Chores, Errands & Pizza Pie!

Posted by on May 21, 2016

Tuesday 5/17

Time to get caught up on laundry!  5 loads later it was finally done…but we still had a load of towels to do.  Funny how that stuff stacks up when you’re having fun!

Out with the with the new!

Out with the old….in with the new!

Michael tries to check the anode rod in the water heater every 3 or 4 months and today was time to check again.  He thought it could probably go a bit longer but decided to change it out now rather than wait.  This one lasted about 9 months.

I put some scalloped potatoes & ham in the crock pot and we ate an early dinner about 4:00 pm.  It was a great day for a warm crock pot meal as the temperature only reached the low 60s.

In between laundry loads we continued to work on clearing out our DVR as only have about 31% free space on it! That might have to do with the 60 some episodes of Murder She Wrote that I recorded while we were gate guarding. Not much to do while gate guarding other than watch TV!

After dinner we went over to Zack & Kelsea’s to play some cribbage.  Zack will be doing some traveling for work beginning Wednesday so we wanted to get one last evening with him before he left.

Wednesday 5/18

Hill AFB Commissary...can't miss those mountains!

Hill AFB Commissary…can’t miss those mountains!

A good portion of the day was spent running errands:  Lowes to pick up wood for a project & new throw rugs, Walmart to pick up oil & miscellaneous items for an oil change, thrift store on post to drop off some donations, Auto/Hobby shop to check the place out and finally the commissary for groceries.

I chose to have a queso sauce with spinach served over my chimi...good stuff

I chose to have a queso sauce with spinach served over my chimi…good stuff

While we were running errands we stopped for lunch at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant.  We were actually very surprised with the food.

Michael had his usual enchiladas and I ordered a chimichanga and both were very good.  The chips and salsa served before the meal were both very good as well.  Along with the salsa they also serve a bean dip that Michael seemed to absolutely fall in love with…I think he’d go back just for that!

Thursday 5/19

It has been a little over 2 years since I’ve had and eye exam and in recent months I was able to tell that I was due for a new prescription.

I was able to get in quickly to see an eye doctor and he confirmed that my bifocal prescription needed to be upped a little but my regular prescription could be lowered a bit.

The view from our dining room table...ignore the campers...check out those mountains!

The view from our dining room table…ignore the campers…check out those mountains!

Excited to have a pair of glasses that helped me to see better I went online to Zenni Optical as soon as we got home and ordered a pair of glasses and also a pair of sunglasses.  I’ve been getting my glasses from Zenni for about 5 years. My new glasses (same frame) should be here within the next 2 weeks.  Yay!

I planned to make dinner for Kelsea and the kids since Paityn had a soccer game at 6:00 pm.  I decided on Amish Haystacks (click HERE for the recipe) as they were easy and I could do most everything at home and then just have it ready shortly after Kelsea and the kids got home for the day.

After dinner we headed toward the soccer field but were concerned about the weather as it was getting darker and darker and windier and windier as we drove….and then there was the lightning too…hmmm…not good.   We were nearly at the field when Kelsea got a text from the coach letting us know that the game was canceled due to lightning.  Darn!  Next week it is then!

Since we were already out we decided it was a good excuse to stop at Menchie’s for some frozen yogurt.  It was fun to watch the kids choose their toppings and to enjoy the treat together.

Friday 5/20

One of the benefits of being on Hill AFB is that just across the street from the RV park is the Auto/Hobby shop.  The auto shop has bays that can be rented for roughly $6.00 per hour for the handyman to utilize to service their own vehicles.

It was time for an oil change on the new truck so Michael and I picked up the oil and filter a couple of days ago and today we went over and Michael got the job done.

Up on the high as it could go

Up on the lift…as high as it could go

He rented one of the lift bays but since our truck is so BIG he couldn’t lift it up all the way as there was a fan in the way but he got it lifted high enough so that he could get underneath to drain the oil and change the filter fairly easily. I pretty much stayed out of the way while he did his thing…handing him a few things as he needed them.  Just over an hour later we were on our way back home.

Fill 'er up!

Fill ‘er up!

We’ve had campers coming and going constantly since we’ve been here…it’s a very busy park.  We’re actually in an overflow kind of area but have full hook up.  We have campers on either side of us and share our utilities with the camper on our off-door side.  Yesterday we had 3 campers come into the spots directly behind us where there are no hook ups but they are expected to run their power cords to the electrical posts by us.  So now the two power poles by us have 6 campers using them.  Crazy stuff.  There are power cords and water hoses running every which way and tow vehicles and campers all askew.  Thankfully, everyone is friendly!

Paityn & Cameron's favorite restaurant!

Paityn & Cameron’s favorite restaurant!

Kelsea and the kids stopped by late afternoon and while the kids watched some Nick Jr the adults visited and ended up deciding to go out for dinner.  We’d promised Paityn that the next time we went out to eat together we’d go to their favorite place, Pizza Pie Cafe.  Pizza Pie is an all you can eat pizza, pasta and salad kinda place.  They offer a really nice salad bar, 6 types of pasta sauce, 6 or so types of pasta, 12ish different pizzas, dessert pizzas and 3 or so different kinds of bread.  On top of all that you can even request a certain pizza, if you’d like.

I concentrated on the salad bar and it really hit the spot..but I did try the Hillbilly (meat lovers) pizza and a small portion of angel hair pasta with carbonara sauce.  Everything was very good.  Kelsea and the kids love their Oreo dessert pizza!  Not bad for $8.25…and…from 2 pm – 4 pm on weekdays it’s only $5.29…can’t beat it!

It’s been raining quite a bit and the campground we will be managing is still too wet to open.  We’ve extended our stay here at Hill to Thursday 5/26 and will play it by ear.


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