Moving Day: Hill AFB To Huntsville, UT

Posted by on May 27, 2016

Michael originally wanted to hit the road at 9:00 am, I was thinking more like 11:00 am…so we compromised at 10:00 am.  However, Michael didn’t even get out of bed until 9:00 am.  We ended up pulling out of our site at 10:23 am….and that was after Michael went out at 9:48 am to do his chores!  We got this stuff down!

Coming over the mountain into Huntsville.  That water is the Pineview Reservoir.

Coming over the mountain into Huntsville. That water is the Pineview Reservoir.

Thankfully, today’s journey was just 22 miles!  We made it to the campground just after 11:00 am, stopped at the camp store to find out what/where we need to be/do.  Met a few of the ladies that work in the store and one of the gentlemen that will be working another loop in the campground.  Everyone was real friendly.  Our area manager, Kathy, came over to show us where to park and answered a few immediate questions.

The site for the managers of 'A'!

The site for the managers of ‘A’ Loop…us!

We have a nice little site with a concrete pad, picnic table, fire pit that backs up to 2 of the other campground manager sites.  Our front yard is the parking lot for the boat ramp and we have a nice view of the Pineview Reservoir and the mountains.

Since our original assignment of Jefferson Hunt is still not ready to be opened due to all the standing water we were asked to come to Anderson Cove to help out.  We’re fine with that as we just want to get this show on the road and get some spending money coming in.

I’m pretty sure we’ve already decided we’ll stay here at Anderson Cove and then they’ll just hire someone else to work at Jefferson Hunt.  No sense training us to work here…then training us to work at Jefferson Hunt and also training someone else to take our spot here at Anderson Cove.

We’ll be managing the ‘A’ Loop which entails:

Boat trailer parking right out our front door...ok...front cap is more like it.

Boat trailer parking right out our front door…ok…front cap is more like it.

• Tent & RV sites
• Sites 1-14, Boat Ramp, Beach
• Change reservation tags, clean sites & fire pits between guests, clean restrooms daily, enforce rules, assist guests as needed
• Oversee boat ramp parking – monitor # vehicles, ensure only boat parking, issue tickets as needed
• Beach monitoring – look for glass, dogs, fires and pick-up garbage
• Store Clerk – 20 hours per week in store

Doesn’t look like a bad gig at all.  It’s a nice campground with gorgeous views of the reservoir and surrounding mountains.  Looking forward to getting started and seeing how it goes.  Michael will start his bathroom duties Friday morning and I have my first shift in the store Friday night at 6:00 pm.

The view from site 47 in 'C' Loop

The view from site 47 in ‘C’ Loop

We took a ride around the campground in our golf cart to check things out.  We tooled around our loop first, checking out the 2 pit toilets, the group site and noting who was coming into each site and how long they’d be there.  Then we took a ride around all the other loops so that we’d have some clue as to what was what.

Look at that girl go!

Look at that girl go!

Paityn had her last soccer day today so we drove back over the mountain to watch.  At 5 years old our girl is already showing HUGE potential as an athlete.  She was so excited to play…bouncing here and bouncing there…just couldn’t seem to get enough.  Our little Pnut made 8 out of the 11 or 12 total goals for her team!  There was just NO stopping her!

Score!  First goal of eight!

Score! First goal of eight!

Just a few minutes before the game ended it started to sprinkle some, the sky got darker and the thunder started cracking.  We got everything packed up while Paityn and her mom handed out the treats they brought for her team mates and then we all headed towards the parking lot.  It didn’t rain much…pretty much just sprinkled a bit but pretty much stopped by the time we got to our cars.

At 10:00 pm we took our nightly ride in our golf cart through the ‘A’ Loop to make sure all was well before calling it a night.  This will be a nightly routine for one or both of us as…except for Wednesday, as that is our day off!


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