Yet Another Day Gate

Posted by on February 14, 2016

We stayed home Sunday & Monday and just laid low as Michael’s back was out, again.  It’s quite frustrating because there isn’t really anything that spurs it…it just comes and goes as it pleases.  He relied on rest, muscle relaxers and his TENS unit to help him recover and by Wednesday he was feeling considerably better….still not 100% but much better than over the weekend.

5er pulling in on the door side of the Class A...we now have a full house!

5er pulling in on the door side of the Class A…we now have a full house!

We had another RV come into the yard on Monday afternoon, a fifth wheel.  We haven’t met them yet…maybe soon. That now makes 3 of us waiting for a gate, plus Robert, who has been in the yard for months while he works an eight-hour night gate.

Tuesday we ran a few errands:  Post office to mail a couple of packages to our favorite little people, HEB for a few items and finally to the Armando’s Barber Shop so Scruffy….errr…Michael could get a hair cut and beard trim.  He looks much better but it really isn’t a very nice cut…pretty choppy.  We’ll have to try the other barber in the area next time.

Shawn stopped by Tuesday afternoon and said he’d have a couple of gates opening next week near Big Wells.  He plans on sending us and the couple that got here on Thursday.  He didn’t have any information as to location or type of job but we’re kinda getting used to not having a clue!

We also know not to get our hopes up as things change really quickly.  If you remember (refresh your memory HERE) when we were released from our very first gate this go-round we thought we’d have a gate in roughly 10 days…and then it changed to after the first of the year….well that gate still hasn’t opened up!

We got a phone call from Shawn a few hours after he stopped by on Tuesday to let us know that our friends at Hat Creek Energy needed a gate guard for another day gate on Wednesday…and it just happened to be a mile or so down the road from the first day gate we were on a couple of weeks ago.

Set up on our 3rd day gate for Hat Creek Energy

Set up on our 3rd day gate for Hat Creek Energy

We found out when we arrived at the gate on Wednesday that they’d actually been here working for 2 days already but there was so much traffic that the company man decided he wanted a gate guard here to monitor everything.  Yay for us!

We also heard from the guys that they were having lots of issues and that they’d put in some really long days before we arrived…like working to 8:30 pm.

We were blessed by another visit from the ‘Candy Man’ aka Lyndon as he does most of the pick up and delivery of the ‘trees’ and valves it seems.

Gifts from the 'Candy Man'

Gifts from the ‘Candy Man’

We have so much chocolate from his last visits that we told him ‘no chocolate today’ so he decided that that meant he needed to give us non-chocolate candy…Sour Patch Kids!  He gave them to Michael as he went down to the pad.  He ended up having to take some equipment to San Antonio and then bring another piece of equipment back so when he came back he handed me another of Sour Patch candies AND a jar of dry roasted peanuts!  This man is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and we absolutely love visiting with him.  We’d love to do something for him in return but don’t think we’ll see him again.

Once again we found it to our benefit to stay at the Executive Inn in Pearsall as it saved us time, gas money, wear & tear on the truck and our bodies.  For $50 the room is clean and neat….about all you can ask for.

This gate ended up lasting 6 days total, although we were only there for the last 4 days. We’ve worked with this same crew for all 11 days we’ve worked on the 3 different gates we’ve been on and really enjoyed them.

Shawn called us Thursday morning to check in and see how we were doing and also to let us know that our new gate would be starting on Monday and that Josh would be escorting us and the other couple to the gates.  We still don’t know what’s going on at either gate but at least it’s a gate.  Now lets just hope that it lasts longer than the gates we’ve been on recently have lasted.


2 Responses to Yet Another Day Gate

  1. Judi Ponda

    Hi Kelly Its Judi we met in Texas I think 2 yrs ago. re: Mikes back have you tried Dolomite for his back. If not you should. It saved me. This is if it just muscles. It is a mix of calcium and magnesium.
    Best thing I ever found no more flexeril . Take about 6 or 8 dispensed throughout the first and second days. As it gets better you can cut back. The first day I usually take 10 or 12. It won’t hurt you just makes you better.

    • Kelly

      Hi Judi! We were next door neighbors at Canyon Lake RV Park in Mission in January 2013? If so…I remember! LOL If not….refresh my memory, please!

      Michael has degenerative disc disease so I’m not sure if the Dolomite would help…but it’s possible as he also has muscular issues so we’ll keep this in mind. Is this a prescription drug?

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