Moving Day: Quartzsite, AZ To Willcox, AZ

Posted by on October 16, 2016

We decided to get an earlier than normal start as we had over 300 miles to drive and we wanted to get away from the 100 degree heat as soon as possible! The forecast in Willcox looks much better over the next couple of days than it does in Quartzsite…high in the mid 80s and lows near 50 versus highs around 90 and low about mid 60s.

With an early departure in mind we did most of our departure chores last night and only had to button up the inside, unhook the electric/sewer/water and hitch up and we were ready to hit the road.  Oh yeah…and I made a couple of breakfast sandwiches for the road.

We pulled out of site 37 at 7:55 am…5 minutes ahead of our target time.  Today’s drive was all interstate (blah!).  We started at mile marker 17 on I-10 and ended at mile marker 336 on I-10.

4 lanes down to 1!

4 lanes down to 1!

Smooth sailing til we got to Phoenix where we had a bit of a traffic jam due to construction taking our 4 lane eastbound lane down to 1 lane.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long and we were back to 4 lanes and moving along.

We made a couple of ‘relief’ stops and of course our longest stop was at Kelly’s Kitchen.  No rest areas when we decided to stop so we just stopped at one of the exits where there was a big dirt area.  We parked, put out the slides, cranked up the genny, turned on the ac and enjoyed lunch from the comfort of our recliners while surfing the internet on our laptops.  This IS the life!

Back on the road after lunch we had just a smidgen over 100 miles left for the day.  We cruised right on through Tucson with no slow downs whatsoever.

Aircraft boneyard!

Aircraft boneyard!

Just before stopping for lunch I noticed a TON of airplanes off in the distance on the passenger side of the road.  Michael said he thought there was supposed to be a ‘airplane graveyard’ in this area and after a little research while at lunch he found that what I was seeing was the Pinal Airpark.  It’s a aircraft boneyard and the largest commercial aircraft storage and maintenance facility in the world.

A train full of engines!

A train full of engines!

About 45 miles from the RV Park Michael noticed a super long train….of train engines…that went on and on and on…several miles of JUST engines.  It wasn’t moving so it must have been in storage of some sort but still weird to see all of those engines making up one long train.

We arrived at the Ft. Willcox RV Park about 2:30 pm.  We were checking in and set up with the Green Bay Packers/Dallas Cowboys game on in under an hour!  Made sure to get a the only 50 amp site available and cranked both air conditioners as the inside temperature was right about 90.

Ft. Willcox RV Park - site 27

Ft. Willcox RV Park – site 27

We were here back in 2013 (February 26-28) and knew that the park wasn’t a resort by any means but was decently maintained, reasonably priced  ($19 Passport America) and they offered free home made waffles for breakfast.  However, the park sold to a new owner this past April and she’s currently not making waffles and our cost for a 50 amp was $23.34 per night.  Don’t know that will stay again in the future…unless the new owner does a lot of improving.

3 years ago we were in site 29…this time we are in site 27.  Kinda looks like we’re the only travelers here as all the other (not that there are that many) campers seem to be permanent.

We’ll be here for 2 nights and have plans to do absolutely nothing while we’re here! (You’re welcome, Dan!)


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