San Antonio Wrap Up and Moving Day

Posted by on November 26, 2016

Our stay at Ft. Sam came to an end today.  We always enjoy our time here as we get plenty of rest and an equal amount of chores done.

This past week Michael finally got all the bugaboos cleaned off the front cap.  He’d wanted to get it done since we got here and he just never was able to get to it.  But now it’s done….just in time for us to hit the road and get it covered with bugs all over again!

My handy Mikey's on the job

My handy Mikey’s on the job

Recently the pull handle for the gray tank (kitchen sink) stopped working.  Thankfully, it was stuck in the ‘open’ position so it wasn’t a rush job.  Michael got under the coach, took the underbelly down in the area that the cable for the valve handle is located and checked out the issue.  He found that the sheathing on the outside of the cable had slipped out of the valve.  While I opened and closed the handle in the UDC he manipulated the sheathing and got it back to where it needed to be and after a short while the handle was, once again, in working order.

The wall going up to our bedroom is covered with pictures of us with each of our grand babies.  Our daughter in law, Kelsea, gifted me a set of light-weight picture frames a few years ago…when we had just 4 grandbabies (now we have 5).  This summer we got 2 more picture frames and Kelsea decorated them for me.

A wall for our sweet grandbabies

A wall for our sweet grandbabies

The pictures of all the babies needed to be updated as most were about 3 years old…plus our youngest grandbaby, Zoe, needed to be included.  I worked on getting new pictures of everyone and got those printed while we were here and then Michael added Zoe’s frames to the wall and I added the new pictures to all of the frames.  Our grandbaby wall is now up to date!  It’s one of my favorite things.

We also finished up our medical appointments this week.  Plus made a visit to the Emergency Room at Audie Murphy.  Michael’s asthma/allergies really kicked into high gear and he used his inhaler so much (he seldom needs it) that he needed a refill.  When he went to the clinic to get a refill they suggested that he go to the ER to be checked out.

At the ER he was told he should have come in sooner.  He diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis.  They gave him a breathing treatment, cough syrup for night, cough pills for day time, 2 inhalers, Prednisone and an antibiotic.  This was on Monday…it’s now Saturday and I’m not sure he’s improved a whole lot….maybe a little…lets hope there’s a dramatic improvement very soon.

Get a lesson in using his new machine

Get a lesson in using his new machine

Michael also had an appointment at the VA Hospital to pick up a CPAP that had been prescribed.  The gentleman that helped Michael was very helpful and explained how to use the machine very well.  It’s much smaller than I thought it would be and (thankfully) much quieter.  I was afraid it was gonna be some loud obnoxious thing that caused me to lose sleep.

Michael used it for the first time last night.  He had some issues with wheezing due to the bronchitis/asthma and was up nearly every hour for a while.  But when I asked him when he’d last used his inhaler he realized it had been quite a while so he used it then.  After that point we slept MUCH better.  He felt that he had a much deeper sleep when he was actually able to sleep.  We’ll see how things go in the future.

Now just to get some flowers from my husband....

Now just to get some flowers from my husband….

The last of our medical appointments was for me….a mammogram.  :-/  I used a different office from where I normally go.  Even as a new patient the visit went very smoothly and very fast.  Michael waited in the truck and I don’t think I was in there more than 30 minutes from start to finish (including filling out paperwork!).  Then to top of the experience I was given a rose as I left…how nice was that?

While in San Antonio we also took the opportunity to make an appointment at the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) office so that they could help file some paperwork to have Michael’s sleep apnea and now the issuance of the CPAP machine added to his claim.

The woman we met with was very helpful and informative.  She got the paperwork filed and told us we should hear something fairly soon.  She also confirmed that I was listed as Michael’s dependent in the VA system.  I hadn’t been listed prior to Michael going online a few days earlier and updated the information.

We also ran multiple errands in preparation for heading down to the oil patch.  It’s not always easy to get things accomplished while either working on a gate or waiting for one so we try to plan ahead.  Things like haircuts and pedicures are much easier to have done while in the civilized world.  Buying materials for projects to be done while out in the middle of nowhere is very helpful.  Stocking up on groceries at the commissary is also something we tend to do as the variety and quality is much better than what we can find down in the little tiny towns of south Texas.

This time we also got new Samsung S7 phones (these are not the ones that are having issues) on Black Friday as they had a pretty decent deal on them.  Our S5s were a couple of years old and starting to show their age…slowing down, doing their own thing.  The new ones have more storage capacity and better cameras.

Nice AMC Theater in the Riverwalk Center Mall in San Antonio

Nice AMC Theater in the Riverwalk Center Mall in San Antonio

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in one of our favorite ways.  We went to the AMC Theater down on the Riverwalk and watched 2 movies.  The first was ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.  It’s kind of a Harry Potter spin-off and we both enjoyed it.  The second movie was ‘Arrival’ which was about the arrival of aliens.  Michael really enjoyed it but I wasn’t real sure how I felt about it.  It was good but I think I needed ‘more’…more what….I don’t know.

After the movie we went to Golden Corral for our Thanksgiving meal.  We’re partial to Ryan’s so we didn’t enjoy the food as much as we would have…but you win some you lose some.

And that brings us to today.  Today we moved from Ft. Sam to the Gate Guard Services yard in Carrizo Springs, Texas.  It’s not a long trip…just about 125 miles or so.  We stopped at the Blue Beacon on the way and had both the truck and coach washed and then were on our way.  They must have had some kind of special going on as they only charged us $47.50 to wash both the coach and truck and normally pay around $75.  Normally Michael has them add RainX but today he didn’t….I can’t imagine that would make that much of a difference in the price though.

We had a smooth ride except for one incident.  A semi nearly ran us off the road!  As we passed an on-ramp the semi was in the lane closest to the ramp and we were in the inside lane beside him.  He tried to move into our lane to allow room for the oncoming vehicle and we must have been in his blind spot as he nearly picked us off.  Thankfully, Michael is a very good defensive driver and was able to keep us on the road with just a small swerve, letting off the gas to slow back and laying on the horn to let the guy know we were there.  The semi served back into its lane and all was right with the world!

I was concerned with what the inside of the house was going to be like but it wasn’t bad at all.  The recliners had move a bit and few other things shifted…but not much.  The biggest sign of movement was a small stack of plates, in the cabinet, that had ‘jumped’ up onto another stack…lol…really strange actually.

All set up for who knows how long

All set up for who knows how long

We arrived at the yard just before 1:00 pm.  After stopping to chat with Shawn a bit we pulled into an RV spot and got settled in. While Michael completed his outdoor chores I started a load of laundry and started getting lupper ready to throw on the grill.

There are 2 other RVs here in the yard.  One belongs to Shawn and the other to a gate guard we know but he’s down in the Valley because his daughter is having a baby.  So…hopefully when/if a gate becomes available we’ll be the first to head out.

We decided to celebrate our return to the oil patch with steak & shrimp on the grill along with grilled potatoes and steamed veggies.  Ahhh….what a great way to start our wait for a gate.





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