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Posted by on February 15, 2016
Heading out before the sun's up!

Heading out before the sun’s up!

We were told that we needed to leave at 7:00 am so that we could be to the gate by 8:00 am so we were up at 6:00 am as we didn’t have much to do in order to pull out.  Michael just needed to take down and stow the satellite dish, unhook the power and hook the coach up to the truck.  I popped a couple of frozen biscuit & sausage sandwiches into the microwave, cut and orange and we had breakfast before hooking the coach up and we were ready to roll by 6:45 am.

We left at 7:00 am on the button and had quite the convoy as there were 2 of us going to this same ranch.  So we had Josh pulling our service trailers, Robert pulling the other camper, us, & Dean, who is one half of the 2 man team for the other gate, pulling up the rear.  Josh had to make a second trip back to the Carrizo Springs yard to get the second set of service trailers and bring them back to get Dean set up.  His partner should be here tomorrow or the following day.

We had almost an hour drive from yard even though it was only a 36 mile drive.  We are about 12 miles northwest of Cotulla, back in the middle of nowhere…well ok, maybe not nowhere since there seem to be several ranches surrounding us!  We are about 40 minutes from Pearsall, which is northeast of us, where we’ll do our shopping.  It’s actually about 35 miles to Pearsall but a good portion of it is on I-35 which helps tremendously with time.

Here come the company men's homes!

Here come the company men’s homes!

The gate is at the intersection of 2 roads….one paved, one not….which could be interesting.  The paved road was paved recently and the landowner warned us that someone had already crashed his gate, most likely going to fast on the new pavement and couldn’t make the turn onto the dirt road.  Lets hope we don’t have that problem!

Our new fangled walkway!

Our new fangled walkway!

The pad we’re parked on is just dirt/sand….no gravel which will not be fun when it rains.  Thankfully, Josh was nice enough to bring us a couple of pallets to lay down in front of the door when he came back with the service trailers for Seth & Dean.  Woohoo!

We met the landowner first thing this morning….nice guy!  We chatted for quite a while and he gave us a heads up on a few things, told us the closest place to go for groceries, etc (Pearsall).  I think he’ll be easy and enjoyable to work with.

We’re working for Texas American Resource Company and they’ll be drilling 6 wells and then fracing all 6 wells so we should be here for the duration of this gate guard stint as we plan to leave about mid April this year since we have a rally to attend in Branson the last week in April.

Here come the company men's homes!

Here come the company men’s homes!

Traffic was pretty light today with the majority of it being the company men’s trailers and the miscellaneous stuff that goes with them.  Although we did have several sales people come by and we had to turn them away as the company men aren’t taking any impromptu sales calls yet.  These sales people are kinda like vultures…jeesh!

We expect the rig to start pulling in sometime tomorrow and then traffic will pick up considerably.

We are on the first of 2 gates on this job.  Seth & Dean are on the 2nd gate about a mile and a half down the ranch road past us. Their gate separates this ranch from the neighboring ranch and must be kept closed at all times or very closely watched as that landowner has very expensive deer and cattle on his land and they don’t want them getting onto this landowners property.

Our new home....hopefully for the next 8+ weeks

Our new home….hopefully for the next 8+ weeks

We were settled in to the spot fairly early since we got here at 8:00 am.  Michael got the water, sewer and power all hooked up as well as hooking up the bell system while I situated the inside of the coach.  Michael waited until the sun began to set to get the satellite dish set up.

With our chores done well before noon I decided to make our dinner (Cajun Pork Pasta) for lunch and then settled in to watch some TV shows from the DVR.  The shows on our DVR have really been stacking up since we haven’t been home a whole lot while we were working the various day gates over the past 2 1/2 weeks.

Since we had our main meal for lunch Michael requested popcorn for dinner and since I spoil him like crazy….that’s what he got!


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