Day Gate & Cold Spell

Posted by on January 9, 2017

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Thursday 1/5

Michael had to be at the Ironwood gate by 9:00 am and ended up working until just after 6:00 pm.  His traffic level was a bit busier than a normal day gate…almost an entire page (which is 24 vehicles).  Still not busy but more than normal.

Unfortunately, Ironwood gate is kinda down in a valley so there is no reception.  However, if you go up the road just a bit and stand on top of the hill you can get a little bit of signal….if you’re lucky.  Michael made the trek a couple of times just to check in.

We have an AT&T Trac phone that we bought last year just for such occasions.  Unfortunately, when Michael went to add minutes to the phone he found out (after much hassle) that the sim card had been deactivated after 90 days of non-use.  We had no idea…no notification, no nothing.

Suffice it to say…Michael was pretty upset as now he wouldn’t have any form of communication while working at the Ironwood gate.  He went all the way up the chain over the phone with Trac Phone and they agreed to send him a new sim chip so he could reactivate the phone AND they’re supposed to credit his account with minutes and data since we lost all we’d accumulated.  Now we’ll wait and see if they come through on their promises.

We’re back to just having the drill rig here on location.  One workover rig finished up yesterday and pulled out this morning about 8:15 while the other finished up today and pulled out about 4:00 pm.  That will reduce traffic a little bit…but not much as they don’t have too much traffic coming in normally.

Friday 1/6

On Wisconsin!

On Wisconsin!

Cold strikes again!  We woke up to 28 degrees on our thermometer here.  Maybe not as cold as other parts of the country but still cold…especially for this area.  The heat pumps, fireplace and space heater were definitely in use.  Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t care for socks and I normally wear shorts or capris.  Not today…socks, jeans, a sweatshirt and a hand crocheted head band (thank you, Kelsea!) kept me warm!

My sweatshirt was a Christmas gift from my son Zack and his wife Kelsea and I’ve been waiting for it to get cool enough to wear it!  Plenty cool today and I LOVE it!  Thanks, guys!

Michael was back at the Ironwood gate again today.  He left here about 5:30 am so he’d have plenty of time to be there by 6:46 am and was back home about 6:30 pm.  His morning was very quiet but business picked up in the afternoon when the workover rig crew that was there left and a new workover rig and crew came in.

Saturday 1/7

Ignore the time...this was at 5:30 am

Ignore the time & date…this was at 5:30 am

Brrr!  We woke up to 22 degrees at 5:00 am.  I had turned the ‘Yeti Package’ on last night and Michael unhooked us from the gate guard water pump so we were just using water from our onboard tanks so we still had water.  The fireplace, space heater and furnace kept the inside of the house nice and warm.

The cold plays havoc on all kinds of thing!  Our bell system hiccupped intermittently and one of the guagers came in and said that he had 12 wells down.  Who knows what else was affected.

Thankfully the sun came out today so even though it was colder today than yesterday it didn’t feel quite as bad…no headband today!  It eventually warmed up to about 47 and the rest of the week it will continue to warm up.

Today was Michael’s third day working the Ironwood gate but I think they’re almost back to square one.  The workover crew that was there since Thursday was asked to leave and a new company brought their rig in.  Hopefully they’re able to start where the other crew left off and not completely from scratch.

Sunday 1/8

Michael didn’t have to work at the Ironwood gate today so we were able to get some extra sleep which felt great.

It was roughly 25 degrees when I got up at 6:00 am but I only had 2 vehicles until 9:00 am so it wasn’t bad cuz I was able to stay inside in front of the fireplace.  Then the sun came out and it warmed up to 55 in the afternoon.  The temperature is finally heading in the right direction!

The new gate.  This is taken look out at the highway and from approximately where the coach will sit.

The new gate. This is taken look out at the highway and from approximately where the coach will sit.

We should be moving to our new location either Tuesday or Wednesday so we worked on prepping the coach to move by stowing un-needed items in their rightful places.  Michael needs to go back and work at the Ironwood gate on Monday and possibly Tuesday if we don’t move until Wednesday so today was the only real day he could get his chores out of the way.

To get a better feel for our new gate we got directions from the company man and Michael took a drive over there to check it out.  It’s a good thing he did because we’d thought it was on the north side of highway 85 and it’s actually on the south side.  Much better to find that out while not towing the coach!

From the pictures Michael took it looks like a pretty nice spot – level grassy area with a couple of trees and a concrete on the road  around the gate area…hopefully that will help with some of the dust.




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