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Posted by on December 20, 2016

Our average traffic sure did change during the days of the rig move.  Before the rig move we averaged 72 vehicles passing through the gate per day.  This past week while the rig was relocating to a new pad here on the same lease our average traffic more than double to 152 vehicles!  Still not crazy though.  Then you get Saturday and Sunday where the traffic dropped to 41.  Awesome!

Friday 12/16

It was time to head into Pearsall for provisions.  Michael stayed behind and worked the gate.  I stopped at both Walmart and HEB for items, forgetting how small both stores are and not being able to find a few things but making due.

I stopped at Cowpokes BBQ restaurant before heading back home.  I picked up both brisket and ribs…a pound of each which was more than enough since I ended up freezing some of the brisket and we still have enough in the refrigerator for another meal.

Isn't she sweet?

Isn’t she sweet?

The ranches surrounding us all have high fences…meaning that they have wildlife inside that they don’t want to get out.  Many breed deer and then hunters pay to come and hunt.  I’ve had several guys come in and tell me that they’d seen huge deer on the ranch kitty corner from us and one day while talking to the company man we watched one meander around over there.

Today as I drove back home I saw a doe all by herself behind the fence of that ranch and then three more on the ranch across the road from that ranch…but still nothing here on our ranch…just cows and quails.

Saturday 12/17

We are finally getting our DVR cleaned up from when we went to Wisconsin last month.  Being TV-holics we have a TON of shows that we watch plus we have quite a few movies recorded from when HBO, Cinemax & Starz had free promos.  Now with the winter hiatus upon us we are caught up enough that we were finally able to break up the season 3 Game of Thrones DVDs that we purchased while in Wisconsin!

We’ve had some crazy weather here near Cotulla!  Well…I think the whole country has actually.  We had a high of 87 today and it was quite humid…crazy frizzy hair day!  Couple that with a low of 37ish over night….brrr!  And the WIND…it picked up around 9:00 pmish making it that much worse.  Thankfully, we didn’t have any traffic between 10:30 pm and 6:30 am Sunday morning!

Ok…I know y’all are gonna tell me that 37 isn’t cold…but when you have nearly 90 and drop down 50 degrees in a matter of hours….it’s flippin’ cold…especially with the wind and the humidity of this area…so THERE!  :-p

We took advantage of the warm weather and slow traffic and grilled one of the ribeyes that Randy gave us a couple of days ago. He gave us four…but they’re so big that 1 feeds us just fine.  Michael requested fried potatoes and a salad to accompany the steaks so that’s what he got.

Roy getting the job done!

Roy getting the job done!

Roy, one of the ranch hands here, is here for the weekend to do some hunting with friends and he came by this afternoon to do a little landscaping.  He brought a tractor by and smoothed out the ground behind us.  Before we arrived there had been a large bush there and it was removed leaving a big messy dirt area.  Plus when we got stuck the grader and our truck and coach kinda tore it up a bit.

Michael prepping with a few gawkers watching him

Michael prepping with a few gawkers watching him

Michael prepped the area before Roy brought the tractor over, by removing any debris – roots, sticks, wood, etc and made three piles, which Roy then hauled away too.  Now we just need a weed-eater so we can whack some of the tall grass and we’ll be set! LOL

Rope lights set up

Rope lights set up

With the ground leveled out Michael got the rope lights wet up underneath the coach….mouse prevention!  With the ground all lumpy and bumpy the lights wouldn’t lay flat and he didn’t think they’d deter the mice much.  But now they’re up and lets hope they work as well as they have in the past…although we haven’t seen any evidence of mice yet.

Sunday 12/18

We got a call from Shawn on Friday asking if Michael could be his back up plan for a gate that was opening on Sunday.  He was trying to find guards for the gate but hadn’t had any luck yet.  Of course, we said we’d help if needed.  Shawn even asked Michael to post on his Facebook Gate Guard group about the need for guards.

Day gate time

Day gate time

Unfortunately, no one was found to take the gate so Michael headed out at 5:50 am Sunday morning to sit at the gate for who knew how long.  We packed food to last him a few days and he stopped and got fuel, ice and donuts on his way to the gate.

The gate is about 40 miles from our gate located on a paved highway between Catarina and Artesia Wells and it sounds like there will be a frac starting there on Thursday.

Mid afternoon Shawn brought a guard shack for Michael and another guy who covered the gate from 6 pm to 6 am.

Monday 12/19

Meet Jet the marmoset

Meet Jet the marmoset

Goodness it was cold this morning when we got up at 4:45.   The temp was just 29 and with the humidity it was bone chilling.  I ended up putting gloves on and keeping them on until close to noon when it warmed up enough that my fingers thawed out.  I even wore them inside the house!

Michael worked the same gate again but was done about 1:30 pm when the gate guards that will be staying there showed up.  The extra income from working these day gate is nice but now that our gate traffic seems to be picking up we were both pretty pooped after getting less sleep than we’re used to.

One of the sales people came in and had a monkey with her!  Not a big chimpanzee…but a itty bitty tiny marmoset.  She’s had him for about 3 years.  He wears a tiny diaper and normally has a little sweater in cold weather.  It was definitely a highlight of the day.

Yum Yum...cables taste good!

Yum Yum…cables taste good!

The UN-highlight of the day was when we realized our satellite wasn’t working.  Michael went out to check out the dish and found that the cable had been munched on by the cows that visited a little bit earlier.  Thankfully, Michael has plenty of cable and just cut off the chewed on portion and added a new end and we were up and running in no time.

Tuesday 12/20

Ahhhh….much better temps this morning!  It was 40 at 5:30 which is much more doable and the wind was nearly non-existent which is even better.

Just before 8:00 am I got the first of 130 caliche trucks.  They are going down on the new pads that were just built and being prepped to drill.  After you get the first round of trucks and their information it’s kind of a piece of cake.  Today we had 24 different trucks with several of them making 4 or 5 round trips.  We’ll finish up tomorrow with the remaining loads.

After breakfast Michael went to wash dishes and found that we had no water…again.  He did the usual investigating and even checked to make sure that the cows hadn’t munched a cable.  It seems that the water pump on the ‘life line’ trailer died.  We had the same issue last week and Michael switched out the pump for a new one but it sounds like maybe the cold weather did the new one in.

Kinda perty, ain't it?  :-/

Kinda perty, ain’t it? :-/

Michael used parts of two pumps to try to make one good one but it didn’t work so he ended up driving over to Carrizo Springs to the Gate Guard Services yard and picked one up from Shawn.  Not a big deal since we had packages to pick up there and at the post office too.  Once back with the new pump, he got it installed within minutes and we, once again, had water flowing.

After logging in a crane I came back in the house and heard this funny sound…kind of like a crackling.  It sounded like it was coming from upstairs so I went to investigate and got no further than the first step when I saw that our hall window was in the process of shattering…hence the crackling sound.  Thankfully, we have dual-pane windows.







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