The Pied Piper of Yarborough?!

Posted by on December 14, 2016

In talking with Randy, one of our Company men, it sounds like we should be at this location until shortly after the first of the year.  Sounds good to us!

They are currently in the process of drilling 3 wells (eventually 21) here…but each well will be on it’s own pad.  They’re drilling ‘chalk’ wells (at least that’s how it sounds to these ears), which are shallower than the normal well but they have 2 legs and are a bit more intricate, hence why it’s taken nearly 2 weeks to complete the first of the three wells.

Saturday 12/10

A nice, quiet day which is usually what you find on weekends since salespeople don’t normally come by.

The rig crew reached ‘total depth’ or TD’d.  With drilling complete, crews that aren’t essential in the next process didn’t stick around long and left for a few days to spend some time with family and friends.

Rig down crews started filtering in in the evening to start tearing things down and get ready to move to the next pad.

Sunday 12/11

The landowner and a couple of his friends have been here for 4 or 5 days doing some hunting on the lease.  I’m told that there are LOTS of deer, wild boar, mountain lions, bobcats and quail within our fenced area….so some good hunting can be had.

The landowner and his pals bagged 3 deer and hope to be back at least once more before hunting season ends.  They live in Dallas so it’s a bit of a hike to make…but if you want it bad enough….I guess you make the hike.

Bell ringers!?

Bell ringers!?

The bell went off and Michael got up to go log whoever it was in and instead found 7 cows in front of the house.  A bit of a surprise as we had NO clue that there were any cattle here….maybe the landowner let them into this area before he left!?

After dinner I went for a walk down to the end of the road and came across the cows that had visited us a bit earlier.  They’d meandered down to the ‘main’ gate.  Usually cows are quite skittish…but I talk to them anyway and they kinda look at me like I’m an alien.  However…these cows were the curious type.

They like me, they really like me!

They like me, they really like me!

One came over to the fence to check me out and then another followed and a couple more after that until I had 11 cows (3 of them HUGE bulls) gathered at the fence.  I chattered the whole time and we had a good time.  As I began to walk back home they started to follow me!  I kinda felt like the Cow Whisperer or the Pied Piper!  It was awesome.  They followed me far enough so that when I got back home I could see them at the end of the road across from the coach.

Monday 12/12

Rig moving day!  With the drilling completed it was time to move the rig and all the various pieces of equipment to the next pad. Around 8:00 am the big moving trucks started coming in once I got them logged in I didn’t have to worry about them again until they completed their jobs at the end of the day.  And then I didn’t have to worry about them anyway since Michael takes over at 3:00 pm and they all left between 6:00 and 7:00 pm for the day.

OIlfield food at it's finest

Oilfield food at it’s finest

Along with the rig move they also had a Spud Meeting which brings in quite a bit of traffic.  I’m not quite sure what the meeting entails but it usually involves food.  Today was no exception.  The caterer came in along with a bunch of hungry meeting goers.  On the way out, one of the vendors made sure to drop two plates off for us.  Yum!  Smoked chicken, shredded beef, baked potato, blacked-eyed peas, green beans & corn, dinner roll and peach cobbler.

Cool truck, eh?

Cool truck, eh?

One of the big tandem trucks that came in to help move the rig reminded me of a vehicle of or some post-apocalyptic movie.  It was painted a flat black and had big teeth-like thingies on the front grill.

Sci-fi Guy

Sci-fi Guy

When the door opened so that the driver could give me his info I was a bit taken aback to find a man whose entire face, head and what I could see of his hands and arms were covered with tattoos.  Interesting to say the least.  My DIL asked me what my excuse was for taking his picture….I just asked if he minded if I took a picture and told him I thought it was cool…which I do…you won’t find me doing it…but it’s unique.

We'll be eating steak for a complaints!

We’ll be eating steak for a while…no complaints!

If that wasn’t enough of an awesome gate guard day…one of the Company men (the only one here at the moment) made a special trip down to see us and give us $60 worth of ribeyes!  Then he stuck around and chatted for about an hour.  Such a nice guy…definitely one of our all-time favorites.

Tuesday 12/13

Rig move continued today with lots of traffic coming and going.

In addition to the rig moving, a workover rig moved onto the pad the drill rig vacated.

Plus….we have a pipeline that is starting to be built.  AND…a crew that’s been coming in daily to sand blast the tanks in the tank batteries.  AND…another crew that comes in daily to work on getting the facilities hooked up for the wells that are currently being drilled.  That might sound like a lot going on but it still really isn’t a lot of traffic.

Zoomed in from roughly a mile away!

Zoomed in from roughly a mile away!

I happened to see a BIG spider wandering around early in the morning and it decided to plant itself right next to the open gate, which needed to be closed.  Thankfully, a truckload of guys came in and one, Ramone Suarez, Jr., came to my rescue and stomped on that big, black 3 inch thing.  Michael did a little research and thinks it was a wolf spider…I don’t really care what kind it was just as long as it is now dead.

While Michael's away the cows shall play

While Michael’s away the cows shall play

Michael got a call from Shawn about 8:30 am asking if he could go work a gate until he could get someone on it permanently. It seems that there had been a guard up until the day before.  The only company released him and then the very next day the oil company called and needed a guard there again.  Not sure where the guard was but it took him until 9:45 pm to relieve Michael.

Needless to say by the time he got home around 10:30 pm we were both pretty tired.  I went to bed while Michael took on the night traffic, thankfully he was able to cat-nap a bit in between vehicles.

Randy, our company man, gave me quite the compliment today when he told me, “I’ve never had a gate guard worth talking to before.”  Awww….how sweet.














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