Christmas in the Oil Patch

Posted by on December 26, 2016

I’ve been continuing to blog for Heartland RVs and if you click HERE you can read my latest post entitled “2PS Top 8 RV Parks And Campgrounds“.  What are you favorites?

It seems like Michael might finally be kicking the nearly 6 weeks worth of bronchitis he’s been dealing with.  After 2 visits to Urgent Care, 2 rounds of antibiotics, 2 rounds of steroids and what seems like a years supply of cough drops and cough medicine…he is finally able to sleep through the night and while laying flat to boot!

Wednesday 12/21

A gloriously beautiful day!  Sunshine, blue skies and a temperature in the low 70s.

One of MANY caliche trucks

One of MANY caliche trucks

We had the last half of the caliche trucks come in today.  With 66 loads today and the 98 from yesterday we ended up with a total of 164 loads.  That sure made my vehicle count go up!

Since it was so nice out we took advantage and sat outside for several hours while the caliche truck were running.  As long as we’re outside we can leave the gate open so it made logging the trucks in and out really easy.

While we were outside Michael did his normal putzing.  He also took a look at the furnace to find out why it wouldn’t turn on the other morning.  He checked everything and the only thing he found was that it didn’t seem to be getting any propane but didn’t find a leak anywhere.  He made some adjustments and the furnace is, once again, in working order.  Just to be on the safe side he ordered some new hoses from Amazon and will install those when they arrive.

To be sure to get all of our ‘regulars’ before Christmas I started handing out candy canes.  Everyone is always so happy and appreciative….it warms the heart!

Thursday 12/22

Nothing to report.

Friday 12/23

Michael drove into Carrizo to pick up the last of the Christmas packages and also a sump pump for the sewer system provided by our gate guard company as our stopped working again.  If you’re counting that’s 2 sump pumps and 2 water pumps we’ve gone through!

While he was in town he picked up groceries from HEB and made a stop at Walmart.  I have to remember to never send him to the grocery store again….he came home with cherry pie, graham crackers, Fritos, donuts and animal crackers, all of which were not on his list!

He also brought home dinner from the Country Store in Cotulla.  We’d picked up food from there last spring and weren’t real impressed.  I ended up getting the exact same meal as before (stuffed hamburger steak, mashed potatoes & fried corn) but Michael ordered chicken fried steak this time instead of the brisket he got last time.  We both thought the food lacked flavor last time but this time we were both happy with our meals.  Just goes to show you should never rule a place out after just one try.

The pipeline crew left about noon and won’t be back to work until January third…woohoo!  That means we’ll just have rig traffic until after the first of the year.

Saturday 12/24

Quiet, quiet, quiet.  A few guys went into town for food, a fuel truck came and went,  we got a delivery and had two guagers…that was pretty much it for traffic.  Nice.

Out with the old...

Out with the old…

One of the packages we got on Friday was a set of new steps for the coach.  We’d been contacted by the company and asked if we’d be interested in trying out a set of their steps.  Glowstep Revolution by Torklift are steps that adjust 7 different positions depending on the terrain your RV is parked on.  They’re lightweight and easy to use…plus they look nice too! with the new

…in with the new

It took Michael just under 2 hours to remove the old steps and install the new and that includes quite a bit of time finagling the brackets on the coach that the steps fit into.  Our brackets were just a wee bit too narrow to receive the new set of steps so Michael had to ‘stretch’ the brackets a bit.  Otherwise, installation was pretty straight forward.

The job is best done by 2 people (even if that second person is more of a support person) as there are some instances when 4 hands are better than 2.

Regular RV steps tend to ‘move’ as you walk up and down them since they’re just hanging in mid-air but these don’t seem to.  Since they’re stabilizing by the feet that reach the ground they seem to be much more stable.  We also can’t feel the movement of someone going up and down them from inside the house either…which is a nice plus for when one of us is sleeping in the bedroom and the other is going in and out the door to log vehicles in and out.

We’ll do a right up on how to install and a better review once we’ve used them a bit more.

After completing the new step installation Michael continued marking projects off of his ‘To Do’ list and immediately got the new sump pump installed on the sewer system.  Without the sewer system working correctly we’re unable to dump our onboard tanks into the huge sewer system on our ‘life line’ trailer.

Late afternoon we got together with our sons and their families via video chat to watch them open gifts from us and each other. I would much rather have been there in person but this is definitely the next best thing.  The grandbabies are 14 months, 3 years, 3 years, 5 years and 5 years and it was wonderful to see the excitement as they opened their gifts.

Sunday 12/25

Even quieter day!  We had a total of 8 vehicles come in and go out which gave us plenty of time to have a Game of Thrones marathon.  We were able to watch FIVE episodes, bringing us up to Season 4, episode 2.  Good show!

What a way to start the day!

What a way to start the day!

We started the morning off with a yummy breakfast of Eggs Benedict.  Michael’s not a big fan but he put up with it since it’s my favorite breakfast.  He’s such a good guy.

Yumminess right there!

Yumminess right there!

Cosme, our Mud Engineer, brought us home-made treats from his wife….something we’ve never had before…white chocolate, craisins & nuts.  OH.MY.GOSH.  Talk about yummy!  I asked for the recipe…hopefully he remembers and she shares!

I made a traditional Christmas dinner for us to enjoy with plenty of leftovers for another day and some to go into the freezer too.  Michael wanted turkey but our small convection oven will only hold so much.  He found a fully cooked smoked turkey breast and we decided to give it a whirl.  I think we’re both very happy we did as the flavor was perfect…so perfect that I’ll be looking for another one.  Keep your eye out for a HEB fully cooked turkey breast as they are yummy and fit in an RV convection oven perfectly too!

Our Christmas feast!

Our Christmas feast!


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