Fourth of July, Appreciation, Lightening Up & Breakast!

Posted by on July 9, 2016

Fourth of July weekend was upon us before we knew it!  The campground is full every weekend usually by Thursday evening/early Friday morning.  This weekend we were filled by Wednesday evening and pretty much as soon as a site was vacated, we filled it again with a new camper.

We have roughly 42 reservable campsites and then another 42 that are first come first serve.  Then, of course, there are 5 large group sites that hold up to 100 people.  The reservable sites are all pretty much reserved through the summer and can be reserved 6 months in advance.  The first come first serve sites are the biggest issue with people calling or coming in constantly hoping a site is available.  It doesn’t seem to matter if we have the ‘Campground Full’ sign out or not…people seem to think that we can just magically make a site appear for them.  It can become quite frustrating.  Most people are understanding when you tell them that we don’t have any sites available, others….not so much.

GOOD stuff!

GOOD stuff!

Apparently I helped a camper in some way, of which I’m not sure but she appreciated it enough to bring me a muffin in thanks.  I’m just glad that I was able to something to make her stay a good one!

How cute are these??

How cute are these??

Michael, too, was appreciated by an elderly gentleman that he helped.  The gentleman makes small wooden cars for children and sends them to Mexico.  Michael accepted the gift but gave the man a donation to help purchase more materials.

If we could just get some of the camphosts here to relax and not take their minimum wage job quite so seriously life would be so much nicer!  Our lives are surrounded by drama it seems.

One couple is not able to work together….at all.  She does pretty much all of the work while he insists on having weekends off and not working past 5 pm.  Well if you’ve ever camped….you’re smart enough to know that working at a campground with those stipulations just isn’t living in reality.  They’ve had arguments in front of customers.  She quit two Saturday’s ago and he quit this Saturday…but of course, they’re both still here.  Time to grow up.

We will continue to hang in as long as we can…preferably all summer but you never know what will happen.

The view from the front of the restaurant

The view from the front of the restaurant

This week on our day off we went out for breakfast!  A rarity, for sure.  We decided to try The Oaks which is just 4 1/2 miles from the campground.  The restaurant is nestled along the side of the road in the Ogden Canyon and sits on the bank of the Ogden River.  They have an outdoor seating area and it is absolutely beautiful!  The tables are surrounded by trees and gardens while the sound of the running river and the singing birds is very relaxing.

The view from our table...gorgeous!

The view from our table…gorgeous!

On top of the gorgeous setting the food was very good and plentiful!  Our server was very friendly and helpful too!  We’ll definitely be going back to try their lunch/dinner menu.  They also have Farr ice cream which we’re hearing is very good so we might just have to make an ice cream run!

We spent some time in the afternoon chatting with our new neighbors/fellow camphosts, Fred & Debbie and their granddaughter, Shayla.  We really hit it off and are enjoying each others company.

We headed over the mountain mid-afternoon to drive by the house that Zack and Kelsea are buying, do some grocery shopping, pick up a few things at Lowes and then dinner with Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron.

We went to Crown Burger, which is kind of like a Culver’s but better, I think.  Zack had a gyro, Kelsea a burger, Michael chicken strips, P and C shared a burger and I had a french dip sandwich.  My french dip was very good as were the onion rings.  They’re a bit pricier than some places but I’d go back.

Now that the 4th of July weekend is over hopefully this weekend will be a little less chaotic…it will still be busy….every weekend is…but just a little less drama and stress would be great!




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