The Week in Review

Posted by on April 26, 2016

Thursday 4/21

On Tuesday, Michael broke part of a tooth.  We called a dentist near the RV park and they were able to get him in first thing Thursday morning to take a look at it.  We left home just before 8:00 am in order to get there in plenty of time for his 8:30 am appointment as they asked us to come early to fill out paperwork, etc.

Michael & his mom

Michael & his mom

The dentist and her staff were all very friendly and Michael really like the dentist herself, saying she was very thorough.  She put in a temporary filling and recommended a crown as the tooth already had a root canal done on it. For now it works and is no longer cutting up the inside of his cheek.

After Michael’s appointment we headed out to Alice’s home.  We ended up visiting with Alice and two of Michael’s three brothers until late afternoon when we headed back home for dinner and an evening of relaxation.

Friday 4/22

I’ll be gosh darned if the dang mice didn’t hitch a ride with us!  In the wee hours I heard a ‘SNAP!’ and when I got up in the morning I found another dang dead mouse!  I’m beginning to think we have an entire community living with us!  That brings Michael’s total up to 9 in just over 9 weeks!

We had several chores to work on today so we told Alice we wouldn’t be coming to visit.  The laundry was overflowing, Michael needed to get his new prescriptions mailed to ExpressScripts, I needed to uninstall and reinstall Quicken on my laptop since it decided to stop working along with a few other things.

One of those other things was to take the clear plexiglass off the screen door, clean up really good and then put it back on the door.  While we’re working in the oil patch the dust really tends to adhere to the plexiglass and makes it filthy so now’s the time to get it where it’s nice and clean and we can see clearly out the door again!  LOL

We did actually meet a friend of ours for lunch at Red Lobster.  Cherie and Mike have known each other since they were itty bitty as their parents have been friends since they were very young.  We had a really nice visit that lasted about 2.5 hours and could have lasted longer if we didn’t feel guilty for taking up a table for so long and if Cherie didn’t need to meet her husband.

We made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up more mousetraps (we should have bought stock!) before heading back home to get comfy for the rest of the day.

Pan de coco - coconut bread

Pan de coco – coconut bread

After we got home Michael’s brother, John, & sister-in-law, Annie, stopped by to drop off some Pan de Coco.  These are a Filipino variation of a dinner roll with a sweetened grated coconut filling, that is served as a dessert or a snack. Annie is from the Philippines and has just been living in the states for a little over a year.

Saturday 4/23

We spent the afternoon at Alice’s visiting and then took Alice into Hot Springs to see the play ‘Southern Comforts‘ at the Five Star Dinner Theater.  We’d taken here there back in December 2014 for a musical show and we’d all enjoyed it so we decided to try a play this time and were pleased.  The play was really cute – about two seniors who had both lost their spouses and found each other after years of being alone.  Lots of laughs!

My creative genius came out when I decorated our dessert! LOL

My creative genius came out when I decorated our dessert! LOL

It’s a dinner theater with a fairly large buffet serving lots of selections:  salad, dinner rolls, baked potatoes, new potatoes, brussel sprouts, green beans, corn, stir fry vegetables, 2 types of chicken, ham & Parmesan encrusted tilapia with cheese cake for dessert.  All of the food had very good flavor but as with many buffets some of the food could have been warmer.

If you’re in Hot Springs and you like a dinner theater…this would be a nice one to try.

Sunday 4/24



We, again, spent the afternoon at Alice’s visiting.  Michael also worked on fixing some bad spots on some of her walls…filling with dry wall mud, spraying with texture, sanding a bit and finally painting.  There were several spots around the house that need some touch up and an area, in one bathroom, around the shower head that needed quite a bit of work.

We met our friends, Brock & Tammy, in Hot Springs at the World Buffet for an early dinner and ended up chatting for over 2 hours.  This is one of the better Chinese buffets we have come across…with a large selection, tasty food and well maintained.  We enjoyed the food and catching up with Brock and Tammy about our families, mutual friends, changes in the area, politics (of course!) etc.

What a Motley Crew

What a Motley Crew

Brock and Tammy have a whole menagerie of animals on their land…cows, pigs, dogs…and who know’s what else! They were sweet enough to bring us some of their homemade pork sausage…I’ll try some just for breakfast but want to find just the right recipe to work it into as well….maybe lasagna?  Hmmmm….

Monday 4/25

We got a late start getting over to Alice’s as we’d let our chores fall by the wayside so we took some time to get them out of the way before heading out.

The propane fill is right across from out site...nice and convenient!

The propane fill is right across from out site…nice and convenient!

Our chores included:  The park has a propane fill so we filled both of our tanks, folded a put away our clean laundry that had been sitting for a couple of days, finished up cleaning the front door and it’s screen, contacted Lambert’s Cafe to notify them of the LARGE group that we’d be bringing on Wednesday, and a few other small tasks.

Tuesday 4/26

After doing a few pre-move chores we headed to Glenwood and met Cherie for lunch at The Pizza Shack.  Alice joined us and we had another really nice visit that lasted 3 hours!  We pretty much cleared out the place as there was no one left when we finally drug ourselves out of the place.  They have a pretty decent lunch buffet (various pizzas, pastas, garlic bread, salad fixings etc) for a pretty decent price.  Both Michael & Cheri worked at the Pizza Shack years ago so it’s kind of a ‘feel good’ place too.

We went back to Alice’s and visited with Alice and Michael’s brother, Eddie, for a couple of hours before we had to say our goodbyes so that we could get home to button things up as we plan to leave fairly early in the morning.  We only have a 230 mile drive but we have dinner plans with 50 or so friends at Lambert’s Cafe…Home of the Throwed Rolls!





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