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Things have changed dramatically since the rig moved out.  I had 187 vehicles on Tuesday and that number dropped 88 on Wednesday, 42 on Thursday and by Friday we were down to 33.  That number will likely drop even more over the weekend.  


A little action on Michael's gate. The water line crew bury part of the water line so re land owner could drive over it.

A little action on Michael’s gate. The water line crew bury part of the water line so re land owner could drive over it.

We confirmed with Junior (the big guy) that they would, indeed, need us here until the frac starts in a week and a half to 2 weeks.  However, as of Friday our gate is just a 12 hour gate open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.  From 7:00 pm to 7:00 am we can turn the bell off and anyone passing through are to open and close it themselves!  


We learned on Friday that the woman who is replacing Michael at his 12 hour gate would be taking over on Saturday.  It was nice to have the double pay but Michael is also ready to be done sitting in his truck with little to nothing to do.  


On the left is what I thought was just a 'hill'...

On the left is what I thought was just a ‘hill’…

I learned on Thursday that there is a huge caliche pit just beyond what I thought was a hill in front of our coach.  That hill is actually a pile of caliche!  LOL  


Loading up a truck from the caliche pit

Loading up a truck from the caliche pit

The only reason I found that out was because there was a big loader filling up trucks with caliche to lay on a road back near the pads.  Duh.  Curious, I walked across the lease road and, sure enough, BIG, HUGE caliche pit right in front of me.  To my benefit, Michael didn’t really realize it either!


The huge caliche pit on the other side of that 'hill'

The huge caliche pit on the other side of that ‘hill’

Michael finally got a little action on Friday when 9 different trucks delivered 122 loads of caliche to be laid on the road that passes through his gate.  It was actually fairly easy for him as he just opened the gate and left it open while they brought the loads.  He did have to log them but since it was the same 9 trucks over and over he only had to get their information the first time through.  From that point he could just note the license plate number or truck number and just fill in the information he’d gotten earlier.  Easy peasy!


Birdie enjoying some steak tartare

Birdie enjoying some steak tartare

I never thought of myself as an animal lover…but I guess I might be…  I have a new friend. Not a horse or a dog or even a cow.  This time it’s a roadrunner!  I’ve named her ‘Birdie’.  She visits several times a day and ALWAYS seemed to be looking for food.  I gave her some cornbread.  She was not interested at all.  But then I remembered that roadrunners like meat so I gave her some raw sirloin steak scraps.  THAT she liked!  She’ll come right over when I call her and gobble them up…with me standing right there!  I talk to her the whole time and tell her how pretty she is…she likes that too!  LOL


Chicken fried steak

Chicken fried steak

To celebrate our 12 hour ‘gateness’ when the clock struck 7:00 pm Friday night we hopped in the truck and drove 21 miles to Batesville.  Junior had recommended a place called Desi’s (formerly Yomi’s)and we decided to give it a shot.  


Hamburger steak

Hamburger steak

We both ordered our old standbys – chicken fried steak for Michael and hamburger steak for me.  I was happy with my choice but Michael was quite satisfied with his but couldn’t quite put his finger on why.  If/when we go back he said he’d try something different.  Oh well.  

When we got home we locked the gate, pulled our shades, unplugged the bell and went to bed….what a great feeling!  We slept great with no bells going off and didn’t get up until 6:30 am and still had time to relax before having to turn the bell on and unlock the gate.  Life IS good!  

Please excuse all the goofiness with the font size of this post.  My laptop bit the dust and I’m using my tablet which doesn’t want cooperate fully.  


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