which means my clocks will keep the correct time!  Woohoo!

We have another set of gate guards that are about 7.5 miles down the road from us and with a very strict 20 mph speed limit it takes about 30 minutes to get from here to there.  We met the guards yesterday (I only met the gentleman) and unfortunately we didn’t get warm fuzzies.  Too bad.

To help out GGS, because someone called in sick, Michael worked from 4:00 pm to 12:30 am driving between the two gate guards sites just patrolling to make sure that no one was lost or going where they shouldn’t.  This ranch is 80,000 acres and there are roads everywhere….very easy to get disoriented, especially in the dark.

I had a breath of fresh are when a fellow gate guard we know through Facebook stopped by yesterday afternoon.  She was just the medicine I needed  during a long, busy, hot, windy, frustrating day!  Dora and I chatted for well over an hour and I look forward to some more time with her as their gate is just 11 miles from us.

Thursday 1/12

One of MANY of the pieces to the puzzle that is the drill rig

One of MANY of the pieces to the puzzle that is the drill rig

After a long crazy day yesterday and a little bit of sleep last night we’re starting to get familiar with the comings and goings of this ranch.  There are 4 or 5 different oil companies with wells on this property so it will take some time getting to know everyone.  Plus there are quite a few ranch hands, ranch managers and land owners that come and go as well.

Michael went into town, stopped at 4 different places and was back in less than an hour!  That’s how conveniently located this gate is!  One of his stops was at Rosa’s Hamburger Stand where he picked up a couple of bacon cheeseburgers and fries.  We’d gotten burgers from there once before, a little over a year ago, and they were still just as yummy as then….GOOD burger!

The Rig Crew and their house arrived this afternoon so that means we’re really getting somewhere….the crew will all sleep here starting tonight.

Good eats!

Good eats!

The rig had a Spud meeting today and lunch is always served.  Coyote Catering brought in today’s lunch and their food is always very good.

Today’s menu:  Shrimp, fish, Mac and cheese, corn nuggets, green beans, corn, hush puppies, fries and banana pudding!  I just heated up some oil and reheated the shrimp, fish , hush puppies, fries and corn nuggets and then zapped everything else in the microwave and we had a ready-made dinner!




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