Travel Day: Colby, KS to Aurora, CO

Posted by on May 5, 2016

We had great sleeping weather last night…high 40s or so and I even slept with my window open.  We didn’t have any more campers join us but did have a few semi’s spend the night.  We were awake about 6:30 am but enjoyed the comfort of our bed until after 7:00 am.

When we went to bed last night our Sleep Number bed was hard as a rock.  I had planned to reduce the mattress before we traveled today as I knew we’d be traveling into higher altitudes and it’s recommended that you reduce the amount of air in the mattress when you travel in higher elevations.

However, I didn’t think that western Kansas would have been an area that would have a higher elevation….but it is. Colby is at 3156 elevation.  Wichita (where we just came from) is 1299 elevation…so roughly an 1800 feet climb. Today we climbed to 5471 feet in Aurora, Colorado.  You can bet that our mattress was reduced for today’s journey.

Not bad for a quick breakfast

Not bad for a quick breakfast

Being Cinco de Mayo we decided to have breakfast at Taco Johns as they serve breakfast burrito’s.  We buttoned up the coach and then walked down the street and it was only about a 1/2 mile away.  We both tried their Junior Breakfast Burritos and they weren’t half bad…certainly not south Texas quality but we made do in a pinch.

We were back at the coach and pulling out of the Walmart parking lot about 8:45 am.   Today’s destination (Buckley AFB FamCamp) was just 220 miles to our west along I70.

Just a quick pit stop along the road!

Just a quick pit stop along the road!

Through Roadside America I found a quick stop along I70 as we traveled west.  Mile marker 420 has been replaced by mile maker 419.99 due to 420 being stolen repeatedly since the legalization of marijuana.  If you don’t know the significance of the number 420 and marijuana…click HERE to learn more.

My Facebook friends assured me that the mountains were there...and they were!

My Facebook friends assured me that the mountains were there…and they were!

I guess I expected to see mountains the second we got into Colorado…but that wasn’t the case.  We didn’t catch our first good glimpse off mountains until we were about 50 miles east of Denver.

Buckley AFB FamCamp - site 7.  (The airfield is right behind us)

Buckley AFB FamCamp – site 7. (The airfield is right behind us)

We arrived at the FamCamp about 1:00 pm.  When I made reservations I was told to pick whatever site we wanted, unhitch and then go over to Outdoor Recreation to fill out paperwork and check in.  Since we’d already paid for our weeks stay check in was pretty painless.

Couple of F16's in our backyard...just another day in the fulltimin' lifestyle!

Couple of F16’s in our backyard…just another day in the fulltimin’ lifestyle!

We got set up in site 7 and are directly across from the airfield…we know that because not long after arriving we had two F-16’s take off….definitely COULD NOT miss that!  Wowza!  They took off and landed several times but were done by 3:00 pm.  This will be interesting!



Before taking a ride over to Outdoor Rec to check in we threw some Opa’s (imported from the great state of Texas!) on the grill and ate a late lunch/early dinner since we hadn’t eaten since 8:00 am and the ‘shakes’ were starting to set in.

When we checked in at Outdoor Rec we were told about a program the Air Force runs for ‘frequent campers’.  For $35 we joined and received $100 worth of coupons on stays of at least 2 nights.  Perfect for us since we try to utilize military FamCamps as much as possible!  Plus we were given a book that lists all of the military FamCamps, information about them and amenities.  Cool stuff!

20160505_153053Back home we were excited to be able to add a new state (Colorado!) sticker to our map!  It has been a LONG time since we’ve added a new state.  If I’m right it’s been since we were last in Kansas in September of 2014!  We should be able to add Nevada and California later this year too!

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that I spoke with the area managers over the campground we’ll be camp hosting at in Huntsville, Utah this summer.  It sounds like the goal is to open Jefferson Hunt (the campground we’ll be at) on May 27th…for Memorial Day weekend.  We’ll probably be on the ‘payroll’ as of the 22nd or 23rd so that we can get the park ready (mow lawn, weed eat, clean the bathrooms, etc) for opening weekend.

We’ll be getting to the area the 15th so that will give us some exclusive time with Zack and his family before we start working.  At this point we don’t know where we’ll be staying until our workamping gig begins…either at Hill AFB FamCamp or possibly at Jefferson Hunt if it’s dry enough.  We’ll know more when we get to the area!

It was brought to my attention by our friend, Rana, several days ago, that my pictures were no longer ‘clickable’ so that they would enlarge for easier viewing.  I spoke with tech support (my son Dan!) and after doing some research he determined that it must be a WordPress ‘bug’ but was able to show me a way to work around the bug and going forward you will, once again, be able to click on photos and enlarge them!  Yay!


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