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Posted by on October 6, 2016

Wednesday, October 5th

Today was our youngest granddaughter’s 1st birthday!  Time moves so quickly.  We’ll be lovin’ on her (and her big brothers) in 26 days!  Happy Birthday, Zoe-girl!

We had a fairly quiet day…not sight-seeing or rushing here and there.

We were invited to have lunch with our new friends, Paul & Gogi.  They’re staying at the Oasis RV Park and attending the National Rally that is being held there.

We met Paul & Gogi while we were visiting Cedar Breaks in Utah last week.  We had just parked in the parking lot and they were just leaving.  Paul stopped and asked us what we were pulling with our truck and Michael told him we were pulling a 41 foot Heartland Key Largo.  They got to talking and as I was listening it sounded like possibly Paul was a Heartland owner too.  He confirmed that he was and I just assumed that they were attending the Utah rally too…but after a little more discussion we found that they weren’t at the rally although they had considered going to both the UT rally and the Vegas rally.

I found out that they had never been to a rally but were still interesting in attending the Vegas rally.  I sent Jim B a text message and asked if they had any spots and found out that they had 7 spots available.  I gave Paul and Gogi the information and they went home and registered!  We’ve been keeping in contact ever since.  Funny thing is is that they are members of the same chapter (Alabama!) that we are.

Anyway, they invited us to stop by for lunch and we gladly accepted.  We had a very nice time getting the chance to sit down and chat with both Paul and Gogi one on one (or two on two…)  They are fairly new owners and had lots of questions which we were able to answer and were also able to give them a few tips too.

Gogi prepared a nice, tasty light lunch consisting of 3 salads:  a waldorf-like salad. a creamy  cole slaw with sunflower seeds and really tasty salad of rice, chicken, black olives and black beans.  Everything was delicious.

Usinger's - a Milwaukee based company...Yum!

Usinger’s – a Milwaukee based company…Yum!

Paul and Gogi were holding a very precious piece of cargo for us…Usinger’s Summer Sausage with jalapeno.  Friends Keith and Carol had picked it up while in Wisconsin but hadn’t intended on getting one with jalapeno and it was too hot for them so they asked if we’d like it…we said sure!  Since they weren’t going to be at the park when we were there (they went on the DAM tour) they asked Paul and Gogi to hold onto it for us.

While at the park we got the chance to visit some more of our Heartland friends:  Dottie & Kim, Dave Y, Ann & Dan, Tom & Kathy and Kathy A.  Many of our friends were out on a tour of the Hoover Dam while we were at the parking so we didn’t get a chance to see as many as we would have liked.

Display coaches

Display coaches

Before leaving the park we stopped by the ‘show coaches’ that were on display and walked through each of the 5 coaches.  There was a Cyclone, 2 Big Country’s and 2 Landmark 365.  Unfortunately, we were kinda disappointed as to how the Landmark is going compared to the other models.  The other ‘lower level’ models seem to be moving up in quality and extras while the Landmark (supposedly top of the line) has stayed the same and in some areas and gone down in others.

Hopefully, Heartland will get things figured out before it’s time for us to think about purchasing a new home because as it is now I don’t know that we’d stay with Heartland.  We’d hate to leave our Heartland family but I don’t want to purchase a product I’m not sure we’d be quite so proud of anymore.

On the way home we stopped at a nearby Sam’s Club and became members so that we could utilize the facility.  Michael wanted to pick up some foldable director’s chairs that he’d seen at the Utah rally but they didn’t have any…we’ll keep looking.  We found a few other items and scouted out others.

We had our dinner while at Sam’s Club…hot dog and slice of pizza….good stuff!

We got home just about 7:30 pm and settled in for the night.



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