Sit Down & They Will Come

Posted by on December 30, 2016

You’ve heard the quote, “Build it and they will come”, from the movie Field of Dreams?  My motto here in the oil field is, “Sit down and they will come.”  It never fails.  I can be up doing chores around the house and no vehicles come…but the minute (and I’m not kidding!) I sit down…ding ding goes the bell!  I swear these guys have cameras on me and sit and wait for me to sit down and then they proceed.  LOL

The rig crew reached total depth on the second well mid-afternoon Christmas Day.  Then it was time for wireline to come in and set the packer and another crew followed several hours later to come in and ‘nipple down’.

With all of that done the ‘moving team’ started coming in about 8:30 am Monday morning  to start moving tanks, pipe and other smaller items.  They worked until about 6:00 pmish and then called it a day with plans to be back Tuesday morning.

The new view from our back window

The new view from our back window

They were back early Tuesday to get the rig moved but it seems like there was some issue and they couldn’t get the rig down and had to wait for a part to be delivered…which came late Tuesday night…so they all left again and were back Wednesday morning to get the job done!

Not only does the rig have to move but so do all of the ‘houses’ that the company men and crews live in, the various trailers, man-lifts and miscellaneous pieces of equipment.  It’s a pretty big undertaking and takes a lot of manpower and time….just to move a 1/2 mile up the road.  All of that equipment was moved to the new pad on Tuesday.

The rig was still standing at 9:00 am Wednesday morning and when I looked again at 10:00 am…it was down.  Once it’s ready to come down it comes down fast.

I had a gentleman come in early Monday morning and while chatting he mentioned that his brother passed away last March.  It turns out that his brother was Larry Drake, an actor, probably best known for his role of Benny Stulwicz on LA Law.  The oil patch can be a very interesting place, indeed.

So far (knock on wood) we haven’t seen hide nor hair of any mice.  Not sure if it’s because of the rope lights under the coach (since they weren’t put out for over a week) or that we’re just in a good area.  I don’t really care which…I’m just a happy camper!

Apparently I shouldn’t have told you that Michael was feeling better, cuz I may have jinxed him.  He was…for close to a week…and then the humidity (God awful humidity) set in and sent him back down the wrong road.  This time he didn’t wait for the cough to get out of hand and drove back down to the VA Walk In clinic in Laredo to nip it in the bud almost as soon as he started having breathing/coughing issues.  He came back with more meds…good grief…let’s hope that third times a charm.

My sweet Mikey knows what I like and brought Chinese (from Lin’s Grand Buffet) home for me and fried chicken for himself when he came back from Laredo.  Of course, he brings TONS of food so we’ll be eating Chinese and chicken for a few days.  Not that I mind!

Oh how I love some hot & sour soup

Oh how I love some hot & sour soup

While Michael was in Laredo I was logging traffic here at the gate.  Since we’re in the middle of a rig move I had that traffic and since we’re a few days away from the start of drilling the third and final hole (this go-round) I had traffic coming in for the Spud meeting too.

It really wasn’t much traffic but I had honeybees to contend with.  I have no idea where they came from…they just appeared…and what a nuisance.  Every time I opened the door several came inside so I was swatting bees from one end of the house to the other.  Plus they’d ‘buzz’ me while I was outside opening/closing the gate or talking with one of our visitors.  Annoying.  Thankfully, I never got stung.

Michael, on the other hand, got stung almost the minute he got home!  He carried some things in the house from the truck and then went to change his shirt and got stung in the back!  Then a few minutes later he went back outside for something and got stung in the hand.  LOL  I guess the bees didn’t like him much.

With a Spud meeting comes lunch.  One of the companies in attendance volunteers to bring lunch for everyone at the meeting.  Sometimes they hire a caterer, sometimes they grill or make food themselves and sometimes they order food from a local restaurant, pick it up and then serve it to the meeting attendees.

It's not much but worked like a charm to keep the unused portion of the gate from blowing in the wind

It’s not much but worked like a charm to keep the unused portion of the gate from blowing in the wind

That was the case yesterday and most of the time we leave plates for us on their way out.  We were given brisket, smoked turkey, pinto beans, creamed corn, peach cobbler and a gallon of iced tea.  Michael was on his way home with ‘Chinese/Chicken’ so I packaged up the brisket/turkey lunch and we’ll have it another day.

By 9:00 am Thursday morning the rig was back up but drilling won’t start for at least 24 hours.  When we started here 3 weeks ago the rig was 2 miles away and has consistently gotten closer…it’s just 1/2 a mile away at this point.

The wind was pretty strong most of the day Thursday (my entire shift!) which meant I did a LOT of running back and forth between the two gates to keep them from swinging into vehicles.  After a while I had a pretty good routine and was able to get the wind to work with me rather than against me.

When bigger trucks came in that required both gates be opened we both went out and opened a gate and held onto it to be sure it didn’t get grabbed by the wind and flung into the vehicle.  That’s what you call ‘Teamwork’!

Eventually, Michael rigged up something so that one gate would stay in place while I just dealt with the other one.  Nothing special just a post in the ground that held the gate in place since the post on the gate that is supposed to move up and down no longer works.

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