Waterfall, Wing Wah, Case Lot & Allegiant

Posted by on June 1, 2016

Wednesday 6/1

Our first full day off!  We slept in…me til 8:30 am and Michael until nearly 10:30 am…lazy butt!  Wednesday’s will be our day off going forward so you can bet we’ll be looking forward to Hump Day!

We had a list of errands to run:  Smith’s grocery store, Walmart, Commissary, Post Office, haircut for Michael, and lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Ogden that friends of Zack and Kelsea recommended.

The creek is really raging these days

The creek is really raging these days

As we passed through Ogden Canyon we stopped at a waterfall that flows into a creek the runs along highway 39 which leads from Ogden to Huntsville.  It’s a beautiful drive and stopping at the waterfall was great fun!  I got some gorgeous pictures and as we walked back to the truck we talked to a guy who had climbed over the concrete barrier to get closer to the water.  He pointed out a baby rattlesnake with a mouse in its mouth and since it was down below me and no chance of getting me, I snapped a picture! Unfortunately the sun didn’t cooperate and my picture didn’t turn out.

The view from Smith's!

The view from Smith’s!

After a quick stop at Smith’s grocery store to pick up a couple of items we headed down the street to Wing Wah, where Zack was waiting for us.  He’d never been to this restaurant either and since it was lunch time and not far from the Reserve Unit where he works he decided to join us for lunch!

Wing Wah....those mountains follow us everywhere!

Wing Wah….those mountains follow us everywhere!

The restaurant has some pretty nice lunch specials:  $6.75, $7.45, & 7.95 for an appetizer (egg roll, crab rangoon, wontons or pot stickers), soup, rice or lo mein and a choice of several different entrees.  Or for $8.95 you can choose 2 entrees.

Chicken chow mein & garlic chicken

Chicken chow mein & garlic chicken

We all ordered different dishes (sweet & sour chicken, General Tso’s chicken, chicken chow mein and garlic chicken).  Everything was very good and the only real complaints were:  too much sauce on a couple of dishes, no veggies with the sweet & sour chicken and a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg in the egg roll.  We all agreed that we’d go back.

Case lot sale...not quite the deals we got years ago.

Case lot sale…not quite the deals we got years ago.

The commissary was having a Case Lot sale…something we used to really enjoy…especially when the boys were growing up and were eating us out of house and home.  We used to get some really good deals on cases of veggies, cereal, shampoo, laundry detergent etc.  But now with just the 2 of us, buying a case of something doesn’t really work.  However, I did find a few items that were a decent deal…cases of Coke Zero for $5.50 being one of them.

Cine Pointe 6...$3.00 (or less!) movies

Cine Pointe 6…$3.00 (or less!) movies

While we were eating lunch Michael decided that he wanted to see a movie.  He chose Allegiant from the Divergent series as it was playing at the $3.00 theater (less than $20 for soda, popcorn & movie!).  The movie was showing at 4:20 pm so we had to do a bit of hustling to get all of our errands done in time…but we did it.

We’d seen the first 2 in the series so were familiar with the story line and we enjoyed this installment just as much as the first two….now to wait for the next in the series.

We were home about 6:30 pm, got the groceries unloaded and put away and had plenty of time to relax in our recliners while watching a couple of TV shows and surfing the internet as tomorrow it’s right back to work!



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