No Bags Allowed

Posted by on January 7, 2016

We’re hoping that this week we’ll get notified that the gate we’ve been working on is finally opening.  In the meantime…life goes on.

I spent much of Monday morning firming up some travel plans for this spring and even made several reservations – Ft. Sam Houston, Canton Texas, Hot Springs Arkansas, Branson Missouri (rally), Wichita Kansas, Denver Colorado, Rawlins Wyoming and finally our summer gig in Huntsville, Utah.

Power to the air hitch.  If/when we get a new fuel/tool box this will change.

Power to the air hitch. If/when we get a new fuel/tool box this will change.

Now that the hitch is fully installed in the bed of the truck Michael’s last task to make it complete was to hook up the electrical wire (it’s an air hitch) which runs from the hitch to the truck battery.  It’s either been raining or colder than usual and Monday was the first nice day we’ve had so Michael was finally able to get to it.

Strollin' down the road...

Strollin’ down the road…

While Michael finished up running the electrical wire for the air hitch I set out on a walk.  I ended up walking along the road (Break Time Rd) that runs along the back side of the GGS yard and followed it to the end (Saenz Rd) and then back again.  It’s just under a mile and a half but a nice walk and I even came across our little black lab friend who escorted me into the yard and all the way home before he went on his way.  He still won’t let us pet him…but he didn’t bark at me today.

'Dexter' (I name everyone/thing) won't get too close

‘Dexter’ (I name everyone/thing) won’t get too close

It had been 2 weeks since we’d been grocery shopping and we’d planned to go to Eagle Pass as the HEB and Walmart here in Carrizo are on the small side but we decided to change plans and go to Laredo instead.  Laredo is about twice the distance but offers a LOT more…plus we were up for a bit of an adventure!

Laredo turned out to be a pretty nice city and actually pretty darn big with a quarter of a million people! I think you could pretty much find anything you wanted in Laredo from shopping to dining to entertainment.  Unfortunately, all we pretty much were there for was to pick up some groceries and do some miscellaneous shopping.  We’ll have to go back some day to do some more ‘touristy’ stuff.

With fries...

With fries…

We ate lunch at Texadelphia, which was recommended to us by, Josh, one of our service guys here.  Their specialty is Philly cheesesteak-type sandwiches.  We both went with the ‘South Philly’ which is your basic cheesesteak (beef, cheese, onions, peppers & mushrooms) – we had them omit the mushrooms.

With chips...

With chips…

The sandwiches come with chips and salsa or you can upgrade to fries or side salad.  I stuck with the chips (very good chips!) and Michael upgraded to the waffle fries.  The sandwiches were really good and hit the spot.  We’d go back.

Errands included stops at Walmart, HEB Plus, Harbor Freight, Sears and Game Stop.  Before heading back home we enjoyed a free dinner at Red Lobster (gift cards, woohoo!).

Strange thing…when we checked out at Walmart everything was put in paper bags, rather than the normal plastic bags.  When we asked the cashier about it she said that about 6 months ago Wal-Mart’s across the nation we doing away with plastic bags.  We didn’t think that was right since we’ve been to several different Wal-Mart’s across the country and they all used plastic bags.  Oh well…

Sure felt weird going out to the truck like this!

Sure felt weird going out to the truck like this!

Our next stop was HEB for a few items and when we checked out we found that they had NO bags whatsoever.  You’re either to bring your own bags or boxes.  We had to take our groceries out to the truck in the cart…bagless.  LOL  Thankfully, we do have reusable grocery bags we keep in the truck!

The cashier at HEB was a bit more knowledgeable and told us that Laredo has banned plastic bags…starting back in April 2015.  Interesting.  Read about it HERE.

Wednesday morning we got a call from Shawn letting us know to be ready for a gate on Sunday.  It turns out that this isn’t the gate we’ve actually been waiting to open but a gate just two-tenths of a mile from our last gate.  At this point we don’t know what’s going on at the gate (when we left they were drilling) or how long it will last but we’re just thankful we’ll be back to work soon.  Now let’s just hope that things don’t change between now and then.



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  1. Jerry & Jaci Volden

    Jaci and I are really enjoying your blog. We want to wish you and Michael a happy new year.

    Jerry & Jaci Volden
    Germantown, Wi

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh! So happy to hear from you, Jerry! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Give Jack a big hug for me!


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