Jammies, a Date & a Gate

Posted by on January 25, 2016

Our first day here in the yard was very nice….we did nothing and we did it in our PJs!  Gotta take those kinda days when you can get ’em since we never know when we’ll be able to do it again as a gate could come at any time.

Saturday came and we both got down to business.  Michael spent the day washing the inside and the outside of the truck as it was filthy.  The dusty dirt roads play havoc on everything!  It also doesn’t help when the dew settles in the morning and moistens the truck enough so that when the dust starts flying again it sticks all over the truck!

I tried to eliminate some dust from inside the coach by sweeping, mopping and waxing the floors.  The floors look great now…but unfortunately the first day we are on a gate they’ll be back to the dust collectors they were!  I made sure to give the throw rugs a good washing too…the rug just inside the door really collects a lot of dust/dirt/sand. Yikes!

Since we’re back in civilization over the weekend we attended the 11:00 am Sunday mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe here in Carrizo Springs.  I checked and rechecked the website to ensure that this mass was in English (or at least bilingual!) before we left home.

While the mass was said in English it was done with a very heavy accent and quite stilted.  We really had to concentrate hard in order to understand what the priest was saying.  The homily was completely read from notes with no ‘ad libs’ whatsoever which kinda makes it rather blah.

After mass we drove over to Eagle Pass and had lunch at Luby’s – BBQ chicken for Michael, roast beef for me.

The real reason we drove the 40 miles to Eagle Pass was to go to the movie The Revenant with Leonardo DiCaprio. We’d seen the previews at the last movie we saw and it looked pretty good.   The movie takes place in the early 1800s and follows a man who is attached by a bear and left for dead by his hunting party.  We both really enjoyed the movie and would recommend it.

This morning we got a call from Shawn letting us know that there was a day gate (6:30 am – 6:30 pm) opening up tomorrow morning near where we were before.  We’ll be working out of the truck – but we’ll do it together this time. We don’t have a whole lot of details but it sounds like it’s for a workover rig and will only be for 5 or 6 days.  We’ll know more once we get there tomorrow.

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