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Posted by on September 20, 2016

We have been BUSY!

Papaw working on the babies 4x4

Papaw working on the babies 4×4

We’ve been working on several different projects since we arrived at Zack & Kelsea’s last week.  The first thing Michael tackled was to put together a play set for the kids.  Zack and Kelsea bought the play set (a kid’s bouncy 4×4) before they moved to the new house and Papaw volunteered to put it together.  He didn’t get it finished the first day but promised the kids it would be ready when they came home from school the following afternoon…and it was and they were happy campers!

Zack working on my coffee table

Zack working on my coffee table

I enlisted Zack to make me a storage coffee table that will replace the darned cooler that has been sitting in our living room for over a year and a half now.  We picked up all the wood for the project the day we moved here and he went right to work almost immediately getting all of the pieces cut out.

4 sides and a bottom!

4 sides and a bottom!

The following day he was able to assemble the table, which is kind of a box since it will hold our extra pantry items.  Once it was assembled he sanded and tweaked what needed to be tweaked.

Michael decided that he also wanted to make some end tables to go on either side of the coach since we have no place to set a drink or anything currently.  His plan is to put a top on them that will open up to a storage area below.  They will eventually have a hinged solid surface top on them but that part will wait until we get to San Antonio in a few months.

So while Zack worked on the coffee table…Michael worked on cutting out the pieces for the end tables and them assembling them.  Michael always has a vision of his projects and no one else can usually envision what his plan is until the plan is nearing completion.  This project is no different.  LOL

Some of the pieces I stained

Some of the pieces I stained

I volunteered to stain ALL of the projects that have been being worked on – Zack’s coffee table, Michael’s end tables and Zoe’s stool that we picked up last week from the guy that had it for 6 weeks and was supposed to carve her name in the top and he never touched. I’ve got a 1st coat on most everything (a few items got added to the list after I was done for the day) so now I’ll just need to put a 2nd coat on and see if we like the color or if I need to add more stain.

The solution to that problem was that we bought Zack a lettering kit for his birthday (September 22 he turns 30!) and he gets to use it to rout Zoe’s name in the stool!  See?  I told you we had a solution!

Working on removing the old awning

Working on removing the old awning

We ordered a new awning a while back and waited until we were here to install it.  Michael removed the old one which was pretty much starting to disintegrate but this point.  He tied down the awning arms so that they would ‘fling’ back into place or fall to the ground….weren’t sure if either would happen but wanted to take precautions just in case.

He used a utility knife to cut the awning off the roller and then with just a small portion of the awning left in the roller and the tract that runs along the coach he pulled each piece out of its tract.  He cleaned up the tracts and then caulked along the tract on the coach.

With every new home comes projects!  Zack and Kelsea’s new home isn’t any different.  One of those projects was to move the current fire pit (just some rocks in a circle) back a few feet in the yard and to improve it by building and actual ring out of paving stones.

They had a load of dirt delivered to fill in where the old pit had been and had the rest dumped out where the future pasture will be and they’ll use the remaining dirt to fill in areas around the yard as needed.

Now you might notice that I didn’t mention that any of those projects have been completed….well…that’s because all of them are still in progress!  It’s driving me crazy to have so many unfinished projects looming over our heads but I must be patient and wait til they’re done…hopefully a few will be completed before we leave next Tuesday!

The guys took one afternoon and went and helped Zack’s friend, Dustin, do some slaughtering of animals (sheep & cows) as he has his own butchering business.  Definitely not my thing but they both seemed to enjoy it and learned a lot along the way.  Zack seemed quite proud of the fact that they both ended up with blood spots on their shoes and pants.  Why do men get such a thrill out of that kind of stuff??  Ewww!

Remember a few posts ago when I told you we’d been having issues with the navigation system in the truck?  We made another appointment for last Thursday to take the truck in, drop it off and leave it until the problem was resolved.  We were pretty sure it just needed a new data card which shouldn’t take but seconds to install.  However, Ford had to go through their checks and balances system before they could solve the problem.  Michael finally called Saturday afternoon to check and see how things were going and was told that they had to order parts and they’d call him back.

Michael got a call back about half an hour later and the truck was ready…they’d installed a new data card for the navigation system and it was now working fine.  Hmmmm….took them 2 days to install a card that took 2 seconds install….thank goodness it was still under warranty!

In between projects we’ve made a few trips down to Salt Lake for appointments at the VA…optometry, follow ups, prescriptions and dropping off Michael’s hearing aids so that they can be sent in and overhauled.  Once they’re fixed they’ll give us a call and we’ll have them sent to Zack & Kelsea’s and then have them ship them to us.

Chinatown Buffet within the Chinatown Marketplace

Chinatown Buffet within the Chinatown Marketplace

We tried a Chinese Buffet (Chinatown) in Salt Lake City and found it to be acceptable.  We’ve really had a tough time with finding decent/good Chinese in this area.  The food is quite a bit different from what we’re used to…the egg drop soup either has corn in it or noodles…or both.  Some places only serve ham fried rice…which is different from pork fried rice and their egg rolls are more like spring rolls and have different seasonings than I’m used to.

Chinatown had fresh food with good flavors although their selection wasn’t quite as large as most buffets but it was still adequate. Our waiter was on the ball and cleared our plates away nearly as fast as we were done with them.  It would be a place we’d go back to but with so many places to choose from we’d probably try another place.

The real interesting thing about this particular restaurant was its location.  It’s located within a small shopping center called Chinatown.  There are three other Chinese restaurants and a Chinese Supermarket within the shopping center…intriguing and definitely a draw to go back.



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