Long Post Ahead!

Posted by on August 22, 2016

Wow!  I’ve really fallen behind in my blogging!

We are still getting 40 hours each at the campground but that will be reduced, most likely, right after Labor Day.  Reservations won’t be taken after September 4th so things will really quiet down then.  Although we can already see a HUGE difference as school starts the 23rd we have almost no campers in the park during the week.

Our days off are still jam-packed with errands, sight-seeing and time with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron.

I'm not sure who's having more fun...

I’m not sure who’s having more fun…

We spent one afternoon with Paityn and Cameron at the Treehouse Museum.  We got them each a membership for Christmas.  They loved it and we plan to go back at least once more before we leave the area.

Finger paint fun!

Finger paint fun!

They built things with giant Tinker Toy-like things, played with trains, puppets, put on dress up costumes, played in a kitchen, planted veggies at the farm, milked a cow, rode horses, did a finger painting project plus lots more.  It’s a great place and we all had a great time.

Firefigher's Nana & Cameron

Firefigher’s Nana & Cameron

They played so hard at the museum that they both konked out pretty quickly once we got back to the car but were raring to go when we met their mom and dad at Pizza Pie for dinner.

Friends of Zack and Kelsea’s from Wisconsin just moved to the area (he’s in the Army too) so we had Erin and the kids join us for pizza since Bob was out of town for work.  We had a nice dinner and it was nice to get to know Erin.

Papaw roasting hot dogs...no black for the babies!

Papaw roasting hot dogs…no black for the babies!

Zack and Kelsea celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary on the 7th of August.  The kids spent that Friday night with us so that Momma and Papa could go out and enjoy themselves.

Bathing beauties

Bathing beauties

We had such a good time!  We played outside almost all day on Friday, roasted hot dogs for dinner, and had s’mores later on for dessert.  Paityn, Cameron and I played in the lake while Papaw walked the beach and picked up trash and left behind items.  The sun had almost set on the beach so it was a bit chilly in the water but we powered through and had fun.  Not surprisingly, both babies were out like a light soon after we put them to bed.

No arguing involved...they did so good!

No arguing involved…they did so good!

When Zack dropped the kids off to spend the night with us he also made time to help Michael get the new tool/fuel box installed in the truck.  It took them about 45 minutes or so to drill holes in the bed of the truck and get the fuel lines set.  Way less expensive than having someone else do it.

Tool box modification. The left hand side was cut down to make way for the hardware on the tonneau cover

Tool box modification. The left hand side was cut down to make way for the hardware on the tonneau cover

He had to have the tool box modified slightly (as he did with the last one) since the Tonneau cover he wants to install would interfere without the modification.

The hitch's temporary home in the back of Fred's pick up!

The hitch’s temporary home in the back of Fred’s pick up!

We have an appointment on Wednesday to have a spray in bedliner put in the bed of the truck.  Michael had a couple of the guys here at the park help him get the 5th wheel hitch out of our truck and it is now in the back of our neighbor Fred’s truck until the bedliner is installed and ready to go.  This way they only had to scooch the 300+ pound hitch from the bed or our truck to the bed of Fred’s truck then they’ll do it all in reverse when the bedliner has been installed.

The Shooting Star...just a little bitty place

The Shooting Star…just a little bitty place

We had lunch at the Shooting Star Saloon one day last week.  Opened in 1879, the establishment is said to the be oldest continuously running saloon in the state of Utah.  The ceiling is covered with dollar bills with names, dates and cute sayings written on them.

Check out all of those bills hanging from the ceiling!

Check out all of those bills hanging from the ceiling!

There are all sorts of doo-dads to check out but the most famous is Buck.  (Darn it if my picture of Buck didn’t turn out!) Buck was a St. Bernard owned by a friend of one of the owners.  The dogs owner, Ernie, loved him so much that when the dog died in 1953 he had Buck stuffed.  However, at 298 pounds Buck wasn’t easy to find a mold for so the taxidermist used a grizzly bear mold so poor Buck looks more like a bear than a dog.  Buck is displayed proudly on the wall over what is affectionately known as the ‘Buck booth’.  Buck even made it to Roadside America!

Good stuff!

Good stuff!

The Shooting Star is ‘famous’ for burgers too!  They’ve been voted best burger several times and since Michael is a burger connoisseur I knew we had to try the place out.  We each ordered a bacon cheeseburger and were happy with our burgers.  They were good but we both still prefer the burgers at Gonzales Burger down in the south Texas valley.

As we finished up our meal Fred and Debbie (fellow camphosts and neighbors) came in.  We had them join us and we visited while they had a burger.

Discussing his back issues with the doctor

Discussing his back issues with the doctor

This past Wednesday Michael had an appointment for an evaluation for his back issues to determine what to do to help manage his pain.  After a pretty thorough screening it was determined to try steroid injections first to see if that helps.  He has an appointment for September 23rd to have the injections done.

That evening we met our Utah Barnett’s in downtown Salt Lake City to watch the Salt Lake City Bees play baseball.  The Bees are a minor league team for the Los Angeles Angels.  We love our baseball and haven’t been to a game since last summer so this was perfect!

Great seats! Up close view of the relief pitchers warming up!

Great seats! Up close view of the relief pitchers warming up!

We had great seats on the 1st base side of the field.  It was $1 hot dog night so everyone enjoyed hot dogs.  Near the beginning of the game Cameron was given a baseball from a kid in front of us that had already been given two.  (Our seats were right behind the relief pitchers bench).

Toward the end of the game Paityn decided she wanted a ball too.  She and I went up one row to the first row and sat very patiently, for 2 innings, and waited for foul balls to be hit down the 1st base line.  I’d figured out that the only way the pitchers could hand out balls was if it was a foul ball…they couldn’t just hand us one of the many balls that they had in the ball bag sitting next to them.

This is how close we were to the relief pitchers bench. The guy second from the left is Paityn's hero.

This is how close we were to the relief pitchers bench. The guy second from the left is Paityn’s hero.

We quietly chanted ‘foul ball’…just loud enough for the pitchers on the bench to hear us.  Nothing loud or rude…just loud enough.  We’d talked with one of the pitchers a bit earlier and hoped he’d come through for us.

When the game ended we still didn’t have a ball…Paityn was pretty disappointed…until…our friend, the pitcher, came through!  He got up to head to the dug out, put the ball he’d been tossing around in the ball bag…but then he bent over, grabbed another ball and walked over to her and handed her the ball.  She was so happy!  He made a friend for life!  Unfortunately, he didn’t pitch at all and had a jacket on over his uniform so we don’t know his name or number.  Boo!




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  1. Dianne

    Wow! You two sure stay busy. I love reading about your adventures and time with the kids. We hope to go full-time next Spring!

    • Kelly

      Not too busy! This is actually the first time we’ve worked in the summer. We normally just gate guard during the winter and play during the summer. Now that we’ve got a taste of a little $$ coming in during the summer we may just workamp again next summer!

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