Mexican BBQ & Tamales

Posted by on February 21, 2016

We were asked to cover the 2nd gate on this lease for the weekend so that the guy that works it could go home and do a few things but we turned him down…for a couple of reasons.  First, we really don’t ever want to sleep in someone else’s trailer again.  Second, we value our sleep too much to each work two 24 hour gates simultaneously…even if just for a couple of days.

The day we got here the water pump on the service trailer wasn’t working.  There happened to be another one on the trailer so Michael removed the old one and installed the other one.  It seemed to work for a while but a couple of times it just stopped working….right in the middle of my shower was not a good time to stop working!  Luckily, Michael tries to fill our on board tank with water before we go to a new gate so Michael just turned on our pump and I was able to finish my shower.

Michael gave the pump on the service trailer time to ‘regroup’ and then turned it back on and it seemed to work fine again.  Until a couple of days later when we turned on the water faucet and nothing came out.  Fortunately, we actually had a THIRD water pump as Josh had brought one out on the first day when Michael told him of our water troubles.

Third times normally ‘a charm’, right?  Well…not this time.  When I got up Saturday morning I found that Michael had our water pump turned on and we were running off of our on board water tank.  It seems that the pump that Michael installed this time kinda fell apart.

Michael ended up removing the fallen apart pump and reinstalling one of the old ones which gave us a dribble of water flow in the house and transferring water from the utility trailer water tank to our on board tank so that we’d be able to shower.  He also notified Shawn that when he comes to give us diesel in the next couple of days to bring a new water pump.

Michael's nemesis

Michael’s nemesis

Although….Mike did have ‘water’ issues of a different sort when he was working on dumping the black tank into the portable sewer tank supplied by GGS.  This tank is kinda like a macerator pump…it grinds up the solids into liquid form and then flows into a much larger sewer storage tank.  When Michael opened up our black tank to flow into the ‘macerator’ pump he found out the hard way that when our service tech hooked up the hose to the pump he didn’t tighten it down.  :-/

I was in bed reading when Michael ran into the house, shed his clothes and jumped in the shower as fast as I’ve ever seen him move!  Luckily, the bell didn’t ring while he was showering or redressing!

Corriente cattle

Corriente cattle

I asked the landowner about the breeds of the cows and found out that he has several different breeds, one of which is Corriente.  Corriente is a Mexican breed that are descended from Spanish cows.  They’re mostly used for rodeo events these days.  James said that he bought them for his daughter to rodeo with…

While we’re on the subject of critters…  Michael is now up to 3 mice and we only have 1 mousetrap left!  I’d like to think we won’t need that last mousetrap but I think that’s wishful thinking.

We’ve learned that Roadrunners don’t care if their food is dead or alive.  Michael’s been throwing the mice (trap & all) outside at night once they’re trapped and planned to deal with them the next day.  However, we have 2 Roadrunners that have been hanging out around the place and the mice (trap & all) have been disappearing!  So now we plan to feed the Roadrunners to encourage them to stick around and de-mice the place!

Steak & shrimp...yum!

Steak & shrimp…yum!

Saturday and Sunday were blissfully quiet.  We barely filled out 2 pages (24 entries per page) for the entire weekend and had plenty of time to relax, chip away at the MANY shows on our DVR, do some chores and even grill some steaks.  While we were still in Carrizo Springs we’d picked up a couple of ribeyes at the meat market and threw them in the freezer.  So Saturday we enjoyed a yummy ribeye dinner.  Absolutely EXCELLENT.  Best job Michael has done grilling my steak to date!



One of our salesman brought us lunch on Sunday, which was so sweet.  However, it was Mexican Barbacoa, which he told us was made from the head of a cow….tongue, cheeks…that kind of stuff.

As much as we wanted to try it neither of us could do it so we passed it on to Dean, the young guy on the gate past us, who grew up in the Valley and loves Mexican Barbacoa.  We were given 12 tamales along with the barbacoa so we gave him a bunch of those as well.

When Dean came back from his time off to get things taken care of he was a sweetheart too…he brought 4 burgers from Wendy’s to us.  Mind you this kid is only 18 or 19…he’ll be starting college in the fall.  A very thoughtful gesture.





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