I Hate Water!

Posted by on June 14, 2016

Tuesday 6/7

Gettin' down and dirty playing with water....again!

Gettin’ down and dirty playing with water….again!

Darned if we don’t have another stupid water leak.  We noticed that there was water beneath the coach in the area of the kitchen sink and Michael thought it might have been a leak in one of the gray water tanks or possibly something to do with the area where Go RV had done some work earlier this year.

It turns out that a pipe going to the gray water tank sheered off right at the reducer that goes into the tank. He’s been working with Heartland to get a new reducer and a bushing ordered but since they’ve never had to order the reducer from the manufacturer before they’re predicting it could take a month to get the parts to us.  Thankfully, Michael was able to make a temporary fix so that we can use our kitchen sink in the mean time.

How nasty is that??  And that's just a SMALL portion of the gunk he pulled out of the tank!

How nasty is that?? And that’s just a SMALL portion of the gunk he pulled out of the tank!

While he was under the coach working on the leak he also found that we had an obstruction that was keeping all the water from emptying out of the kitchen sink gray water tank…leaving a bunch of grime, dirt, junk  in the tank leaving an icky smell.  We’d occasionally get a whiff of a sewer-like smell but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from….now we know!  Michael ended up emptying four huge buckets of nasty, smelly water/gunk out of the tank/

Wednesday 6/8

Kelsea & Michael waiting for our orders at Burger Bar

Kelsea & Michael waiting for our orders at Burger Bar

Day off!  We planned to go see a movie but the schedule changed but the one we planned on seeing was no longer showing.  But that turned out to be a good thing as we made plans to pick Kelsea up for lunch and went over to the Burger Bar (an Roy, Utah institution).

We each had burgers & fries while Michael and I also shared an order of onion rings.  Everything was very good and the orders were absolutely huge.  They have a special ‘fry’ sauce that they serve with each order and is pretty darn tasty.  I’d definitely go back.

After lunch we went with Kelsea to look at a house that they were interested in purchasing.  The home had tons of opportunities and would have been great for them…unfortunately there were a ton of offers (along with theirs) and the sellers chose a different couple.  The search continues!

Before heading home we stopped and had long over due pedicures done.  They did a nice job, especially the guy that did mine…awesome leg/foot massage!  We’ll go back.

Thursday 6/9

One of the huge benefits of workamping in this area is that we’re able to attend the grandbabies events! Paityn has been taking dance lessons through the daycare/preschool that she and Cameron attend.

Pnut is second from the left showing good form!

Pnut is second from the left showing good form!

Thursday night she had her dance recital and we were so proud to be able to watch!  She did a fantastic job knowing the moves before several of the other girls.  Besides doing a great job…she looked so beautiful…she’s growing up way too fast.

After the recital we met at Pizza Pie to enjoy dinner together.  It’s the kids favorite place and I really like their salad bar!

Friday 6/10

So far we’re enjoying our ‘job’ although some of the other workampers we work with are so crabby!  I have been snipped at by 3 different people already (for trying to help them).  Michael and I look at this as a ‘fun’ job but others take it so seriously…too seriously.  It’s like they think they’re running Stalag 13  and they’re Nazi’s.  Geesh.  They just need to lighten up some.  There has already been 2 couple leave (1 that we replaced) and there is talk of others thinking of leaving.  Part of the reason for the departures have been due to the attitude of other workampers as well as the amount of work that is needed to be done.  I guess we’ll just have to see how things go.

Saturday 6/11

Our first grandbaby graduation...a success!

Our first grandbaby graduation…a success!

We were able to leave the part for a few hours this afternoon as we had a preschool graduation to attend! Our oldest grandchild, Paityn, completed her time in preschool and will be moving onto kindergarten in the fall.  It was an honor to be able to see our sweet girl get her ‘certificate’.

Unfortunately, Paityn’s Papa wasn’t able to attend as he flew to Seoul, South Korea for a week long planning conference that morning.  Kelsea videotaped everything for him and I tried to take as many pictures as possible.

