Posted by on December 6, 2016

Things can and do change quickly in the oil patch!  We didn’t end up going back to our day gate today as the  location was supposed to be dried up enough for us to get into without sinking too badly.

We’d already had most everything packed up so we didn’t have much to do this morning in order to get ready to pull out.  Michael just had to take down and stow the dish and empty the tanks.

It’s about 35 miles to the new gate  and knowing that we wanted to grab some breakfast tacos from Stripes on the way out of town we left the yard about 9:00 am.  It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed a breakfast taco and let me tell you…these hit the spot!  I had an egg & bacon while Michael had an egg & bacon and an egg & potato and they were really yummy!

We got to the new site about 10:00 am and when we got there we noticed that the old gate guards hadn’t moved their camper yet.  We soon found out that they’d tried to hook up and move but couldn’t get enough traction.  They didn’t have 4 wheel drive and their tires didn’t have a whole lot of tread so they were kinda dead in the water.

Ryan getting ready to pull the other guards out

Ryan getting ready to pull the other guards out

We have 4 wheel drive but don’t have a ball hitch so we weren’t much help.  Shortly after we arrived Maury, a guy we’ve worked with quite a bit, who is the owner of a construction company came buy and not far behind him was Ryan, one of his workers.  They offered to see if they could move the other gate guards camper.  Ryan hooked his truck up to their camper and pulled ’em right out.  Yay!

Oh oh!  We're stuck!

Oh oh! We’re stuck!

Now it was time for us to finagle our way into the spot.  We decided to come around ‘the long way’ as it seemed less wet & soggy. Well….apparently it wasn’t and soon we were stuck.  The field supervisor from the oil company came by shortly and tried to pull us out but we didn’t budge.

20161206_114342While Keith was trying to help Mike, Maury came back and found that we were now stuck.  He went over and checked things out and told Michael he’d go and get his grader and pull us out.  He went down to the pad and was back lickety split.  He hooked the grader up to the tow strap and pulled us right out…no effort involved.  It sure does help to get to know these guys as they’ll help you with whatever they can.

Temporary spot until the ground hardens up some more

Temporary spot until the ground hardens up some more

We are on semi-sold ground currently but not in a good spot to work from but we plan to stay put until the ground dries up some more and we can safely move into a better position.  We’re hooked up to the generator and water and are level so all is good.

We are working with the same oil company and rig crew we were with last spring so that means that many of the vendors that come in are familiar to us as well.  We’ve had quite a few of our ‘old’ regulars come in already today and it’s so nice to see such a BIG smile on their faces when they recognize us.

As the ‘head’ Company Man left to go on days off he stopped with a big smile on his face and said he was glad to see us.  We chatted for a bit and got caught up and then he said, ‘So are y’all gonna follow us?’  I replied, ‘That’s up to you’.  His response?  ‘Well, hell yeah!’.  Well…ya sure can’t beat that kind of welcome!  So…I guess we’ll be following the rig!  Sounds like we have a job until it’s time to leave for summer vacation!

We’ve been told that they’ll be drilling a total of 18 wells on this lease but only 3 this go ’round…possibly 6 and then they’ll move to the Dilley area to drill 5 more and then they’ll be back here.  Whatever the case…it all sounds great to us!

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