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A Day Gate Is Better Than No Gate

*Some of you may have gotten a ‘draft’ version of this post a few days ago…sorry about that…this is the REAL/FULL version. Tuesday morning we were up bright and early…ok….so maybe not bright since it was 4:45 am and the sun doesn’t come until after 7:00 am! We followed Shawn to the location of the … Continue reading »

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Jammies, a Date & a Gate

Our first day here in the yard was very nice….we did nothing and we did it in our PJs!  Gotta take those kinda days when you can get ’em since we never know when we’ll be able to do it again as a gate could come at any time. Saturday came and we both got … Continue reading »

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The Wait Begins…..Again!

I was up about 7:00 am and Michael followed sometime around 8:00 am and he only got up then because someone was at the gate honking their horn!  I woke Michael up and he went out and let everyone (3 vehicles by this time) in and reminded them that we were no longer manning the … Continue reading »

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Too Good To Be True…

We had a nice, quiet weekend again….especially since we ‘closed’ at 7:00 pm.  Once 7 o’clock comes round Michael heads outside to lock the gate while I pull all the shades in the coach and unplug the bell and then we’re  in our own little world. We’ve heard a few trucks come and go ‘after … Continue reading »

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Things have changed dramatically since the rig moved out.  I had 187 vehicles on Tuesday and that number dropped 88 on Wednesday, 42 on Thursday and by Friday we were down to 33.  That number will likely drop even more over the weekend.     We confirmed with Junior (the big guy) that they would, … Continue reading »

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