Travel Day: Hunstville, UT To West Haven, UT

Posted by on September 19, 2016

Wednesday, September 14th.

With less than 20 miles to travel to today’s destination we didn’t pull out of Anderson Cove until about 10:15 am.  As usual most of our leave day chores were already done so we just had a few odds and ends left to complete.   We went next door and said our ‘Goodbyes’ to Debbie and Fred and then were on our way.

Love the drive through the Ogden Canyon!

Love the drive through the Ogden Canyon!

It was a quick ride but always so pretty through the Ogden Canyon.  We noticed that the trees were already started to turn beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange.  The traffic was light so Michael was able to take his time winding through the crazy curves of the canyon.

Our destination was just over the mountain in West Haven…the Utah Barnett’s new home!  Their new home has ample room on the side of the house for 2 5th wheels to sit side by side…it’s awesome!

Zack had moved his 5er so that we could have the prime stop next to the house.  Michael backed into the driveway and through the gate to the backyard like a pro.  With just inches between the sides of the coach and the gate it could have been pretty tricky but he did it in one fell swoop!

Settled into ZnK's side yard

Settled into ZnK’s side yard

With the coach safely ensconced in the back/side yard, power hooked up and the inside set up Zack, Michael and I headed out on errands.  We were gone most of the after none making stops at Hill Air Force Base, a stop to pick up the top of Zoe’s stool, a stop at the home brewing store (Zack brews his own beer), a stop to pick up my online groceries at Walmart and a stop at Walmart to pick up materials for a storage coffee table.

Shortly after Kelsea and the kids got home from work/school we headed to Red Lobster for dinner.  The kids both had popcorn shrimp while the rest of us went with the 4 course meal.  We all ordered Alfredo – Michael went with chicken while the rest of us went with shrimp.  Along with your entree you get soup (potato for Michael and I, clam chowder for ZnK), salad and dessert…for $16.99…not bad.

After dinner Zack and Kelsea headed to Urgent Care as Zack was having some issues with his neck and needed some medicine and Michael, the kids and I made a quick trip to Walmart.  As soon as we got home we all put our jammies on….the kids were put to bed and Michael and I relaxed for a short while until ZnK got home and then we adjourned to our home in the yard.

New button, ready to be installed.

New button, ready to be installed.

A while back the switch to add air to our Hensley TrailSaver TS3 hitch fell apart so Michael contacted the manufacturer and ordered a new one and it arrived a few days ago.

All done! Easy Peasy!

All done! Easy Peasy!

It took Michael all of 5 minutes to install the new switch.  He added a little bulb grease (should work like electrical contact grease)  to the connection to protect it from moisture.  It was so easy that even I could have done it.  He’d already had the old switch removed so that saved 5 minutes, maybe.

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