Travel Day: Cotulla, TX to San Antonio, TX

Posted by on April 17, 2016

With our last vehicle of the day passing through the gate at 8:00 pm we retired to the bedroom shortly after…because we could!  We both read/surfed for a while but turned the light off about 9:00 pm.

Since we only had a company man down on the pad we didn’t expect much traffic…and we didn’t get much!  At 9:45 pm the landowner came home, at midnight someone came in to go down to the other guard’s place and at 2:00 am a big truck set the bell off while trying to get turned around on the road outside the gate.  Nothing we had to log in.  I think we’re both looking forward to a full night of no bell going off.

Hitched up and ready to roll!

Hitched up and ready to roll!

We’d arranged to leave at 10:00 am Sunday and at one point the company man thought they’d have everything out by the end of the day on Saturday so we could have left then.  But things didn’t work out that way and they still had several loads left to haul so they had to get someone to watch the gate when we left but it sounds like they’ll just be treating it like a day gate where someone will sit in their truck and log vehicles in and out…most likely just Sunday & part of the day on Monday.

We were hooked up and ready to go by 9:00 am and Shawn (our tech/manager) showed up at 9:00 am.  Michael helped him roll up a few hoses and by 9:30 am Shawn told us to scram…so we did!  He had another guard coming to work the gate but would wait for him until he got there.

Our journey from Cotulla to San Antonio was just 97 miles but both the truck and coach were covered in oil patch grime so we stopped at the Blue Beacon on the southeast side of the city and got both washed for $65….can’t beat it!

We decided to get a burger at the Iron Skillet next to the Blue Beacon as we were both pretty hungry.  The burgers were pretty good but being able to eat a hot meal…in a restaurant…together was pretty nice too!

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp - site 6

Ft. Sam Houston FamCamp – site 6

The Blue Beacon was only about 8 miles or so from our destination so the last part of the trip was a breeze!  We arrived at Ft. Sam RV Park about 12:45 pm and got checked in easily enough.  We’re in site number 6 for the next 2 nights while we go to a couple of doctor appointments.

How convenient is that for a laundry building??

How convenient is that for a laundry building??

By 1:15 pm I had set up the inside of the coach (as much as needed for 2 nights) and then took our 3 throw rugs and put them in one of the park laundry machines, which happens to be right across the street from our site.  Our machine would have been fine but these are much bigger and faster.

After getting set up in our site we sat down in our recliners and enjoyed the sound of…nothing…no bell..woohoo! We just relaxed, watched a little tv and did some internet surfing.  Michael also enjoyed a LONG hot shower.

About 4:30 pm we headed into the main part of post to grab some dinner.  Michael had been craving fried chicken for quite a while so Popeye’s was the order of the day.  They seemed to be out of quite a few things but we finally got an order placed and enjoyed our meal.

After dinner we went across the street and hit up the commissary for groceries…enough to last us a couple of weeks…although we may have to pick up a few fresh items along the way.  We also made a quick stop at the PX to do some browsing.

We’d been watching the weather in the Cotulla/San Antonio area for a couple of days and saw that ‘strong storms’ were predicted for both areas for Sunday and Monday.  We got hit a little rain just as we drove into San Antonio but it didn’t last five minutes.  It sprinkled a couple of time throughout the afternoon and we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.  The strong storms that had been called for throughout the day kept getting pushed back and by the time we went to bed about 8:30 pm still hadn’t hit.

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  1. Jim Beletti

    Congrats on your escape from the oil patch. The work has been good for you, but I know you were ready to go. Saw this on Facebook yesterday. Might help you stay out of storms on a travel day:

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