Workin’, Workin’, Workin’

Posted by on March 4, 2016

We were pretty busy on Friday with 130 truck loads of caliche coming in on top of our regular traffic.  Thankfully we got a good nights sleep the night before with only 2 trucks coming in.  With all the dust the trucks kicked up we were very happy to see the water truck come by and make 3 passes down the road in front of the coach.

Saturday and Sunday were much quieter, although we did have another 15 truck loads of caliche come in to finish off the new pad they built.  The new pad will be the site of the last 3 wells they’ll drill on this location.  They’ll drill the first 3 wells where the rig is set up now and then when they finish those they’ll move across the way to the new pad and then drill the next set of 3 wells.

That new pad has been getting prepped and readied for when they do move there.  They’ve brought in 3 huge pieces of conduit, pipe and concrete to get the stage set to drill there when the time comes.

Still no more mouse sightings…tis a GOOD thing.  I’ve tried putting hamburger meat out for our 2 resident road runners but they’ve not shown any interest but they’re still hanging around.  Let’s just hope they continue to…they can gobble up all the mice and snakes they want!

Good as it gets for now

Good as it gets for now

Michael made a temporary fix for our awning that ripped last week.  The awning is actually two separate layers and only the top layer is what ripped so for now he used some clear tape to hopefully prevent it from tearing any further. It might not look the prettiest but as long as it stays in place until we can get out of the oil patch and get a new awning covered installed I’ll be happy.

After 15 days here at the gate without leaving I finally ventured into Pearsall for provisions on Tuesday.  Pearsall is about a 40 minute drive, most of which is along I35 so not a bad drive.

I made my usual stops at Walmart & HEB for groceries and household items.  I also stopped at the Donut Palace which is next door to Walmart and picked up a couple of jalapeno and cheese kolaches for breakfast.  They’re really tasty and we haven’t found a place that makes nearly as well as the Donut Palaces do.

Check out that smoke ring!

Check out that smoke ring!

And of course….I picked up food for dinner.  We’ve really been wanting some BBQ and with last weeks disappointment with Shoot the Bull closing Michael reminded me that there was a BBQ place in Pearsall too!  We’d had Cow Pokes BBQ back in December and it was pretty good so I pick up a pound of ribs and a pound of brisket.  Last time we didn’t get sides but this time I decided to try some sides as well.  I went with green beans (w/bacon and onion) and cole slaw.

Scrumdillyicious...oops...that Dairy Queen

Scrumdillyicious…oops…that Dairy Queen

The meats were as good as they were the first time.  The brisket had a beautiful smoke ring on it and both the ribs and brisket were nice and tender.  Michael’s not real thrilled with their BBQ sauce but I didn’t have a problem with it.  I really liked the cole slaw – great seasoning and creamy…Michael didn’t really remark one way or another.  The green beans seemed to have been cooked a bit too long for my liking.  All in all…a good meal that we will repeat tonight since we have leftovers!

While Michael and I were unloading the groceries from the truck and putting them away we got a phone call from Shawn.   I usually getting a sinking feeling when we get calls from GGS – waiting for the ax to fall!  Thankfully, this time it wasn’t a bad phone call.  Shawn needed some help for a couple of days.  He asked if Michael could work a 12 hour gate for a couple of days until the permanent gate guard could get there.  So it will just be Wednesday and Thursday.

Michael's home away from home for a couple of days.

Michael’s home away from home for a couple of days.

Funny thing is…is it’s at our last ‘regular’ gate.  They’re finally getting ready to frac and business is picking up enough that they needed someone there to open/close the gate and log in the vehicles.

The gate is about 40 miles from our current gate and Michael is working 6:30 am to 6:30 pm so he left about 5:30 am Wednesday morning to ensure that he got there in time.

I think that Michael’s gate ended up being busier than my gate since they’re preparing to start fracing.  So he had lots of traffic for a ‘frac meeting’ plus lots of other people coming in to get things set up.  Neither gate was crazy busy but enough to keep us from being totally bored…but after working 14+ hours each day we’re both pretty tired.

The weather has been pretty nice…highs in the high 70s to mid 80s which is great.  No rain and just a light breeze. However, looking at the upcoming forecast it will only get hotter and hotter with highs in the high 80s to low/mid 90s for the foreseeable future.  The weather dudes are usually wrong….lets hope that trend continues!  Neither of us are big fans of 90 degree weather…mid 80s is plenty.

Michael got a call Thursday afternoon for our gate guard partner down the road asking if he’d cover him from noon til 6:00 pm Friday and of course Michael agreed.  He’s just hoping that the air conditioning in the camper works good!  LOL $$$


4 Responses to Workin’, Workin’, Workin’

  1. Judy Mott

    Kelly, where are you located? Your talk for Pearsall brought back memories of when we were between Dilley and Cotulla from last March through July. Picking up BBQ at Cowpokes was something we did regularly, and we also enjoyed it. Glad to know there is some activity for gate guards in the area.

    • Kelly

      Hi Judy! We’re about 12 miles northwest of Cotulla off of 469 at the intersection of Mudd Rd and Johnson Ranch Rd.

  2. Paul Clark

    I saw your posts on the heartland forum, my name is Paul Clark, Grizpaul on the forum. We’re up in muscle shoals so am saying hi to some fellow Alabamans. Sounds like you two have some crazy busy days! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. We hope to be hosting in Montana later this year which will be our first gig. Retired and having a blast!

    • Kelly

      Thanks, Paul! It’s always nice to meet a fellow Heartlander! We actually no longer live in Alabama as it was my Michael’s last duty station with the Army. He retired in 2012 and we’ve been on the road ever since….and LOVE it! We’re still members of the Alabama chapter though.

      We’ll be camphosting in Utah this summer….hopefully our paths will cross sometime! We’ll be at the Branson rally next month…hint, hint!

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