Killer Couple of Days

Posted by on March 14, 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday is shift change day, with the crew that’s been here for the previous 2 weeks eager to get home and the crew that has been on days off for the past 2 weeks not quite so eager to get back to work.  As they leave they tell us they ‘hope’ to see us in 2 weeks but are never quite sure if they’ll be coming back.  We had 3 guys that didn’t make it back this time.  Sad stuff.

Friday Michael celebrated his 52nd birthday by filling in at a 12 hour gate for someone who had other plans today.  That gate just so happens to be the same one that he worked for a couple of hours earlier in the week and where he worked for 5 days back in January.  Since it’s a gate back behind everything else just leading to a frac pond there isn’t much traffic so it was a fairly easy day for him.

He was a pretty big dude.

He was a pretty big dude.

I got a text from Michael about 15 minutes after he left…”Just hit a hog”.  Oh boy….that can’t be good.  Since it was 5:30 am and he needed to get to the gate he didn’t stop to check out the damage to either the pig or the truck.  Once he was safely at the gate and the sun had come up he was able to check for damage to the truck.  Thankfully, there was not damage to the truck but he’s not sure about the pig as didn’t stop to find out.

On the way home that night it was still light out and he found that he did, indeed, kill the javelina when he hit it that morning.  RIP.  (and on his birthday no less!)

With Michael gone for the day I took the opportunity to defrost the freezer as ice production had slowed down which always seems to happen when too much frost begins to build up on the inside of the freezer.  It’s not hard, by any means:  Empty the contents of the freezer into a cooler, turn off the fridge, leave the doors to the freezer open and give it time.  Voila!

Thursday, for the third night in a row we got rain.  However, this time it rained a little bit more than the first two nights as we actually had a couple of small puddles in the road in front of the coach in the morning.

Thankfully we only got enough rain to make the road a little flooding

Thankfully we only got enough rain to make the road a little wet…no flooding

Friday afternoon we finally got some rain that actually made the road wet.  It rained pretty good off and on for most of the afternoon….not hard but just a nice soaking rain.  It even did some thundering.  That should help with the dust quite a bit.

Funny thing is that while it was dark and gloomy here it was bright and sunny just 40 miles north where Michael was manning that gate for fellow gate guards who weren’t able to work it.


The Rig crew finished drilling the 2nd well early Thursday.  Then it was time for the casing crew to do their thing, the cement crew to do their thing and then the nipple up/nipple down crew to do their part.  Mid afternoon the big boom winch truck that moves the rig over about 6 feet or so arrived and left again about 8:00 pm.  Now they just have one more well to drill on that pad and roughly a week from now they’ll move on to the next pad to drill the last 3 wells.

I was quite surprised when a workover rig showed up late Friday morning….had NO clue it was coming.  Best I can figure at this point is that one of the wells already in production is having some issues due to a power outage the night before.  Since we run off of generator power we didn’t know there was an outage until the landowner told me that morning.

The workover crew finished up about noon on Saturday, leaving the rig behind and then came back before daylight Monday morning to pick it up.  As soon as the sun came out they were out the gate.

We were pretty sure we had sneaky mice lurking in the house again and when I got up Saturday morning to find a mouse trap sprung and lying about 12 feet away from where it had been the night before…we were sure of it!  The little bugger must have gotten trapped by a whisker or something been able to wiggle himself loose!

While I was lounging in my recliner Sunday morning there was a loud SNAP! and I looked over to see one of the mouse traps upside down with feet sticking up….guess his sneakiness ran out!  Of course, I left him where he was until Michael got up and could dispose of him.  We keep the mouse traps in small cardboard flats so as not to icky up the floors.  LOL

Michael logging in the first of the 3 cranes that came in to help with the upcoming rig move.

Michael logging in the first of the 3 cranes that came in to help with the upcoming rig move.

Over the weekend we started getting some equipment (mostly cranes) to prepare for the rig move that should happen Tuesday or Wednesday this week.  We’ll have 3 cranes on site.  Two cranes will be at the current location to load up equipment while the 3rd will be at the new location to off load equipment.

Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about trucks coming and going much since all of the action will happen down past the 2nd gate guard.  They’ll just be moving  from the southwest side of the lease road to the northeast side of the least road.  So the only traffic that we should really see is all the big trucks come in initially and then again when the leave for the day.

As usual our weekend was fairly quiet with mostly just various guys from the rig coming and going after or before their shifts.  Although we did have  quite a few ‘wake up ding dings’ both Friday and Saturday night.  Thankfully, Sunday night was much more normal with just 2 wake ups.



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