Moving Day: Aurora, CO To Rock Springs, WY

Posted by on May 12, 2016

***Having issues adding pictures today….will have to come at a later date!

Once again….no hurry in leaving this morning as our destination was the Walmart in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  We traveled roughly 360+ miles today….more than we care to but we wanted shorter travel day on Friday.

The view as we pulled out of the FamCamp

The view as we pulled out of the FamCamp

We did our normal morning routine – watched a little TV, checked email, Facebook, etc , had a nice breakfast and then Michael went out to finish up his outside chores (dump tanks, unhook water, sewer & electric) while I finished up stowing a few things inside.  Michael even took some time to spray down the coach since it had gathered some dust in our travels.

As we were packing up to leave we had a couple of F-16s take off several times and if you’ll remember they did the same shortly after we got here.  We’re pretty sure that they were wishing us ‘Farewell‘ and of course when we arrived ‘Welcome!’.

We planned to leave at 10:00 am and pulled out at 9:59 am…not bad, eh?  We made our way through base and out the south gate (only gate RVs can use) and then west on Mississippi Avenue until we hit I-225 going north.  From I-225 we hit I-70 east to I-270 which finally put us on I-25 north which took us out of Denver.  Traffic wasn’t bad at all by this time.

Kelly's Kitchen at Tree Rock

Kelly’s Kitchen at Tree Rock

We stopped at our favorite travel day place for lunch, Kelly’s Kitchen about 12:45 pm.  Today’s stop also happened to be one of my Roadside America finds.  This rest area is located in the middle of I-80 so we pulled off the road and ate lunch and did some internet surfing.  After an hour or so we pulled in the slide and went out to check out Tree in the Rock.   Here a single tree grows out of the middle of a huge granite boulder.  Back in the 1860s when Union Pacific was laying the railroad the railroad men took mercy on this poor little tree and went around it.  Even after the railroad moved south the tree was preserved…hence the freeway splitting around the tree to keep it in tack.  It’s a Limber Pine and supposedly they can live up to 2,000 years.  Fun little tidbit.

How couldn't you enjoy this drive!??!

How couldn’t you enjoy this drive!??!

We had an uneventful trip and enjoyed the scenery which is mountainous, hill, flat, dotted with oil wells, cattle, horses and ranches.  I was thankful that the scenery had much to offer as the 360+ mile trip was about all that I could handle for one day.

We arrived at Walmart about 5:45 pm and weren’t surprised to find 4 RVs already parked for the night and just after we parked another parked behind us.  The parking lot is quite large and we were able to park with our bedroom slide along a curb…so worries about getting ‘picked off’ by a vehicle driving by in the middle of the night.

Brisket, ribs, cole slaw & green beans

Brisket, ribs, cole slaw & green beans

After getting settled we walked to the nearby Dickey’s BBQ for dinner.  We’d never been to a Dickey’s and thought it was worth a shot.  By now you should know that Michael’s brisket expectations are pretty high and I’m happy to report Dickey’s passed the test with flying colors!  I had the ribs and they, too, were pretty darn good.  For sides between us we had cole slaw, macaroni & cheese and green beans and all were nice and tasty.  So now we know if we get a terrible craving for BBQ while we’re in Utah for the summer…we can go to Dickey’s and scratch the itch!

The guy in between us snuck in there while we were at dinner.

The guy in between us snuck in there while we were at dinner.

When we returned from dinner about 7:15 pm to find 2 more RVs had joined us in the parking lot and another showed up shortly thereafter.  Looks like we’re gonna have a full house tonight!

We turned on the generator for a little over an hour….the biggest reason was so that we could put air back in our mattress but while it was running we decided to watch the most recent episode of Rosewood.  And of course while the generator was already on we charged any electronics that needed it.

After our TV show we’ll head for bed…do a little reading and then hit the hay.  Tomorrow we just have 180ish miles to travel so we won’t be in a hurry to leave in the morning.  We’ll get some breakfast t the IHop across the street and then do a little shopping at Walmart before hitting the road around 10:00 am or so.

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  1. TravelTiger

    Dickey’s is a chain that began in Dallas, TX, so it better be good! 😉

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