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Posted by on March 27, 2016

With the rig move (all 1/2 mile of it) in our rear view mirror things are pretty much back to normal.  Which is nice.

The derrick was up and lit when I got up at 6:00 am on Sunday (3/21) and they were able to Spud in some time Sunday morning.  They’re following the same ‘route’ they did on the last 3 holes…they’re drilling the surface holes for all 3 wells first (the straight down portion) and then when they finish the surface hole for the third well they’ll continue on for the ‘curve’ and horizontal portions of that well and then will skid over and to complete the remaining 2 wells.  This is the most time consuming portion of drilling the wells.

Michael is now up to 6 mice ‘captures’.  The dang things just won’t stay away!  Sure will be glad to leave the patch and the mice behind this go-round!  I think I’ll just start calling Michael, “Michael the Mouse-Slayer“!

Or….maybe I’ll call him, “Michael the Cow-Wrangler” as he proved that he can wrangle up some cows!  The area that we’re in is normally used as a cow pasture but James, our landowner, moved the cows to the pasture in front of our front door before we got here so he didn’t have to worry about his cows either getting hit by trucks or getting out the gate.  That’s why we’re allowed to keep the gate open.

One of our escapees, after she was back where she belonged came back to the scene of the crime.  We had a stare down cuz I wouldn't let her bust out again.

One of our escapees, after she was back where she belonged came back to the scene of the crime. We had a stare down cuz I wouldn’t let her bust out again.

Anyway, as Michael was logging Maury in the other day they both looked up to see a calf standing in the road in front of Maury’s truck!  Upon further investigation Michael saw a cow in the brush in front of our coach.  Maury went off to look for help and Michael went to shoo the cows back over to where they escaped.  Amazingly, both the cow and the calf went right back to where they made their escape and climbed back through the loose fencing.  Michael used some wire tires to make temporarily mend the fence until the land owner got back from San Antonio.  Michael had the presence of mind to close our gate as soon as he saw the escapees so we didn’t lose any cows.

Last Friday night (3/18) we had a pretty good storm with lots of wind….so much wind that Michael brought the off-door slide in without me asking him to do so.  I’m the one that freaks out a bit when the wind picks up…doesn’t normally bother him much.  The wind brought a cold front in with it…we went from highs in the mid 80s to a high in the mid 60s.  Brrrr



Richard, one of our salesmen, gifted us with a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts one morning.  He was our first sales call when we arrived here back on February 15th and he was in the process of moving to a new territory so I think that was his way of saying ‘Good-bye’.  He said he’d be back every so often but we haven’t seen him in over a week and he’s normally here every couple of days.  I guess we’ll see what happens.

We went through another Wednesday crew change on the 23rd and had another layoff…just one this time but each time the crew comes back and someone we’re expecting to return, doesn’t…it’s a sad day.  We just hope and pray that they’re able to bounce back and find a way to provide for their families.

Michael logging in the trucks carrying the big tanks that will hold the oil that flows from these wells.  These tanks will make up on of the tank batteries now being built.

Michael logging in the trucks carrying the big tanks that will hold the oil that flows from the wells being drilled.  These tanks will make up on of the tank batteries now being built.

I was happy to see Joe come in Thursday morning but knew that with him coming in that caliche trucks wouldn’t be too far behind.  He came in to finish working on the 2nd tank battery (oil storage facility).  I was told to expect 70 truckloads but we ended up getting just 35 on Thursday and the remaining 35 on Friday which worked out great for us…maybe not for Joe who had to come back Friday and Saturday to spread the caliche and rework the pad where the first 3 wells were drilled….it needed to be readied for the frac when it starts.

A couple of weeks ago our living room TV started acting up.  First, ‘Input 1’ went out and Michael had to change over to ‘Input 2’.  Things seemed to be fine for a week or so and then the sound starting coming and going.  That last a few days and then the picture started doing the same thing.  However, when the picture would go out we’d get a static screen a long with a nice LOUD screeching sound.

Our 32 inch TV taking place of our 42 inch TV until it is replaced.

Our 32 inch TV taking the place of our 42 inch TV until it is replaced.

Michael contacted our extended warranty company (they’re gonna get tired of us soon!) and found that since the TV came with the coach it was, indeed, covered.  Next he called GoRV and explained the situation and they got right on it.  We got a call this past Friday (3/25) letting us know that the claim had been submitted and they expected an approval early next week and should have a new TV for us mid-week.

In the meantime Michael has set up our bedroom TV in the living room….looks funny to have a little TV in that big space…but it works!

I took a ride into Cotulla this past week to check out the brand new Shopko Hometown store.  We’re familiar with Shopko from our time in Wisconsin and I’ve always liked their selections….especially their clothing.  The store is small but has a nice array of merchandise and their clothing selection didn’t disappoint!  I found several shirts for myself and even something for Michael.  They even carry my favorite brand of pickles!  Milwaukee’s Pickles!  Yum!

El Charro

El Charro

I picked up lunch from El Charro and brought it home – enchiladas and tacos.  Nothing is ever the greatest when we have to bring it home but I thought everything was ok but Michael preferred the Mexican food from Uncle Moe’s better.  Oh well.

The Malana - beautiful building sitting empty.

The Malana – beautiful building sitting empty.

While in town I couldn’t help but notice all the hotels in the area…most with few or no vehicles in their parking lots.  One hotel looked to be brand spankin’ new yet was closed and had a ‘For Sale’ sign out front.  I’m sure that before oil prices fell these hotels were booming with business….just another sad story from the oil patch, I guess.

Our Easter should be nice and quiet.  We have plans to watch ‘The Passion‘ and ‘Killing Jesus‘ as well as enjoying a ham dinner with lots of yummy trimmings.  Here’s hoping that you all enjoy your holiday in whatever way you find most enjoyable!

Days til we leave the oil patch:  21
Days til we hug our sweet Paityn & Cameron:  49

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