Change of Plans!

Posted by on January 8, 2016

If one thing is certain in the oil patch…it’s that NOTHING is certain.  We got a call from Shawn Thursday morning letting us know that we were needed Friday morning rather than Sunday morning.

We didn’t have much to do to get ready just stowing the normal items really.  We did some of that on Thursday and then finished up Friday morning.

Shawn asked us to be at the gate about 10:30 so we pulled out of the yard about 8:20, giving us plenty of time to make the 75 mile trek.  You might remember the crazy road we were on last time…we decided to not chance the muddy mess on the south end of the road and went around to the north side which added about 20 or so miles.

We made a quick stop at Stripes to pick up breakfast tacos to eat on the road and had an uneventful trip but hit some fog about midway to the gate which finally dissipated about the time we arrived at the gate.

Nestled in and ready to earn some $$$

Nestled in and ready to earn some $$$

We pulled up to the gate at 10:30 on the button and Shawn and Lupe were waiting for us. We got backed into our spot and then went over a few things with Shawn and Lupe before they went down the road to get Lupe set up at his new gate.

We are at the gate that Lupe (he was parked next to us here at the yard) went to about 10 days ago.  He was moved to a new gate that opened.  Lupe was filling in on this gate for someone who went on vacation.  So we could just be here until they come back sometime in February…we just don’t know, but we’re hoping for longer.

Once again, we are logging vehicles in using the I pad which is awesome..just so much faster and easier.  However, the gate needs to be closed at all times so that’s a little more time consuming…but we both can benefit from the extra exercise.

At this point there isn’t much going on.  The rig is still here but they’re done drilling.  The whole crew is down on the pad but they’re just washing the rig and equipment, getting it ready to move on Monday.

We’ve heard that the frac could start in a week or the last week of January.  We, of course, would prefer they start the last week of January which would give us plenty of time to ‘amp’ up to the pace of a frac but are just happy to have a salary coming in again.

We have 2 pads here to work with..A pad where the rig is currently and where they will be doing a 4 well frac and B pad that is already in production.  So we’ll just have oil and water trucks going to B pad.

We are just 2 tenths of a mile north of our last gate and working with the same oil company so we’re already seeing the same faces.  It’s nice to get a great big smile and a “welcome back”!!



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  1. Jan Spaulding

    Glad you are working again. I do hope things pick up before summer.

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