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Posted by on June 7, 2016
Doing time cleaning fire pits

Doing time cleaning fire pits

Thursday 6/2

I worked my first shift in the store by myself…a closing shift and did just fine.  We started having weekend campers arrive but most of those had reservations which makes things very easy.

Friday 6/3

I had a nice 11 – 3 day shift that went fairly quickly as more and more campers started arriving for the weekend camping adventure.

Awesome shrimp!

Awesome shrimp!

Since I was done fairly early at the store that gave me time to prepare a couple of new recipes  Fresh Veggie Salad, Sweet & Spicy Grilled Shrimp.  Both of which turned out very good and I’d make again.  The shrimp was especially easy and even Michael liked it so that’s always a winner in my book.

As I was trying to print of my reports for my work in the office our printer flipped out and fed all of the paper in the tray into the printer and of course, got stuck.  Michael fought for a long time to try to get the paper unjammed and finally when he was able to get the paper out the roller broke and would no longer feed any paper.  We use a printer/scanner quite often so we just tossed the old printer and ordered the newest version of what we had from Amazon – Canon Wireless All in One Printer/Scanner.



We received our first paychecks today!  We put in a combined total of 13.5 hours so they weren’t big checks but they were checks, nonetheless.

Saturday 6/4

I helped Michael do rounds in the morning as we had 3 campers leave and needed to ready the sites for the next campers arriving in the afternoon.



Paityn and Cameron spent the night with us so that Momma & Papa could have a nice date night and not have to worry about the babies.  I had to work in the store from 6 – 10 so  Papaw stayed with babies while I worked.  They had a great time helping Papaw do rounds and clean bathrooms.  Paityn used the ‘grabbers’ to pick up toilet paper in the girls bathrooms and Cameron did the same in the boys bathrooms.  Who’da thought that that would be fun!?!

Sunday 6/5

So far the campground tends to clear out pretty well by 1:00 pm on Sunday.  The loop that we tend is a reservation loop and our weekends are pretty much booked full.  And during the week the entire campground is pretty sparse except for about eight sites that overlook the water.

This view helps with the chore of cleaning bathroom...hugely!

This view helps with the chore of cleaning bathroom…hugely!

Michael and Cameron went out for about an hour and cleaned about half of the sites in our loop and then Michael finished the remaining sites later in the afternoon once they’d been vacated.  Cleaning the sites isn’t too much work – just cleaning the ashes out of the fire pit, picking up any stray pieces of trash, wiping down the picnic table and grill stand and then using the leaf blower to blow any debris off of the concrete pad where the picnic table sits.  Occasionally there is a little weed eating to do around the sites but not too often.

Zack and Kelsea came about 1:00 pm to pick up the kids.  While they were here they made steak tacos for lunch for everyone.  I could get used to being cooked for more often!

Monday 6/6

With the park pretty quiet we decided to take a ride around the reservoir to familiarize ourselves with the area as I get a lot of questions while working in the office/store.

We have 3 boat launch areas on the reservoir, one of which is here at the campground.  We stopped at the other 2 (Cemetery Point & Port Ramp) and introduced ourselves to the hosts on duty.

We also stopped at Middle Inlet where there is a nice day use area and beach although the beach is pretty much underwater (as each beach around the reservoir is currently).  We met one of the 3 camp hosts there, as well.  Very friendly and helpful.

The beach at Cemetery Point...gorgeous, no!?

The beach at Cemetery Point…gorgeous, no!?

While at Cemetery Point we also stopped by the beach area, which has the most amount of beach that isn’t under water at this point.  There is also a rental place located at Cemetery Point where you can rent boats, pontoons, wave runners, paddle boards etc.

We made a quick stop to inquire about rentals for when Dan, Amanda and their babies come out in a few weeks.  We were told that we might be given a nice discount because we camp host…if we rent during the week.  We’ll see how that plays out.

The fire pit area of one of the group sites in the day use area.

The fire pit area of one of the group sites in the day use area.

Back home we hopped in the golf cart and took a lap around the park checking to make sure that everyone was ok in our loop and it’s one camper and just enjoying the cooler temps.  We took some time to really drive around the day use area so that I could get a good feel for the area:  how many tables & grills, where they are located in conjunction to the water, the amount a grassy space and beach space.

The staff of Anderson Cove preparing to enjoy a yummy potluck.

The staff of Anderson Cove preparing to enjoy a yummy potluck.

We had the first of our monthly potlucks for all of the camp hosts this evening in one of the group pavilions here at the park.  It was nice to be able to get together with everyone on a non-work basis.  We’d met most everyone but there were a few that we hadn’t met yet so it was nice to put a face with a name.



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