Last Days At Anderson Cove

Posted by on September 13, 2016

Our last weekend at Anderson Cove proved to be fairly busy.  The person that does the scheduling for the store must not have thought that Friday evening would be very busy so just one person was scheduled to work in the store.  Since school is back in session everyone waited until after school/work to arrive at the campground.

About 6:00 pm there was a ‘call for help’ over the radio and 4 of us responded.  We ended up working for 2+ hours as the vehicles just kept coming.  I wrote paperwork and gave it to Kathy who rang it all into the register.  Michael & Fred worked the long lines of traffic, keeping the vehicles off the road as much as possible.  Debbie ran interference….helping the guys outside and also helping Kathy and I in the store.   It was the best teamwork I’ve experienced the whole season…it was GREAT!

We had so many campers come in that we ended up having to open one of the loops that was closed for the season…we didn’t fill it completely but had a good plenty sites filled.  Our loop was completely full and pretty much emptied out on Saturday and then nearly full again that night with everyone but one site leaving again on Sunday.

Come Monday the entire campground was really quiet with less than a dozen sites filled.

With the campground so quiet it makes it easy for us to run errands on a day other than our day off so on Monday we made a run over to Zack and Kelsea’s with a few things that needed to be dropped off there.

A disappointing visit

A disappointing visit

We stopped at In & Out Burger for a quick lunch and were kinda disappointed with our burgers and not happy with the old french fries.  It wasn’t our first trip to a In & Out Burger and have had better experiences but this time was not a good one.  You win some, you lose some.

We also stopped to pick up the top of the stool for our granddaughter, Zoe.  Michael had found a place that could carve her name into the top of the stool so that we could finish it up.  He dropped the stool top off 5 or 6 weeks ago.  We stopped by about 3 weeks ago to check on it and found that he hadn’t touched it yet even though he’d told Michael it would take a week or 2.  When we stopped that time we reminded him we’d be leaving the area in a few weeks and needed it completed…he said he’d get it done.

When we stopped yesterday he wasn’t there so Michael called him and found out that he still hadn’t touched it.  We didn’t even give him a chance to say ‘I’ll get to it’ before we told him not to bother that we’d pick it up later this week.  How frustrating.

I’m actually happier with the outcome as I would rather the work be done by Papaw and Nana exclusively.  We’ll figure out a way to get Zoe’s name routered in the top so that we can get it finished and sent to our littlest princess.

Cart ready to turn in and a completely empty boat ramp parking lot (a very unusual sight!)

Cart ready to turn in and a completely empty boat ramp parking lot (a very unusual sight!)

Tuesday (today) was our last day of work so we turned everything in (cart & supplies, uniforms, keys, paperwork, till money, and last weekly report/deposit).  Michael made sure that the bathrooms were clean and filled with water so that they were ready for the weekend.

After much debate we’ve decided to come back again next year and try it again.   We love the weather here…warm days and cool nights.  We really enjoy the work…both in the campground and the store.  Plus it’s convenient and close to our Utah Barnett’s. We’re not sure who the area managers (our bosses) will be as the current ones have said they don’t plan to come back.  We only know of one other couple (for sure) that plan to come back next year as well.  So I guess we play it by ear and see what happens. We’ve requested to have the same loop and the boat ramp again next year as we really did like the area that we covered.

Zack takes after his Dad with his woodworking skills.  Nice job!

Zack takes after his Dad with his woodworking skills. Nice job!

Another of the bottoms of one of our kitchen drawers started falling out and needed to be rebuilt.  Michael took the drawer out and left it at Zack’s house so that he could rebuild it when we’re there.  Today Zack surprised us by sending us pictures of the newly rebuilt drawer!  Now Michael will just need to reattach the drawer front and we’ll be in business!

Our ‘vacation’ begins September 27th when we head south to Glendale, Utah for a Heartland Owners Club rally and then continues while we make a leisurely trek back to south Texas.  We ended up extending our vacation by a few weeks so that we can fly to Wisconsin to visit our youngest son, Dan, and his family the first 2 weeks of November.  We were originally going to be ready to go back to the oil field November 1st but will now go back just before Thanksgiving.


Yummy goodness

I’ve been continuing my Instant Pot adventure with a couple of new dishes over the last week.  I made my normal meatloaf but put it in the instant pot for 20 minutes and was very happy with the result…a very tender and juicy meatloaf and I didn’t even have to turn on the oven and heat up the house!  I also made Beef Tip and Gravy in under 45 minutes from start to finish (that included cutting up a rump roast into cubes!)  The dish turned out nice and tender and quite flavorful.

I made a cheese cake again this week using the same recipe but for some reason it wasn’t as solid in the middle as it should have been….it still tasted good but was a bit of a disappointment nonetheless.  🙁


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