Travel Day: San Antonio, TX To Canton, TX

Posted by on April 20, 2016

We were up at 6:15 am and while I made us a quick breakfast Michael took down and stored the satellite dish.  We didn’t have much of anything else to do as we hadn’t settled in too much.

By 7:15 am we were outside hitching the coach up to the truck and by 7:30 am we were heading out of the park with a quick stop at the dumpster to drop off our garbage.

Traffic got a bit heavier than this...but still flowed nicely

Traffic got a bit heavier than this…but still flowed nicely

San Antonio rush hour traffic was busy but fortunately flowed pretty good…no stand still stuff.  We made it to the doctor’s office for Michael’s appointment in plenty of time for his 8:30 am appointment.  They have a nice, big parking lot and much of it goes unused so we had no problem finding a parking space.

Normally, Michael sees a nurse practitioner but today he saw a an actual M.D.  He also decided he wasn’t a ‘big boy’ and made me go with him into the actual exam room.  We were both very impressed with this doctor as she was very informative, understandable and took plenty of time going over things and answering questions.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to see her for future visits.

I don't guess the average person takes their home to the doctor with them, huh?

I don’t guess the average person takes their home to the doctor with them, huh?

His appointment went fine…blood work was all great and she discussed treatment options for the sciatica he was diagnosed with a couple of months ago.  We’ll follow-up on that when we get to Utah and he can see a doctor throughout the summer.

We pulled out of the clinic parking lot just a few minutes before 9:30 am and made our next stop at Buc-Cee’s in New Braunfels to fuel up with diesel ($1.70 per gallon!), add DEF and to pick up some yummy beef jerky.

We had a nice drive and even flew through Austin with no site of construction, rain or stop and go traffic…which is what we normally have as we drive through the Texas state capitol.

Beautiful day to enjoy lunch at Kelly's Kitchen!

Beautiful day to enjoy lunch at Kelly’s Kitchen!

We stopped at Kelly’s Kitchen for lunch about 50 miles south of Waco.  A very nice are with big picnic tables with coverings.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch and we wished we weren’t in such a hurry as we would have taken our normal hour or so stop but we cut it short at about 40 minutes today.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, if you don’t count coming up to a closed road with a barrier across it and having to back up quite a ways in order to find a driveway that we could back into to get ourselves turned around, uneventful!  What would this lifestyle be like if we didn’t experience a little excitement every now and again, eh!?!?

Mill Creek RV Resort - site 39

Mill Creek RV Resort – site 39

We pulled into the Mill Creek Ranch RV Resort in Canton, Texas about 4:45 pm and since we’d already paid ($37.80) for our one night when we reserved a site, registration was pretty quick.

Our site (39) is right behind the clubhouse, so it was easy to locate and also fairly easy to back into.  We’ve only seen 2 other campers here so it should be a really quiet night.

We had plans to meet Michael’s aunt & uncle for dinner at Baker’s Rib’s at 6:00 pm (that was why were we in a hurry).  Our friends Erika & Tony introduced us to Baker’s Rib’s a few years ago and we LOVE it!  We try to stop by every time we’re in the area so this time was no exception!

Drooling over the choices or placing their orders?

Drooling over the choices or placing their orders?

I’m a rib fan so I got ribs & sausage with cole slaw and green beans while Michael go this favorite…brisket (no surprise!) along with ribs, baked beans and cole slaw.  Our meal was wonderful as usual and to be able to share it with Aunt Frances & Uncle Kenneth was even better.

We visited for until almost closing time and then moved out to the parking lot and continued chatting before calling it a night and heading back home where we went straight to bed!  We red for a while before turning off the light but it wasn’t long before the light went out.

We have a shorter day tomorrow…just 240 miles to Hot Springs, Arkansas where we’ll park for a week while we visit with Michael’s mom, his brothers and some of our friends.


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