There Goes The Awning!

Posted by on February 25, 2016
Well...dang it!

Well…dang it!

We had a windy day on Tuesday…not super windy…only mid 20s but windy enough for our 5 year old awning to get ripped.  We only had it out a couple of feet but that was enough.  We’ve already notified our son, Zack, that he’ll be helping his Dad replace it this summer.  🙂

Early Tuesday morning also brought lots of storms to the area:  rain, thunder, lightening, wind, hail…but thankfully, it missed us here.  We got a little bit of rain in the early morning hours but only enough to wet down the road enough to alleviate the dust from kicking up each time a vehicle drives by.

The water pump issues we’d been having weren’t solved the last time Michael messed with it.  It worked for a short while but eventually quit completely.  And on top of that…we ran out of water completely!

Good morning!

Good morning!

Somehow…we went through 550 gallons of water in 7 days?!!?  How in the world?!  Well, it turns out that there was a leaky hose connection.  You wouldn’t have thought it was a big deal by seeing the drip…but well….yeah….it was a BIG leak.  LOL

Needless to say we had to make a call to Shawn and have him bring us some water.  He came on Monday and filled us up and also brought Michael 2 more pumps….1 brand new and 1 used.  Michael installed the older pump right away and we’ve had no problems since!  Whew….lets hope that’s the end of the pump/water issues.  BUT…if we do…we have a spare pump to fall back on!

Casing that goes down in the well and stays there

Casing that goes down in the well and stays there

Wednesday was ‘Rig Crew’ change day so all 10 (days & nights) of the crew members went on their 2 weeks off while they’re replacements came in to take over.  Unfortunately, when 2 of the floor hands left I was informed that they had been laid off….ugh!

It also happened to be the day that one of the company men came back from days off and another went home for a week to enjoy some time off.  We have 3 company men so we have 2 here all the time.

One of the new day floor hands went into town and on his way back in he handed Michael a box of Girl Scout cookies…I think as a gesture of thanks for Michael taking his bag of garbage….very nice either way.

We have not had any mice issues for several days now (knock on wood!).  Traps are out and set, but haven’t been touched…which is a GOOD thing!  Perhaps our 2 roadrunner friends are taking care of them.  I’ll be putting out some raw ground beef every now and again to ensure that they stick around, you can bet on that!

This morning just as I had finished making our breakfast, one of our regular salesmen came in and handed me to breakfast tacos.  Thankfully, they reheat pretty well so now breakfast is all set for tomorrow morning.

Weekday traffic has been averaging about 130ish vehicles, total, in a 24 hour period, which isn’t bad at all.  The majority of that being between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Overnight traffic is usually pretty quiet with just 1 or 2 vehicles between midnight and 5:00 am.

However, sometimes, like last night…it can be a bit busier.  Last night we had about 7 different times that the bell went off and Michael had to go and log someone in or out.  Even at almost 52 he pops up pretty dang fast!  However, me just nudging him doesn’t rouse him…I actually have to say, ‘Ding, Ding’ to get him up!  LOL

First of today's 30 caliche trucks

First of today’s 30 caliche trucks

That ‘busy-ness’ carried over into the day as we got 30 loads of caliche for a job that is being done just past the 2nd gate guard.  They’re actually in the process of building a new road and pad that will be used for the second set of 3 wells that will be drilled here.

Michael’s back issues seem to be more and more frequent and for the last 4 weeks or so he’s been having an almost constant ‘Charlie horse’ in his leg.  He’s been waiting since February 4th for the VA to make an appointment with a local doctor (since we’re so far away from San Antonio).  After much back and forth he was finally given an appointment for today (Thursday) in Crystal City, which is about 44 miles from here.

Michael left just a few minutes before 9:00 am for his 10:20 am appointment.  He wanted to give plenty of time for the unfamiliar drive and checking in at the clinic.  Good thing he did as they didn’t know how to bill the appointment.

The doctor diagnosed Michael with Sciatica.  He gave Michael a steroid anti-inflammatory shot and told him to put heat on it as much as possible.  It sounds like Michael’s back issues are irritating the sciatic nerve…just one more issue to deal with.  Let’s hope that this shot helps.

Before coming home, Michael made a stop at HEB in Carrizo for a few items, the Hardware store for some wire ties & screws and also at the car wash to get the truck cleaned up.

He took the long way home through Dilley so that he could stop at ‘Shoot the Bull BBQ‘ so that he could pick  up ribs, brisket & some sides for dinner.  We’d had food from there once before back in November when we were on our first gate of the season and enjoyed it.  This time…was a bust….they’re closed and there’s a ‘For Sale’ sign out front.

Michael ended up going to LaSalle County Steakhouse after striking out at a couple of other places.  He brought home chopped steak dinners for both of us and they were pretty darn tasty.  Apparently their online menu doesn’t match the ‘in house’ menu as he tried to order the pepper steak and they no longer make it.




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