It rained a good portion of the day, quite hard while we were on our way to the graduation.  With the rain we had quite a few campers that left early or didn’t even come in for their reservation.

The boat ramp/parking lot  that is usually busy as heck on the weekend was nearly dead when we got home about 3:00 pm and stayed that way the remainder of the day.

Sunday 6/12

Michael had a very busy day as nearly all of sites in our loop vacated which means lots of fire pits to clean, table to wipe down, garbage to pick up, etc.

I like to try to help Michael on Sunday’s at least somewhat but since we’re short handed in the store I’m getting about 30 hours a week just in the store itself which makes it rough for me to be of much help to Michael.

Pricing items in the store and stocking the shelves...was a bit reminiscent of my Walmart days!

Pricing items in the store and stocking the shelves…was a bit reminiscent of my Walmart days!

I’m doing well with my work in the store and on the register, not having much trouble balancing my drawer, completing daily or weekly reports or preparing a weekly deposit of my in take.  However, some people really have issues…sitting in the office for hours (5 to 8 hours!) with the area manager trying to figure out where they made mistakes and how to rectify them…wowza!

Monday 6/13

I got snipped at by one of the workampers first thing in the morning (7:05 am) and this was the second time…in front of a customer…and it was time to nip that crap in the bud.  I waited until the customer was gone and we were alone and I told her in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t going to put up with being talked to that way, especially in front of a customer.  I don’t speak to her (or anyone that way) and don’t appreciate her talking to me like that.  I told her that we all need to work as a team and that everyone else I worked worth works together to help the customers.

She listened and apologized…however I was not ready to accept her apology at that point and told her so…I told her that it would take me some time to cool down.

We still have 4.5 hours left to work together but we made it…with her continuing to apologize several times throughout our shift.  So….we’ll see how things go…are her apologies indeed sincere or will she go back to snippy ways??  Stay tuned!

Grilled Copper River Cod, teriyaki noodles and steamed broccoli...yummy!

Grilled Copper River Cod, teriyaki noodles and steamed broccoli…yummy!

I tried another new recipe for dinner – Grilled Copper River Cod.  The fish was marinated in soy sauce, lemon, brown sugar and garlic and was darned good.  However, next time I don’t think I’d marinate the fish…I’d just brush it on as the fish cooked as the marinade seemed to break the fish down a bit.

Tuesday 6/14

Ahhh….our week is over!  Tomorrow is our day off and Michael has a monumental scenic drive planned! Be prepared to read about it soon!

View from the front door as I went to work this morning at 6:30 am...the cloudy/fog was just so cool looking.

View from the front door as I went to work this morning at 6:30 am…the cloudy/fog was just so cool looking.

We are the back ups for the camphosts in the tent area and Tuesday is their day off…so Michael included their loop when he did his rounds throughout the day.  Thankfully, nothing eventful happened other than having to ready a site that had been vacated.

Site 82...a tent site...probably one of the prettiest sites in the park...if not THE prettiest.

Site 82…a tent site…probably one of the prettiest sites in the park…if not THE prettiest.

Tried another new recipe for potato salad…this one is called Best Potato Salad Ever.  I’m not sure it’s the best ever but it’s pretty tasty and not your average potato salad as it has corn on the cob (cut off the cob), peas, and bacon (among other things in it).  Kind of a nice change for the norm.  It was a great accompaniment to our yummy grilled ribeyes (still from the meat market in Carrizo Springs!)



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  1. Janis Spaulding

    We have been in the situation of working with snippy people. That is one of the reasons that we gave up on camp grounds. Enjoyed this so much. Thanks for all the info.

    • Kelly

      Just gonna do my best not to let the grumpy people ruin my summer. In my opinion, they really need to find another line of work as a campground is supposed to be a fun place not a war zone run by a bunch of wanna be Hilters!

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