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Posted by on April 14, 2016
Our last load of casing...

Our last load of casing…

We received our last load of casing on Friday morning.  (Casing is the pipe that goes down into the well and then the pipe that the oil flows up through goes down into the middle of the casing.)  Knowing that this was our last load of casing kind of put things into perspective!  Our time here is going fast!

Our plan is to leave the oil patch on Sunday the 17th and head to San Antonio for a couple of days as we both have doctor appointments. However, we’re unsure if the frac will start immediately after the rig leaves or if it will be a few weeks.  If it’s more than just a couple of days then we will most likely be released…so we would most likely be leaving before our planned departure on Sunday….more like Friday, probably.  Which is fine we’re both ready.

With the possibility of leaving a couple of days earlier that originally planned I started my departure ‘cleaning chores’ on Saturday.  I did a fairly thorough dusting but I’m sure after we leave I’ll find things that I missed since this dust gets everywhere!

I also got down on my hands and knees and washed the kitchen floor.  It’ll need it several more times before I can ‘Mop & Glo’ it…but this was a start.

I got our ‘snack basket’ refilled with snacks for while we’re on the road traveling and even got a couple of addresses set in the GPS since we lost all of our saved addresses when we bought this new truck.

Michael, too, started worked on chores that he wants/needs to accomplish before we leave.  He cleaned the grill until it sparkles and got the new TV completely squared away and the bedroom TV put back where it belongs.  He wasn’t able to deal with the TVs until now since his back was misbehaving…but now it’s over and done with.

Pork chop & potato bake

Pork chop & potato bake

I tried a couple more new recipes…and thankfully these both are keepers.  The first was Pork Chop & Potato Bake…Michael especially like that potatoes.  The recipe makes a lot…I halved it and we still had so many potatoes that we had them the next night too.

Beef roll ups w/balsamic glaze

Beef roll ups w/balsamic glaze

The second was Beef Roll Ups with a Balsamic Glaze….and technically it’s not a new recipe as I made it last summer but I think it turned out even better this time.

Since Michael cleaned the grill and we normally make our corn on the cob on the grill I decided to try something I’d seen on Pinterest…microwaved corn on the cob.  It’s basically steamed in the husk and when it’s done you cut off the large end and then just squeeze the cob right out the end and it comes out clean…no husks, no hairs…nothing!  It’s awesome and it cooked just perfect!  Click HERE for the actual recipe.

The crew TD’d (total depth) about 5:00 am Sunday morning and soon after we had guys that were no longer needed start leaving.  After 9 weeks with these guys it’s hard to see them go.

The casing crew arrived very early Monday morning and left just before midnight that night.   The cement crew got here about 6:00 pm on Monday afternoon, did their thing and left twelve hours later.  Then it was just another small crew that had to come in and do their tasks before everything was 100% completed on Tuesday afternoon.  With all that completed then the crew was able to concentrate on rigging down and preparing the rig to move out.

We had a few small crews come in to haul stuff out starting on Monday but the actual ‘rig move’ probably won’t happen until Thursday and Friday.  At this point it sounds like both the rig and it’s crew don’t have another job to go to after leaving here.  We’re also hearing that the oil company won’t be doing anymore drilling for a while…I guess we really got lucky when we got this gate!  Blessed we are!

On Tuesday, I made one last run to Pearsall to pick up a few groceries to last us until we get to San Antonio & I can go to the commissary at Ft. Sam on Sunday the 17th.  I also made a stop at Stephanie’s Nails for a pedicure as Michael had gotten me a gift certificate for my birthday….my toes are, once again, Happy Campers!

Michael loves his brisket lean and thinly sliced

Michael loves his brisket lean and thinly sliced

Not the best...but still tasty

Not the best…but still tasty

I picked up brisket and ribs from Cowpokes as we’ve gotta get our BBQ cravings satisfied before we leave Texas for the summer…very hard to find GOOD BBQ elsewhere.

Wednesday it was Michael’s turn to do an errand/beautification run.  He made the trek over to Carrizo Springs to get a hair cut (MUCH needed), stop at the car wash to wash random items and finally at the meat market to pick up some of their scrumptious ribeyes to throw in the freezer.

Love the bright spring colors!

Love the bright spring colors!

A couple of really nicely constructed hats to add to Michael's collection

A couple of really nicely constructed hats to add to Michael’s collection

While Michael was on errands I had a couple of different sales people come in and give me gifts – one gave us a 1/2 dozen decorated sugar cookies and another gave us 2 hats with their company logo on them.  Another of the companies came in to cook lunch for the crew.  They had a crawfish boil I very kindly told them that they could skip giving us a plate.  They were very understanding considering that one of them didn’t eat them either and neither did the company man!  LOL

Well gosh darn it!  We hadn’t seen any evidence of mice in well over a week (or more) but darn it all anyway while Michael was watching TV Tuesday night he heard a loud SNAP and sure enough….mouse number 7 had found his demise.

I found a cool new app for my phone thanks to Greg at Our RV Adventures.  The app is called RV Checklist.  I’ve always used a checklist for when we’re departing a location to ensure that we don’t forget to do something…and regret it.  Since this checklist is on my phone it’s so much more convenient.  The checklist is able to be adapted to your needs so you can delete items that don’t pertain to you or add items that are specific to you.  Check it out!

Days until we leave the oil patch:  3
Days til we hug our sweet Paityn & Cameron (and their Momma & Papa too!):  31







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