The Wait Begins…..Again!

Posted by on January 21, 2016

I was up about 7:00 am and Michael followed sometime around 8:00 am and he only got up then because someone was at the gate honking their horn!  I woke Michael up and he went out and let everyone (3 vehicles by this time) in and reminded them that we were no longer manning the gate and they’d have to get the lock combination if they wanted to come or go from now on.

Shawn & Michael getting things done!

Shawn & Michael getting things done!

Shawn arrived shortly after 9:00 am to transport the service trailers back to the yard.  Michael helped him get everything cleaned up, stowed and tied down on the trailers.  While Shawn took the generator trailer down tow Lupe’s gate for safe keeping Michael and I hooked up our coach and were ready to pull out when Shawn got back. Michael helped Shawn get the water trailer hitched up to Shawn’s truck and we were all ready to hit the road.


Our view for 55 miles....sewer! LOL

Our view for 55 miles….sewer! LOL

We followed Shawn all the way to the yard in Carrizo Springs as his trailer lights and right turn signal weren’t working…I guess that’s what happens when these trailers sit out in the wide open for months at a time.

The 55 mile trip took about an hour and a half as we made a couple of pits stops to check on a funky looking tire on Shawn’s trailer (seemed fine once we looked at it) and another to adjust some of the equipment on the trailer that had shifted.

Arriving at the yard we found that the only trailer (besides Shawn & Josh’s) was Robert’s who was next to us when we were here before.  Robert works nights on a 8 hour gate and is allowed to live in the live in the yard.

Super nachos...yum!

Super nachos…yum!

After getting settled into the same spot we left 13 days ago we made a quick run into town to grab some grub at Miguelito’s.  We’ve been there twice before and were just as pleased with our choices today as we’d been with past dishes.  Michael had the chicken enchiladas again and I had the super nachos (no beans!).

The plan for the rest of the day AND tomorrow is to relax in our jammies. Come Saturday we’ll get to work on chores so that we can be ready for the next gate!

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  1. Judy Mott

    Hope your wait is short, and tell Shawn that Dick and Judy Mott say hi, and hope it gets better soon!

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