Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Posted by on January 13, 2016

It was quite quiet over the weekend.  Just a couple of oil trucks, water trucks, the guagers and a couple of the rig guys going into town but that was about it.  Slow enough for Michael to sleep in bed every night.

Company man trailer heading out

Company man trailer heading out

Monday morning traffic picked up considerably as the rig started moving out.  Along with the rig move traffic there was the normal Monday traffic – sales calls, deliveries, sewer trucks, trash pick up, etc…and of course, water and oil trucks.

Traffic went from 22 on Saturday to 51 on Sunday to 153 on Monday!  Tuesday was even higher with 187 vehicles going in and out the gate when the actual rig finally left.  Mind you, the majority of this traffic was between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm…not a full 24 hours.

The last piece of the rig...The derrick

The last piece of the rig…The derrick

Thankfully, I was told I could leave the gate open while the rig moved which saved some energy but my legs got so tired from all the up and down on the steps that I finally just sat outside on Tuesday afternoon and read my Kindle in between vehicles.

The gate where the rig moved to needed another guard behind Lupe for just 12 hours a day and Shawn asked us if we wanted to make double pay for a few days until he got someone there permanently.  We decided since it’s been quiet on this gate we’d go ahead and do it til the frac starts here.

Michael's home away from home

Michael’s home away from home

Michael works out of the truck while I stay here and man (woman?) this gate.  His gate is back behind the main gate at the head off another road that veers off the main lease road.  Pretty much the only traffic he gets is the guys that take care of the water line for the rig and Junior, who uses the road to travel back and forth to another location.

While my gate has been crazy busy, Michael’s has been crazy slow.  Monday he logged roughly 12 vehicles and Tuesday was just 5.  However, Thursday should be pretty crazy as they’re going to be bringing gravel in to lay on his road…180 truckloads!  That should keep him busy!

The view a few days ago...kinda felt like I was on the moon

The view a few days ago…kinda felt like I was on the moon

We’ve heard several different things about when the frac will start…A week after the rig moves out, the last week of January and most recently, 3 weeks from now.  None of these responses came from ‘the big guy’ so until we hear from him I’m not banking on anything.  Our big fear is that it will be 3 weeks from now….and if that’s the case we more than likely will be released as there really won’t be a need for us here at this point.

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