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Posted by on May 25, 2016

Saturday 5/21

Michael spoke with the area manager over Jefferson Hunt Campground and was told it was still too wet to open for Memorial Day weekend.  However, he said that we could move into our spot on Thursday to save some money.  We hope that we can start getting some weed eating done in the areas that aren’t swampland at this point.  And maybe we can even get some hours working in the camp store at Anderson Cove Campground which is just a mile away from Jefferson Hunt.  Gotta get some moolah comin’ in!

It rained most of the morning and some in the afternoon so we just laid low and continued to plug away at the over abundance of shows recorded on the DVR.  In between shows I did some small housework chores that needed my attention – laundry, dusting, sink cleaning, mirror & tv screen cleaning and paying bills.

Sunday 5/22

Moving day!  When we first got here we only reserved a site for a week thinking that we’d be moving to Jefferson Hunt.  However, with the wetness of the campground we knew several days ago that that was more than likely not going to happen so we extended our stay…but in order to do that we had to move as this site was already going to be filled.  But we’re ok with that as the new site is on a concrete pull-through pad with a lot more space than we had on the old gravel pad.

Ahhhh....SO much better.  Site 20 - Hill Air Force Base FamCamp

Ahhhh….SO much better. Site 20 – Hill Air Force Base FamCamp

Our move went nice – smooth and quick.  We moved from site 20 to site 30 and it felt like we were in an entirely different park!  The toughest park of the move was setting up the darn satellite dish!  Felt like we were back at Ft. Sam again.  Usually it’s a pretty quick task but today it took several hours of messing with it and taking a couple of ‘frustration breaks’.

Kelsea invited us over for dinner and we gladly accepted.  She grilled Korean ribs and made some ‘Rudy’s creamed corn’.  Then I rounded the meal out with steamed broccoli & carrots, macaroni & cheese and a tossed salad with a home-made vinaigrette dressing.  Good meal!

We played a game of cribbage, video chatted with Zack who is now in Texas and gave Paityn and Cameron good night hugs and kisses before we headed back home.

Monday 5/23

This morning we had a gentleman stop by asking if we had a good signal with our DirecTV dish as he was having trouble getting a signal.  Michael took his ‘doctor’ kit (meter and such) over to see if he could help.  Unfortunately, Michael’s meter is for an HD dish and this guy didn’t have HD.  He also had a cobbled together dish that wasn’t level so Michael told him the first place he needed to start was to level the dish and go from there.  From what we could tell he never did get it up and running.

Michael ran a few errands while I stayed home and mopped and waxed the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Michael’s errands included a stop at Lowe’s to exchange a throw rug that we purchased last week.  Michael’s OCDishness couldn’t handle the fact that the rug’s pattern wasn’t cut perfectly.  He also stopped at the Verizon Store to see about a purchasing a new wifi as ours is on its last leg.  They didn’t have the model that he wanted in stock but he can order it online and have it delivered to the store…so that’s the route we’ll go.

His last stop was at the Ford dealership to get some help resetting the ‘time for an oil change gauge’ on the truck. After he changed the oil on Friday he used the owner’s manual to follow the steps to reset the gauge…over and over and over….but nothing happened.  So a stop at the Ford dealer was in order to see if someone there could help and they could!  However, the book was completely off and the process was quite different from explained in the book.

Tuesday /24

Zack and Kelsea were kind enough to lend us their carpet cleaner so Michael made good use of it.  Monday afternoon he cleaned the bedroom carpet and then that evening we moved the couch and recliners so that he could clean their normal spots and then let them dry over night.

Today he touched up a few spots with the attachment hose, cleaned the steps, the dining table area and then just before we went to bed he cleaned the central part of the living room carpet.

Can you see all that nastiness??  Thank you south Texas for leaving your mark!

Can you see all that nastiness?? Thank you south Texas for leaving your mark!

It’s so good to have that done and out of the way!  Wasn’t hard to see all of the south Texas dust/dirt/grime that had been taking up residence in the carpet…but no more!  Woohoo!

We met Heartland friends, Ken & Kathy, for dinner this evening at Thyme & Seasons in Bountiful.  Ken & Kathy are working in the Salt Lake City area until the end of September, as well, so hopefully we’ll be able to get together a couple more time over the summer.

Chef Hai

Chef Hai

We new that we were in for a different kind of dining experience by reading the reviews on Yelp but we up for the challenge.  Chef Hai greeted us and asked us what we’d like…no menus…but there is a big grease board that lists the different ingredients he has on hand.

Kathy's Valencia steak

Kathy’s Valencia steak

Ken & Kathy both tried the Valencia steak (ribeye with a 14 ingredient butter on top). Kent got the stir fry vegetables with his while Kathy got a pasta dish.  Michael went with fish (what kind we don’t know as he told Chef Hai to surprise him) and for his side he got the pasta, as well.  Knowing that we’d be stuffing ourselves silly tomorrow night I went with Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup with beef) .  Each of our dinners came with a green salad and a small cake for dessert.

Michael's fish dish

Michael’s fish dish

Ken & Kathy’s steak looked wonderful and they said they tasted as good as they looked.  Michael raved about his fish and my Pho was wonderful…the ribeye in it was SO tender it was crazy.  We were all very satisfied with our meals and all agreed we’d go back.

Chef Hai was very friendly – sharing stories, asking questions, making jokes.  Visiting with him before, during and after the meal was just an added bonus to the whole experience.

My Pho

My Pho

We had a great visit with Ken & Kathy.  We’d met briefly at a Heartland rally last summer and have chatted via FB but this was our first time of really getting to know each other.  I’m really looking forward to the next time we get together!

Our area manager called to let us know that our camp host site at Jefferson Hunt is still under water and that we could go to Anderson Cove on Thursday instead.  We can pick up some hours by working there until Jefferson Hunt is able to be opened or we could just continue to work at Anderson Cove since another couple bowed out and they would just hire someone else for Jefferson Hunt.  I guess we’ll just wait and see how we like things.  There are more hours required at Anderson Cove…but there are also other campground managers to help with duties.  At Jefferson Hunt it would just be us…hmmmm




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