The Week in Review

Posted by on October 31, 2016

Wednesday, 10/26

  • I had my six month follow-up appointment with my doctor. It was a quick and semi-painless appointment.   I’m down 36 pounds,  the nurse did a blood draw (my April blood work was good), got a flu shot.  Unfortunately, Dr. Shaw figured out that I turned 50 in March and hit me up for a colonoscopy and on top of that it’s time for another mammogram.  :-/  I’ll try to get both of those things scheduled for when we get back from Wisconsin.
  • While we were out we ran a few errands.  Our kitchen faucet has been giving us some problems the last few months and has just continued to get worse as now the stream of water is almost non-existent.  We stopped at Lowed and picked up a new Delta faucet.  Have you seen how expensive faucets are!?!?!  We picked up some new hinges for our kitchen barrel cabinet as one no longer wants to stay shut.  Plus we got a can of spray polyurethane so that we could finish up Miss Zoe’s stool and have it ready to take with us to Wisconsin next week.
  • Old LP sensor needing replacement

    Old LP sensor needing replacement

    Our LP gas detector started going off and Michael found that it says to replace 60 months after retail sale –  Nov, 5, 2010 is stamped on back  and our coach was built in March 2011…so it’s time.  Michael easily found the item on Amazon and we ordered it right away.  Unfortunately, I forgot to change the shipping address so it will go to Zack and Kelsea’s and we’ll have to have them forward it to wherever we happen to be…

Thursday, 10/27

  • Michael finally had a follow-up appointment for the sleep study he did a year ago!  His results were lost and the VA in Salt Lake City finally found them and let us know that he was diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  They couldn’t get him in before we left Utah so he made an appointment here in San Antonio.  He will be issued a CPAP unit to wear while he sleeps which should give him a better nights sleep once he gets used to it.  We just have to wait for someone to call us so that we can make an appointment to get the CPAP….hopefully when we’re back here in SA next month…but it doesn’t sound likely.
  • Just a small business but great service so far

    Just a small business but great service so far

    Before Michael’s appointment we stopped at Universal Form Tops to see about ordering some solid surface material to put on the tops of the end tables that Michael built while we were at Zack & Kelsea’s.  We had a very helpful and knowledgeable woman work with us that was able to find some ‘scrap’ material that would work just fine.  With her help we tweaked Michael’s design somewhat, went home and got some more measurements and emailed the new information to her and we’re hoping that with their backlog they’re able to have the table tops for us before we leave San Antonio for the oil patch on November 25th.

  • GOOD Chinese food

    GOOD Chinese food

    The highlight of the day (for me!) was that we had dinner at King Buffet.  It’s one of the better buffets that we’ve found and after dealing with Utah’s strange Chinese cuisine it was a real treat!  We took our time eating so that we missed the worst of the rush hour traffic and were able to have a nice smooth ride home.

Friday, October 28th

  • Day at home working on projects inside and out.
  • I will be doing some blog work for Heartland RVs, the manufacturer of our coach soon.  I worked on putting together my first post and will include a link when it’s published.  I’m excited but nervous to have others read my work.
  • Good home cookin'

    Good home cookin’

    I tried a new recipe…no not for the Instant Pot!  LOL  This one was an easy skillet recipe for Swedish Meatballs and it turned out quite yummy.  I froze half so that we will have another easy meal in the future.

Saturday, October 29th

  • New installed...old ready for the trash

    New installed…old ready for the trash

    Michael replaced the old kitchen faucet with the new one we purchased at Lowe’s on Thursday.   The new faucet is fairly similar to the old one except it’s a hair shorter than the old one.  The biggest difference is that the new one actually sprays water!  The old one was pretty much down to a dribble.  Yay!

  • We got the majority of our packing done for our trip to Wisconsin on Tuesday.  All that’s left is the last minute things…laptops, Kindle, tablets, chargers.

Sunday, October 30th

  • Made the drive to New Braunfels to meet our friend Lee for dinner at Rudy’s.  Last year, about this time, we met Lee and his wife, Linda, in Gruene for dinner at the Alpine Haus.  Sadly, Linda passed away in August but I know she was with us for this dinner as she still lives in our hearts.  Even though there were a few tears over dinner we had such a wonderful visit with Lee.  He will be going on a few mission trips with his church next year and I’m looking forward to hearing about the trips the next time we get together!
  • Since we were in New Braunfels we made two stops.  The first stop was at Camping World.  Michael needed a couple of different sewer fittings, a water regulator and a 30 to 50 amp adapter.  Of those items he only ended up finding the adapter and a sewer cap.  The hunt for the other items continues…
  • We also stopped at Buc-ee’s to fill both fuel tanks up with diesel at $2.11 per gallon.  Of course, while we were there we had to pick up some beef jerky and Buc-ee Nuggets.  Never tried Buc-ee Nuggets?  You can get them on Amazon!  Click HERE to get yours….however, they’re only $3.99 at Buc-ee’s and they want $11.99 on Amazon!  LOL

Monday, October 31st

  • Three guys PLUS Michael under the coach checking things out

    Three guys PLUS Michael under the coach checking things out

    Michael met George and his worker bees from Go RV off post and then escorted them onto post since they don’t have military IDs.  George and crew came to check out one of our grey tanks.  He’d ordered a new one for us in the spring but it took too long to get here so we had him hold it until we got back in the fall.  He wanted to verify that he had the correct tank.  It’s good that he did as he’s pretty sure what he has is too big.  They took measurements and will verify and if it is wrong he will order another.  We’ll either stop by their shop in Three Rivers when we leave here to have it installed or they will come to us in Carrizo Springs when we get there.

  • Little Red Corvette...errr...Accent!

    Little Red Corvette…errr…Accent!

    Just before noon we drove over to the Enterprise by the airport to pick up a car that we rented to get us to the airport Tuesday morning.  We’d decided we didn’t want to pay to leave the truck at the airport and renting a cab (there’s only one company that can come on post) was more expensive than renting a car.  We were in and out in a flash with our little red Hyundai Accent.  We’ll probably put less than 20 miles on it…but oh well…at this point it’s the cheapest and most hassle free option.

  • Surprise visitors Tandee & Victoria!

    Surprise visitors Tandee & Victoria!

    We had a nice surprise in the early evening when we got a knock on the door and it was one of our gate guarding friends, Victoria and a friend of hers.  Her friend is just 3 sites down from us and Victoria was visiting.  We chatted for a bit before they had to head out for dinner.

We’re all set for out flight to Wisconsin and ready to spend time with our Wisconsin Barnett’s.  We’ll be Wisconsin for two weeks if you’re near Madison or Rhinelander…give us a shout…we’d love to try to get together with you.







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