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Posted by on August 25, 2016

I’ve still been experimenting with my Instant Pot.  Hard-boiled eggs are a favorite.  Six minutes on high pressure results in perfect eggs with no green around the yolk!

One night I got brave and made two dishes.  The first was a whole rotisserie-like chicken and then while that ‘sat’ and rested I made some macaroni and cheese to go with it.

Instant Pot Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese dinner!

Instant Pot Chicken and Macaroni & Cheese dinner!

The rotisserie chicken wasn’t fully thawed when I put it in the pot so it could have been cooked a bit longer.  And had I read the directions correctly I would have known that I needed to turn the chicken over and cook it another 15 minutes.  Geesh!  Oh well…we win some we lose some.

Now the macaroni and cheese….THAT turned out oh-so-good!   And so very easy!  In less than 10 minutes we had home-made, from scratch super creamy macaroni and cheese.


Instant Pot Chops w/leftover macaroni & cheese

Instant Pot Chops w/leftover macaroni & cheese

I also made Honey Maple Pork Chops and they turned out really good…great flavor and perfectly cooked…not too tender.  A definite ‘do again’.

Checking out the issue with Michael's hearing aids

Checking out the issue with Michael’s hearing aids

Michael had another appointment to have his hearing aids adjusted as they were not working right and giving a lot of feed back.  I could actually hear myself talk through his ears even when I was 3 or 4 feet away.  We thought that they’d been fixed the last time we were there but no such luck.

This time the audiologist actually got the same feedback and said, ‘Oh, that’s not good’.  She did some adjustments and the feedback seemed to be omitted so we were on our way but she did say if that didn’t help or it started again to let her know and she’d have to send them in to be adjusted.

We weren’t 10 minutes down the road after leaving the Audiology clinic and the feedback started all over again…just like before.  Dang it!  Michael called the clinic to make arrangements to be able to drop the hearing aids off next week when he has another appointment.

All done! Now just to reinstall the fuel/tool box and hitch!

All done! Now just to reinstall the fuel/tool box and hitch!

The appointment to have the spray in bedliner added to the truck was Wednesday at Ed Kenley Customs in Layton but to save a little chaos we dropped the truck off Tuesday afternoon.  Since Zack is in Korea for a couple of weeks we were able to use his truck while ours was being worked on.

Paityn had a dental appointment on Wednesday afternoon and wasn’t able to drink or eat for 4 hours before the appointment so we picked her up from school about 9:00 so that she didn’t have to watch all of her school friends eat lunch and not be able to.

Nana & Pnut racing to a fire!

Nana & Pnut racing to a fire!

We took her out for breakfast about 9:15 to fill her tummy and to tide her over until after her appointment and then visited the Treehouse Museum again.  We were there a good 2.5+ hours at the museum with Paityn pulling us there…and there….and then over there.  She had a great time taking our order in the little diner, painting a colorful picture, driving the fire engine, riding horses and making a fun, creative art project….among other things.

Busy preparing Nana & Papaw's orders

Busy preparing Nana & Papaw’s orders

After a fun time at the Treehouse we met Kelsea at the dentist’s office.  We ended up staying with Kelsea in the waiting room to give her a little moral support as I think she was more nervous than Paityn.  Pnut was give an oral sedative to relax her for the procedure and when it was over she was a bit loopy but content since they’d given her a freezy pop.

From there Michael and I headed south to Layton to pick up our truck which was ready.  It was a quick stop as the truck was in the parking lot waiting and Michael just need to go inside to pay.

Imagine ALL the walls, outlets, switches, vents looking like this...eww!

Imagine ALL the walls, outlets, switches, vents looking like this…eww!

The new & improved look of Cameron's room

The new & improved look of Cameron’s room

Michael and I parted ways there and he went to Zack and Kelsea’s to switch out some electrical outlets in Cameron’s bedroom.  The old owners had painted the outlets & covers when they painted the walls (ugly, ugly I might add).  Kelsea had been busy and had painted the walls and bought new outlets/covers and was ready for the new outlets/covers to be installed.

While Michael did that I stopped at Walmart and picked up our weekly groceries and then headed over back to Zack & Kelsea’s.  After Michael was finished the five of us tried a new Chinese restaurant in their new ‘home’ neighborhood.

All this PLUS soup and an appetizer for $8.25...not bad!

All this PLUS soup and an appetizer for $8.25…not bad!

Rice King Express turned out to be pretty darn good.  Hot & sour soup was good, egg drop soup was ok, crab rangoon was good, egg rolls…a no go.  But…everyone’s meals were good.  I went with chicken and vegetables (which was very good), Michael, of course, had sweet & sour chicken and was pleased that it was served with veggies, the kids shared beef & broccoli which they gobbled up and Kelsea went with a fancy dish that had scallops, shrimp, beef, chicken and veggies and enjoyed it too.  Don’t let me forget to mention the humongous portions we were each served!  We all had at least 1/2 of our meals left to take home and enjoy another day.  So I think we’d call it a success.  They deliver so while we’re at ZnK’s for 2 weeks before we leave the area we might just have to check out their delivery skills!  😉

When we ordered our coach it came with a central vacuum system, which was great.  It worked great and we had very little problems with it.  But that was 5 1/2 years ago and it just doesn’t quite ‘get it’ anymore.  It’s become a hassle to pull it out of its drawer and then get it all back in place when finished using it.  It also doesn’t seem to have the power that it once had.

There she is! My new vacuum cleaner...she's awesome!

There she is! My new vacuum cleaner…she’s awesome!

With all of that in mind we finally bit the bullet and ordered a vacuum cleaner from Amazon.  After some research on the best vacuum cleaners under $300 (no need to spend more with less than 300 square feet to clean!) I chose the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe (NV360).  With our Amazon Prime account the vacuum arrived 2 days after I ordered and I used it for the first time the day after it arrived since we weren’t home when it arrived.

All I can tell you is it works awesomely!  I moves so smoothly and the pivot action is perfect for going around curves.  It’s also light-weight and small enough to fit nicely into our bedroom closet.  But the big HUGE plus is how well it cleans!  I didn’t think it was suctioning the greatest until I was finished and went to empty the canister, thinking it wasn’t going to be very full.  Oh my….was I wrong!  I think it picked up every hair I ever lost (and I lose a LOT of hair!) and then some and along with that every stray piece of dust or dirt that ever enter the house!  If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner…keep this one in mind.

Here's June taking her turn doing figure eights at the store!

Here’s June taking her turn doing figure eights at the store!

Michael and I each got Fitbits a while back and have been enjoying being challenged to get our ‘steps’ in each day.  I especially like that it encourages me to get up and walk at least 250 steps each hour.  Since we’ve been pretty slow in the store I’ve taken to walking figure eights through the store to get my steps in each hour.  I do it so often that I have a couple of the other girls jumping on the band wagon too!  LOL  If you’ve got nothing better to do you might as well walk, right??


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