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Posted by on June 1, 2016

Friday 5/27

Ready to make his rounds

Ready to make his rounds

Mikey cleaned bathrooms.  Monitored vehicles parked in boat ramp lot.  Issued ticket for unauthorized vehicle parked in boat ramp parking.

Visited with workampers John & Cathy and her parents, Bob & Goldie.  John and Cathy are close to our age.  Cathy is originally from Wisconsin.  They live in Texas (Dallas area) during the winter and this is their first workamping gig.  They have 2 grandchildren that live over the mountain near Ogden.   They have 2 sons.  Their grand children are 3 and 5…but the 5 year old is a boy and the 3 year old is a girl….just the opposite of our Paityn and Cameron.  So we have quite a few similarities, which is very nice.

I worked my first shift in the store from 6 pm – 10 pm.  I was kinda just thrown in to figure things out myself.  It was fairly busy as it was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend but I did pretty well and my drawer balanced out afterward so I was happy.

Saturday 5/28

Tents in our loop

Tents in our loop

Zack had been traveling for work for 10 days so we were happy when Zack, Kelsea, Paityn and Cameron came over for an early dinner.  I grilled chicken fajitas that I had picked up at HEB while still in Texas and they turned out quite tasty.

We had 2 sites that emptied out so Michael got the fire pits cleaned and the readied the site for the next campers. He does ’rounds’ several times a day…checking to make sure each bathroom has toilet paper, cars have the proper passes, generators are turned off when supposed to be, etc.

I had a much better store experience during my 6 pm – 10 pm shift.  I worked with Cathy this time and she was very helpful and informative.  By the end of the night I felt very comfortable.

Sun 5/29

I worked a day shift in the store – 11 am – 3 pm and that was really nice.  It felt good to be done and still have hours left in the day to cook dinner, relax, watch a TV show or two etc.

The day was fairly quiet for Michael despite a full campground.  Although he’s decided that the boat ramp parking lot will definitely be a thorn in his side.  The parking lot is not big enough for any vehicles other than those towing boat trailers to park.  However, quite a few vehicles are parked there that are not supposed to be parked there.  When that happens Michael fills out a ‘fee’ card and leaves it on the vehicle alerting the driver that they’re in ‘violation’.  Most often he ends up chatting with the person as they leave, letting them know why they’re not allowed to park where they were parked and the ‘ticket’ is thrown in the trash.

Monday 5/30

A busy day!  With 11 of 15 sites vacated, one of those being a group site that holds 100 people, we had lots of work to do:  fire pits to be cleaned, litter to be picked up off the ground, bathrooms to be cleaned.

Memorial Day Grill Out

Memorial Day Grill Out

The boat ramp & parking lot were pretty busy all weekend but by 5:00 pm the parking lot really started to empty out and by 7:30 pm there just 1 vehicle left.

I wasn’t scheduled in the store at all today so once the sites were cleaned and ready for the next campers we pretty much had the day to ourselves.  Zack and family came over and we had a nice family cook out:  Burgers, Opa’s, fruit salad, corn on the cob and dirt dessert for dessert.

We even had time to relax for a couple of hours before Michael took a quick spin around our loop to make sure everything was good for the night.

Tuesday 5/31

We had the last 4 weekend campers leave today and Michael took care of readying their sites for the next campers to come in.  He also used Zack’s power washer to do a good once over on one of the bathrooms and will do the other two later in the week.

While Michael worked on cleaning sites and bathrooms I met with Cathy who showed me how to do my daily and weekly reports for the store.  We’re all responsible for a maintaining our cash drawers, reconciling each days receipts that we ring up, counting our drawers, etc.  Then we also have a daily report that has to be completed.  Then those daily reports are rolled up into 1 big deposit for the week.  Not hard, by any means.

After Cathy showed me how to complete by first daily report she left and I worked on the remaining 2 days I’d worked.  Now that I know how to complete the report it’ll be much easier to complete them on a daily basis rather than letting them stockpile.

Ribs & sides

Ribs & sides

Since it was nice and quiet we decided to grab some lunch at the Huntsville BBQ Company…claiming that they served REAL Texas BBQ.

Brisket sandwich & sides

Brisket sandwich & sides

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that Michael is serious about his BBQ…and this place measured up!  Michael went with his normal…brisket…today in a sandwich and got cole slaw and fries to go with it.  I ordered my norm…ribs…with broccoli slaw and loaded mashed potatoes.  Michael was very happy with his meal and even happy with their bbq sauces although he thought the cole slaw could have been a bit better.  My ribs were super tender and tasty.  The broccoli slaw was super yum but I wasn’t real impressed with the potatoes…they weren’t bad but I thought they could have been a bit more flavorful.

I worked another shift in the store from 6 pm – 10 pm…again with Cathy which turned out nice since it was slow and she had time to go over some things in the store that we hadn’t yet touched on.





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