Michael Strikes Again!

Posted by on January 3, 2016

We had a nice, quiet New Years Eve and we were actually awake at midnight…which is quite unlike us! Hope y’all had an enjoyable time ringing in 2016.

Soup's on....errrr...Pizza's on!

Soup’s on….errrr…Pizza’s on!

We ended up picking up a pizza from Little Caesars and enjoyed it while we watched 3 Redbox movies – Love & Mercy, Z for Zachariah & Southpaw.  All three were good movies but Southpaw was definitely the best of the 3 with Love & Mercy not far behind.

A little bit of citrus heaven

A little bit of citrus heaven

The highlight of the day was when Michael came in the house with a bag full of oranges, grapefruit and tangerines.  Josh, one of our service techs, had been home down in the valley (Mission area) and these were from his dad’s trees and he offered them to us.  You just can’t beat this fresh off the tree fruit…it’s so sweet and juicy!  Remember the other day when I was complaining about all the fruit on the citrus trees going to waste….someone must have been listening!

It rained overnight on Thursday and off and on Friday morning…not hard…just a light rain.  It started again about 8:30 pm Friday night and continued off and on all day and night.  Once again…not a pouring rain, just a light rain.  The kind of rain that is soothing to listen to while you sleep.

We went for a walk on New Years day…not far….just 1.04 miles with the last 1/2 being in light rain.  We got stopped by a sheriff who wanted to make sure we were ok (who walks in the rain in ‘Almost Mexico’?) and were followed into the GGS driveway by a neighboring black lab who was too afraid to let us pet him but when his mama called (another dog barking from his home territory) he took off like a little kid in trouble.

We enjoyed our New Years Day good luck meal with pork ribs, sauerkraut, potatoes & black-eyed peas.  I forgot the corn bread!  Dang it!  Oh well….let’s hope the other foods make up for it!

We were told by the yard supervisor that the new Gate Guard Services policy is that only 1 can be waiting in the yard for a gate.  We actually have 3 here but 1 is on a 12 hour gate and us and the other couple have gates that are supposed to be opening so Shawn got it ok’d for us all to be here since we’re all ‘spoken’ for.

We can understand the policy since things are so slow it’s really not fair to have the yard filled up with people waiting for gates that may never come and GGS having to pay for their utilities.

Great marbling!

Great marbling!

We’d been told, by Shawn, that the meat market here in Carrizo Springs had some really nice ribeyes along with other meats so we decided to pick up a (one….cuz they’re huge!) ribeye to enjoy on New Years Eve.  New Years Eve came and Michael decided he wanted pizza instead.  (That’s my guy!) So we ended up having the ribeye on Saturday along with two-toned baked potatoes (Michael’s new favorite?) and steamed broccoli.  Shawn wasn’t lying…this was one of the best steaks we’ve had in a long time and we’ll definitely be back for more!

With the new year comes new promises to ones self in order to better themselves.  One of those promises we made to ourselves was to get back to church.  Obviously when (if???) we’re on a gate it won’t be possible but otherwise there’s nothing stopping us from attending church.

Interior of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Interior of Our Lady of Guadalupe

We attended the 6:00 pm mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe here in Carrizo Springs on Saturday.  I thought I’d read that it was a bilingual mass but apparently I misread as it was a Spanish mass.  Thankfully, it was fairly easy to follow along except when it came to the homily or any announcements.

On the way home we stopped and picked up a couple of movies from Redbox.  I’d gotten an email with a code for a buy 1, get 1 free offer that expired on 1/3 so we decided to use it right away.  This time we rented Tomorrowland (a Disney Sci-fi) and Bone Tomahawk (a western drama).

I made some popcorn when we got home and we settled in for the night.  Neither of us were thrilled with Tomorrowland with but the Bone Tomahawk turned out to be pretty good.  

It had been a while since Michael flushed the tanks so he decided it was time to get them flushed…just in case that darned gate opens up this week.  While Michael was outside doing his ‘thing’, I was inside doing a few of my chores.  I went into the bathroom and heard water running and found water all over the floor.  Michael strikes again!  He’d forgotten (or didn’t get back in time) he was flushing the tanks and they’d overflown.  He’d done this once before back in August of 2011.

Clean up/repair in progress...

Clean up/repair in progress…

When the tanks overflow the water has nowhere to go but up and out!  Up throw the plumbing that is…and of course into the basement.  Last time the water filled the toilet and then spilled over onto the floor.  This time the force of the water broke one of the fittings at the base of the toilet and water just spewed from there and onto the floor.  Ugh!  Not good.

Thankfully, he’d also flushed the tanks on Friday and this was more of just a ‘final rinse’ so the water that overflowed was clean water…or fairly clean anyway.

I guess if nothing else it gave Michael something to do…clean up the water in the basement and bathroom, re-seat the toilet and replace the busted fitting on the toilet.  Always gotta look at the bright side….right??


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