Travel Day: Canton, TX To Hot Springs, AR

Posted by on April 21, 2016

We got a thunderstorm about 4:00 in the morning.  When the actual storm passed by the rain stayed behind and it continued to rain until about 9:15 am…stopping just in time for us to hitch up.  God is good!

We lost power about 6:55 am and by 8:30 am when I was ready to make breakfast it still wasn’t back on so I powered up the generator and made breakfast that way!  No fancy breakfast today…just egg, bacon & cheese on an English muffin with 1/2 an orange…hit the spot!

Michael just had to put the sewer hose away and unhook the power before we hitched up and pulled out of our site about 10:15 am.  We’d planned to leave about 9:00 but with the rain and the power outage we fell short of our goal.

Leisure Landing RV Park, Hot Springs, AR - site 18.  Foggy morning!

Leisure Landing RV Park, Hot Springs, AR – site 18. Foggy morning!

We headed north on highway 19 and were quite happy not to encounter any 2×4 this time!  The last time we traveled this route there was a 2×4 in the road that was unavoidable and just a few miles later we had a blow out on I30.  Not 100% sure that was what caused the blowout but we didn’t want any repeats!  You can relive that mess HERE.

No lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen today as we had to enjoy a parting Texas treat….a burger from Whataburger.  Located on State Line Avenue in Texarkana, Arkansas we couldn’t get much closer to being in Texas!  One side of the road is Texas while the other side lies in Arkansas.

We are right in front of the office.  Convenient!

We are right in front of the office. Convenient!

After lunch we had just 98 miles left to travel to our destination:  Leisure Landing RV Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Normally, we park in Michael’s mom’s yard but decided to stay in a park this time so as not to have to navigate her crazy tree covered, dirt road and driveway.

Waiting for an accident to be cleared and praying the drivers aren't seriously hurt

Waiting for an accident to be cleared and praying the drivers aren’t seriously hurt

After checking in, getting set up and settled in we headed about 25 miles west to Michael’s mom’s home in Glenwood to visit for a few hours.  It took us quite a bit longer than expected as we came upon an accident blocking the road.  The state troopers and emergency medical professionals had it under control but traffic was held up on the little two-lane road for a 30-40 minutes while the ambulances whisked the drivers away and the two trucks hauled off both cars.

Our new truck takes DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) which Michael isn’t familiar with yet.  We have 4,000 miles on the truck and got a ‘warning’ telling us to add DEF the other day so Michael bought a 2.5 gallon jug of it and added it on Tuesday.  However, not long after adding the fluid he got the warning again so he had me look up in the owner’s manual to see how much the tank held.  It holds 5 gallons so obviously it needed more.  After lunch he picked up a 1 gallon container from a convenience store thinking that would at least get us to Hot Springs as the warning was only giving us about 85 miles to drive before our speed would be limited to 50 mph.  However, after added the additional gallon (which should now put 3.5 gallons in the 5 gallon tank) there was absolutely NO change in the warning.  We decided to stop at Walmart in Arkadelphia and get another 2.5 gallon jug of DEF and fill it all the way…surely that had to work, right??  It did!  No more warnings!  The only thing we can figure is that it has to be completely full to reset the ‘warning thingie’.



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  1. Frances D Everitt

    Glad you made it OK. We sure enjoyed your visit with us. Tell my Sis I said Hi
    Luv ya

    • Kelly

      Aunt Frances – We always enjoy our visits with you and Uncle Kenneth! Love you!

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