Moving Day: Carlsbad, NM To Ft. Stockton, TX

Posted by on October 23, 2016

Sunday, October 23

With another fairly short (164 miles) journey today we didn’t pull out of our site until 10:40 am so that we had time to dump our tanks and hit the road by 11:00 am.  We made sure to do our pull/tug test and check our lights before leaving the site….might seem redundant…but we do both EVERY time we start towing.  Dropping the coach on the back of the truck once…was enough.  You can read about it HERE.

As close as Michael could get without going over the curb on this side and hitting something on the other side.

As close as Michael could get without going over the curb on this side and hitting something on the other side.

Unfortunately, the campground must have been created when campers were much smaller than they are today.  The dump station is quite tight (as is the actual entrance to the park) and Michael had to squeeze in enough so that he could get the sewer hose to reach the sewer drain.  If he had pulled forward any further the 5er tires would have gone over the curb.  So once he was done dumping he just backed out of the dump station and back onto the road while I guided.  Thankfully, there was no one else waiting to dump.

We took US 285 all the way from Carlsbad to I-10 just west of Ft. Stockton, Texas.  Let me tell you…285 between Carlsbad and Loving is not a nice road but it really gets rough between Loving and Malaga New Mexico.  It gets better once you get into Texas but there are still rough patches.

When we travel roads like that all I can think is, “My poor house”.  I know that things are shifting way more than normal.  The bedroom door has more than likely slammed shut.  Items that normally don’t fall over, have fallen over.  Ugh.  I hate crappy roads! Surprisingly….the house fared very well and the bedroom door didn’t even shut and there was only 1 glass on its side! Go figure!

We crossed into Texas about 1:00 pm CST with NO fanfare at all (boo!).  After being gone for 6 months we’ve returned to our adopted ‘homeland’!  Michael decided that he’s a ‘Native Winter Texan’ since he was born and raised in Dallas until he was about ten.  We should be in Texas now until the first part of April…minus a little sojourn to Wisconsin here in a little over a week.

Potty stop! See the oil rig in the distance to the right of the truck antenna??

Potty stop! See the oil rig in the distance to the right of the truck antenna??

We made one brief potty stop along the side of the highway.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…”It’s so nice to carry your home wherever you go!”  We even had an oil rig off in the distance reminding us that it will soon be time to go back to work!

Sure wish we'd see this kind of activity in south Texas!

Sure wish we’d see this kind of activity in south Texas!

As we traveled from New Mexico into Texas the oil field work was still quite prevalent.  We started seeing more and more oil rigs…near the highway and off in the distance.  At one point we even saw three working rigs clustered together.  Kind of unusual.

We arrived at the Ft. Stockton RV Park about 3:10 pm.  The manager is a friend we met on Facebook via a Gate Guarding page we belonged to.  We’d never met Herb in person…until today.  He hasn’t gate guarded in over a year but we still follow each other on Facebook.

Settled into site 2 for 2 nights

Settled into site 2 for 2 nights

Herb left word at the desk for them to call him when we arrived and he came right over to greet us.  It was so good to put a face to a name!  Herb took it upon himself to show us our site, tell us about the park and grounds and to make us feel right at home.  It was awesome to get such great service…but I think that that’s normal around here.

Herb put us into site 2, right across from his place, the store, the pool and the restaurant!  Awesome.  I just might have to utilize that pool while we’re here.

After we got our chores done (inside and out) and relaxed for short while we headed over to the Roadrunner Café, on the premises, for dinner.  Herb had so highly recommended the food that we couldn’t resist.

Dinner with Herb at the Roadrunner Cafe.

Dinner with Herb at the Roadrunner Cafe.

We were pleasantly surprised when Herb joined us for dinner.  We had such great conversation over an equally great meal.  We ordered chicken fried steak and BBQ ribs and then split our meals.  Each meal came with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.  Everything was home cooked and very tasty.  On top of all that…the meals come with dessert…in this case it was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with or without chocolate syrup.  Hoping we can get some more time in with Herb before we pull out on Tuesday.

To top off an already great evening we went home to watch the season premiere of the The Walking Dead!  Ahhhh…


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