Five Acres of Shopping, Fish, Rain and a Rainbow

Posted by on August 9, 2016

We’d heard about this store on the north side of Ogden that carries pretty much anything you might need from military surplus items to kitchen gadgets, camping supplies, toys, food items, clothing, cowboy boots, tools and all kinds of other stuff in between.

A whole lotta shoppin' can be done here!

A whole lotta shoppin’ can be done here!

The billboards for Smith and Edwards boast that they carry 5 acres worth of merchandise and I wouldn’t doubt it.  We browsed/shopped for a couple of hours and could probably go back again and still not have seen everything.  We picked up several items that we needed or wanted:  a couple of Craftsman tool bags, egg poacher cups, lighted magnifying glass, razor blade knives, fried egg rings, sink strainers, etc.  We may need to go back once before we go…just to make sure there’s nothing else that we ‘need’.

ZnK's new digs

ZnK’s new digs

Zack and Kelsea are getting closing to the time to close on the house that they are selling so they are in pack/move mode.  The owners of the house that they are purchasing have given them access to the garage so that they can store their household goods until they close on the new house…the two closing dates are about 2 weeks apart.  They will live in their 5th wheel at Hill Air Force Base in the interim.

We met Zack at the new house about noon to help him unload a load that he’d brought over from the old house.  I moved a few boxes but allowed the guys to do the heavier lifting…wasn’t that nice of me!?!

We met Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron at the Ogden Fish House in downtown Ogden for dinner.  They’d been their before and weren’t impressed but were willing to give it a second try.  They have several fish tanks holding tropical fish so Cam and Pnut were happy to watch the fish while we waited for our orders.  The servers wear kilts which was something a bit out of the norm.

While Michael, Kelsea and I all order the cod fish and chips, Zack ordered a burger and Paityn and Cameron split an order of shrimp.  You are able to choose from onion rings, Old English chips, steak fries or sweet potato fries.  Zack and Kelsea went with sweet potato fries, the kids and I had the English chips and Michael got onion rings.  You also get a side of cole slaw with your order.

Michael and I both enjoyed our meals, although I wasn’t a big fan of the fish batter.  Neither Zack or Kelsea cared for their meals and won’t go back.  The kids ate their ‘strimp and chips’ with no problems.

Beef Manhattans

Beef Manhattans

I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with my Instant Pot.  I made roast beef manhattans a few days ago and they turned out great!  I also made poached eggs for breakfast one morning as well as some hard-boiled eggs.

Glorious Cheesecake!

Glorious Cheesecake!

I’ve never made a cheese cake in my life but it seemed so easy in the Instant Pot I decided to give it a whirl and it turned out awesome!  We actually let it set for 2 days so that we could share it with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron to celebrate Zack & Kelsea’s 7th wedding anniversary.  It was so easy and turned out so yummy that I will definitely be making more cheese cakes in the IP!

A complete rainbow...but I could get it all in the picture!

A complete rainbow…but I could get it all in the picture!

We FINALLY got some rain after 2 months without!  The campground is so brown I’m leery of campfires sparking a bigger fire.  To top of the ‘no rain’ issue the water pump that runs the sprinkling system here at the campground has been broken for over a month so that really hurts.  It rained on and off almost all day on Sunday and it was very welcome and we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow to boot!

A portion of the beach area that we care for at the campground

A portion of the beach area that we care for at the campground

Last summer our basement TV stopped working….no idea why…it just wouldn’t turn on any longer.  We finally replaced it a few weeks ago and Michael was excited that he was going to be able to listen to the TV while he puttered around outside again.  Ha!  It was not to be…when he went to turn the TV on for the first time the DirecTV box wouldn’t work!  Poor guy.  He used the bedroom box to determine that it was definitely the box that was kaput this time and then called DirecTV to have them set up a time to come out and get things fixed.

We had an appointment for Tuesday between 8:00 and 12:00 and the gentleman showed up at 7:58 am and was gone by about 8:40 am and Michael had a new box AND dish as ours was bent.  He’s a happy camper once again!




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