Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 5, 2017

Friday 12/30

Two trucks coming in with parts of a pumpjack to be installed on the last well that was drilled.

Two trucks coming in with parts of a pumpjack to be installed on the last well that was drilled.

The rig crew were back to drilling sometime in the late afternoon.  Which means if all goes as planned we should be moving to a new location right on highway 85, east of Dilley, in about 10 days to 2 weeks.  We’re hearing that they’ll be drilling 5 wells there so we should be there for a good while.  We like it here but a little change of scenery never hurt anyone.   More on that move when time gets closer and we know more.

My turn to run away!  I only went as far as Pearsall for groceries with stops at both Walmart & HEB.  The big highlight of my trip was seconds after I left the gate.  There was a dead bobcat lying in the road…musta been hit by a vehicle.  He was pretty big and sure was pretty before he met his maker.  I had heard we had bobcats around here but seeing one in person (even though dead) was a shocker.  Yikes.

Oh yeah…I stopped at the Donut Palace and picked up some Kolaches (jalapeno & cheese sausage) and a couple of donuts too.  So yummy!

Saturday 12/31

Our New Years Eve spread

Our New Years Eve spread

No big New Years Eve partying going on here…for us or the crew.  I made a bunch of appetizers (beer dip, spinach & artichoke dip, lil smokies, taco pizza rolls, pickle wraps and cheese & crackers that we nibbled on throughout the afternoon.

Since it was nice and quiet we were able to watch four episodes of Game of Thrones..

Before our marathon began Michael took a drive over to Carrizo Springs to pick up some packages that were waiting for us and to pick up some DEF at Walmart.

Sunday 1/1

Believe it or not but we were actually awake at midnight!  One of the ‘guys’ came in from a casing break at 11:53 pm and we were still awake enough to say ‘Happy New Year’ and watch a goofy video our son, Zack, sent from a party they were at.  Hope y’all rung in the New Year safely with friends and family.  Here’s to 2017!

I made pork ribs, sauerkraut, black-eyed peas, corn bread and potatoes for dinner.  Got start the new year off with as much luck as we can get!  We had lots of black-eyed peas and corn bread leftover so I shared with a couple of the rig crew who were very appreciative.

This was our slowest day so far so we had plenty of time to continue our Game of Thrones marathon.  We ended up watching 5 episodes bringing us to Season 5, episode 5.  Not too many more shows and we’ll be up to date and ready for Season 7 when it airs this spring.

Monday 1/2

Pea soup??

Pea soup??

The morning started out really foggy.  Well I guess it didn’t start off that way as it was fine at 6:00 am but by 6:45 am it was crazy foggy.  The guager said he could barely see the lease road as he was leaving.  It stayed foggy for a couple of hours and then cleared up to be a gorgeous day.

Traffic started picking up a little bit but not a whole lot…tomorrow will be the day when it really picks up.  The workover rig crew came in and dropped off the rig and will start working on the first well that was drilled tomorrow (it’s been having troubles).  The rig manager for a second workover rig also came in to check things out and will be in tomorrow to work on the last well that was completed.  Plus the pipeline crew will be back to work tomorrow too!

Thankfully, the table is still in tact!

Thankfully, the table is still in tact!

Michael has been wanting to build a ‘cover’ for the basement TV so that it doesn’t get knocked around by things shifting when we travel.  Today he began working on his project.  He spent the majority of the day outside puttering around and got the cover completed except for adding some felt around it and inside it for protection.

Brent, our head Company Man, stopped by today and told us we’d be moving to the new location next week, probably Wednesday or so.  He also told us that there would be a need for 2 guards at this gate…one on the highway and the other further back in the pasture and asked which gate we wanted.  Michael immediately told him the gate on the highway but now we’re rethinking that…hmmm…we’ll have to figure some things out, I guess.

Tuesday 1/3

Well it didn’t turn out to be as busy as I thought it would be today.  The pipeline workers that I expected were working on the ‘other’ end of the pipeline and they have to go to another ranch to access that end so I only ended up having a couple of guys come in.  No complaints!

Completed! How nice is that?

Completed! How nice is that?

Michael spent the day puttering around outside again.  He finished working on his TV cover and even made a holder for the remote.  It really turned out nice and now there will be no worry about the TV getting banged up.

While Michael was doing his puttering I worked on our 2017 Travel itinerary getting routes and parks firmed up.  Now I just need to start making reservations and research things to see and do in each of our destinations.

Wednesday 1/4

Michael got a call this morning from Shawn, asking if he wanted to work a day gate for 3 or 4 days…with the job starting Thursday.   Of course, Michael said ‘yes’.

Our drill rig with the two workover rigs behind it. Kinda a cool view, I think.

Our drill rig with the two workover rigs behind it. Kinda a cool view, I think.

I had planned to go into Pearsall on Thursday to do my grocery shopping but ended up going today since Michael would be gone and I’d be the only one here to work our gate.  After getting my groceries squared away I headed home and planned to stop at Taco Palenque as several of the guys had said it was good.

When I pulled into the parking lot there were 3 buses there and from the truck I could see that the restaurant lobby was packed…so much for trying Taco Palenque!  I ended up stopping at Wendy’s and bringing burgers home for dinner.





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